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Be on the safe side Some products lend themselves to being easy to maintain

Ensuring that your staff and customers remain safe through this pandemic is high on the priority list. Some products seem perfectly placed to assist with this task.

Mantova Real Tuff Shelving

Mantova's Post Shelving with Real Tuff removable shelves have been making life easier for thousands of Australian businesses for more then a decade. Removable shelves are easy to clean and are dishwasher proof. Cleaning your cool room one shelf at a time without having to dismantle the whole bay of shelves is a huge time and cost saving.

Mantova Shelving is HACCP Australia APPROVED.

To keep these shelves COVID free, simply run the removable plastic through your commercial dishwasher, and after they are dry replace them onto the shelf supports and wipe everything down with an approved antiseptic spray and wipes.

Mantova ...

Mantova Real Tuff Shelving Real Tuff removable shelving fits in dishwashers

Meiko Dishwashers Expert opinion on MEIKO dishwashing machines

Meiko Dishwashers

Virologist and hygienist PD Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben has verified the effectiveness of MEIKO warewashing technology regarding the novel coronavirus.

"MEIKO devices are able to process dishes and cutlery in such a way that they can be reused without hesitation, even if they have previously been used by infected or sick people," says PD Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben.

Meiko ...

Sanitising Stations

The Stoddart Hand Sanitiser Stand is ideal for all business locations wanting to practice safe hygiene. The stainless steel frame is anti-tip, and is able to accommodate various dispenser options*. Stainless steel is easy to clean and sanitise.

I suspect that in the future santising stations will be located at every entrance to hospitality businesses, and not just while this pandemic is present. Restaurant and cafe designs and planning will all incorporate this as standard.

Standard and High Security Hand Sanitiser Dispenser options are available from Stoddart (see related Accessories). Customisable options of this stand is available upon enquiry. With local manufacture of this product, we are ready to supply to your business.

Sanitise ...

Sanitising Station Hand sanitising will always be a thing

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