Best pie I have ever had

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“Best pie I have ever had” Bakehouse On Wentworth Blackheath

I love a good Meat Pie

I'm not talking about the pies they sell at the Footy.

I had one of those of the weekend.

It was expensive, a Dreadful excuse for a pie.

When I read this. I just wanted to get a decent pie.

So for our first Cafe Showcase, The Reviews keep mentioning great pies.

“Best pie I have ever had”

So for this Café Showcase, let's take a look at:

Bakehouse On Wentworth Blackheath

"Famous Organic Sourdough Bakery & Cafe"

Blackheath - Leura - Springwood - Glenbrook

The dream became reality in 2002 when a passionate baker, dedicated to his craft opened for business in Blackheath. Shelves stocked with a display of hand moulded sourdough loaves and the scent of freshly baked bread filling the streets, enticed the senses of passers by. Sweet, tempting cakes, irresistible treats and mouth watering gourmet pies were created to complete the bakeries range. The journey has continued and the dream has expanded to 3 retail outlets!

So what are the standouts at Bakehouse On Wentworth Blackheath

Gourmet Pies

Bakehouse On Wentworth Gourmet Pies

All Bakehouse On Wentworth Gourmet Pies are hand crafted at their bakery at Blackheath in the scenic Blue Mountains daily. Their dedicated pastry chefs have designed the perfect pastry recipe, making their famous pies unique. Their large wholesome pies weigh 320 grams, making them at least 120 grams larger than your average pie! They class their hearty pies as a meal in themselves, making then a value for money Australian product...

Check out these pies

  • Tender Beef & Gravy...
  • Beef, Bacon & Cheese...
  • Curried Vegetable...
  • Pumpkin, Fetta & Lentil...
  • Chicken, Leek & Mushroom...
  • Lamb, Rosemary & Garlic...
  • Tandoori Chicken...
  • Lamb Curry, Lentil Spinach & Yoghurt...
  • Beef & Guiness...
  • Steak & Kidney...
  • Curry Mince Pie...
  • Potato Mince Pie...
  • Beef Mince Pi...

Cakes Tarts & Pastries

Bakehouse on Wentworth - Cakes Tarts & Pastries

The Bakehouse On Wentworth believe in doing things with integrity and authenticity. That is why all of their delicious cakes and tarts are made with real eggs, butter and milk. Nothing artificial is added which is how they achieve such tasty and unique flavours. Their quality pastry chefs make their entire cake range the traditional way—by hand, just good old fashion baking!...

Organic Sourdough

Bakehouse on Wentworth - Organic Sourdough

All breads are hand moulded on site by their quality bakers. Their aged Sourdough Culture, quality organic flour, dedicated artesians and scrupulous integrity are the ingredients for their premium products. Their Sourdoughs contain no fat, no sugar, no dairy, no chemicals or preservatives, are low in G.I and are an exception....

“Best pie I have ever had”

“Best pie I have ever had” Bakehouse on Wentworth

“We visited around new year. Searched trip advisor and found positive recommendations, so stopped in. We had the kangaroo pie and the tandoori and yogurt. Both pies were huge and with chunky pieces of meat, served in a tin tray, which made eating easy. I would probably recommend trying to eat in, but may be hard, as I think they would be busy. Pies about $8 each, but are probably double the size of most.”
Tripadvisor - “Best pie I have ever had”

Now I know this a big claim, yet people keep raving about the food & how good their service is. Don't take my word for, wait to you see all their reviews.



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Facebook Reviews - Bakehouse on Wentworth



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Tripadvisor Reviews - Bakehouse on Wentworth



Google Reviews - Bakehouse on Wentworth



Bakehouse on Wentworth Blackheath

So if you're in Blackheath make sure you check out Bakehouse on Wentworth

Bakehouse On Wentworth

Ph: (02) 4787 6744

Web: //

105 Wentworth St, Blackheath NSW 2785

Bakehouse on Wentworth Opening hours:

  • Monday - Saturday: 7:00am till 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 7.30am till 4.00pm

Thanks Ryan & the team at Bakehouse on Wentworth for your support.

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Stay tuned for our Next Cafe & Restaurant Showcase.

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