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Big Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Restaurant

You might have always dreamed of owning a restaurant of your own. After all, you might like being your own boss, and you may love the idea of sharing your food with others. However, your lifelong dream might have turned out to be a nightmare now that you have opened your restaurant's doors. Many businesses fail in the first few years that they are in business, and this is particularly true with restaurants. After all, the restaurant industry is an industry that can be tough to break into.

However, this does not mean that your business has to fail. Instead, it might mean that you need to look for the mistakes that you are making. Then, you can make major changes that can help you make your business a success. These are some of the mistakes that you could be making with your restaurant.

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How to Build a Restaurant from the Ground Up Original story on

How to Build a Restaurant from the Ground Up

Sometimes it just comes down to crunching the right numbers.

Everything should start with planning before the restaurant even begins to take shape. You should develop pricing, marketing models, and also understand customer turnover is required for a profitable business.

You will need a brand that means something and presents a value proposition that carries weight to a customer base that makes sense for your market. Do customer research to understand where your brand fits into the market and whether people would be willing to purchase from you.

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The rise of bar dining

Is it a bar? Is it a restaurant? No, it's a super-modern hybrid, a multi-tasking beast, an increasingly flexible way of eating and drinking that defines how most of us want to dine out today.

You know the scenario: you drop in for a glass of wine, a couple of "small plates" and before you know it, drinks have rolled into dinner, it's 10pm – and you're still sitting up at the bar.

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How to solve the biggest problem with your restaurant marketing Original story on

How to solve the biggest problem with your restaurant marketing

How do you feel about your sales? Are you happy? Satisfied? Do you wish they were better? I’m going to take a wild guess that you want them to be better. Welcome to the common dilemma many restaurants face: trying to use marketing to drive more guests in the front door.

As more restaurants enter the market, it seems like you are fighting an insurmountable wave of new competition each year. It can become frustrating and overwhelming. How are you supposed to compete? That’s the problem right there. You never want to compete; you want to stand out from the crowd. Competition is for suckers.

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