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Certified Used Equipment Certified Used Equipment could be your secret weapon

The big question is what cooking equipment should I buy for the restaurant kitchen. Beyond the different brands of equipment that are available, there is also the choice between new and used.

One school of thought is that you should buy as much used equipment as possible, to save money for all the other considerable start-up costs. The other says you should always buy new, because it comes with a warranty and is guaranteed to work from the start. Used equipment can be problematic and you end up spending more on fixing the equipment or finding out you have to replace it all together. Definitely an unwanted expense.

So, how can you take the risk out of buying second hand equipment?

Silver Chef, the hospitality equipment funder, has the largest inventory of 2nd hand equipment in Australia. There is a variety of reasons for this, one sometimes restaurants don't last, other times the owner changes the style of their menu to try other offerings and through Silver Chef you can return equipment after 12 months or even upgrade it mid term should you find that the equipment is not keeping up with demand and you need something bigger.

Silver Chef's Used Equipment is all Certified

It is important that customers have confidence in every piece of Certified Used equipment.

In fact, before it becomes available to be sold back into the market it all goes through a rigorous 6 step refurbishment process. And, if it doesn't meet the grade, it isn't sold.

Now there's some additional peace of mind!

Your Secret Weapon

Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment is definitely a secret weapon for solving one of the hospitality industry's toughest questions – how to control fixed costs while delivering a product that stands out amongst the competition and satisfies expectations.

Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment offers professional grade hospitality equipment:

  • •  Often less than 18 months old
  • •  At a reduced price compared to new
  • •  Each item has undergone a rigorous six stage refurbishment process
  • •  Includes a warranty
  • •  Better yet, all of this second hand restaurant equipment is eligible for the industry’s most flexible finance solution Rent–Try–Buy®

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