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Tips to designing a cafe Design tips for a cafe

Tips to designing a café that customers will love

Your cafe should be a place where friends, couples and families gather and enjoy each other's company over food or coffee. Ideally it should make your customers feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door.

It's not just about the food!

Remember, it is not just about the food, as important as that is. The right atmosphere mixed with friendly and professional service brings customers back, time and time again. Customers tend to more easily forgive a poor food experience than poor service experiences. You only need to read restaurant reviews online to see the truth of that statement.

One of the factors that keep customers coming back for more is the unique and alluring environment that your venue presents.

Interiors that gives a great customer experience

Lighting, should not only set the mood but is alo used to highlight the design and features of your cafe. Remember that lighting might need to be different for daytime and evening opening hours.

Sound Proofing, no one likes a noisy cafe yet it is one of the least talked about design features.

Furniture, choose furniture wisely by making sure that it is stylish, high quality and provides amazing functionality.

Furnlink cafe furniture

Cafe ambience

Creating ambience

Using furniture that reflects how you want your patrons to feel within your environment can be key. Wooden chairs, small tables and bar stools are the most common furnishings used within cafes and restaurants.

Getting patrons to stay longer, try using lounges and paddings to create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Turning tables, when your cafe is in a high demand area and is always busy during peak times, then hard, and somewhat uncomfortable furniture can be used to increase patron turn over.

TIP: if you are trying to turn tables then food quality and speed of food service becomes paramount.

Is anyone listening?

Stimulating positive vibes and appetite through music

Music can subtly affect the appetite of your customers too. It is one of the most important elements that sets the vibe of your café. Make sure that your music complements your colour scheme and aesthetics well, so that customers will enjoy their dining experience even more.

There are few more pleasing ways to spend a relaxing afternoon than sitting in a beautiful environment, enjoying a meal with friends to the sound of live music.

Live Music

Furnlink Cafe Furniture

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