Blendtec Wildside HomeBlender HP3A

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Our WildSide jar blends larger batches in less time than the FourSide jar and handles the toughest tasks with less effort. Even the thickest smoothies don’t escape the vortex-altering wiles of our patented fifth side. It virtually eliminates air pockets for fast, thorough blends.

Easy to Use

With Smart-Touch Technology™ the HP3A homeblender allows you to push a button and move on to other food preparation while the blender does all the work.The Blendtec HP3A homeblender’s Smart-Touch cycles speed up and slow down according to your selected cycle and automatically shut off when the cycle is complete.

Choose from 25 pre-programmed blend cycles or manually control the machine by using speed up, slow down, and pulse buttons. Four frequently used blend cycles can be stored on the touchpad. Blendtec’s unique jar design and wingtipped blade pull the mixture down through the blade, micronizing ingredients for the smoothest texture possible. Blendtec’s commercial grade motor and patented jar features eliminate the need for stir sticks or tampers.

Healthy Lifestyle

Tasty shakes, whole juices, and fresh fruit smoothies created in the HP3A homeblender makes having a healthy lifestyle simple, easy and fun for the whole family! Blending fruits and vegetables preserves the nutrients and fiber that are lost in juicing. Even seeds, stems and cores, the most nutrient rich parts, are micronized in the HP3A homeblender allowing you to receive all their available nutrients. The versatility of Blendtec’s HP3A homeblender gives you the ability to blend hot soup from fresh raw vegetables, and in the same blender make frozen desserts, including ice cream, and of course smoothies.

The home blender can grind whole grains, make bread dough, and much more in 90 seconds or less.


Easy to Clean

The sleek design with a flat, sealed touchpad eliminates cumbersome knobs and buttons, which allow the machine to be wiped clean in seconds. Cleaning the jar is fast and easy too – just add warm water, a drop of soap, press pulse a few times, rinse, and the jar is ready for your next recipe.


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