Deep frying? Reduce your oil cost by up to 50%

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Are you deep frying? Reduce your oil cost by up to 50% Are you deep frying? Reduce your oil cost by up to 50%

Deep frying as a science

Like all cooking processes, the art of deep frying is a science. Don't worry, I am not going to get all geeky.

This science is actually quite simple: when the oil is hot enough, the surface of the food will cook instantly, forming a seal that the fat will not penetrate. At the same time, the moisture inside the food is converted to steam, which cooks the food from the surface inwards. Typically this process is done at oil temperatures of between 175°C and 190°C.

If the oil temperature isn't hot enough, you run the risk that the food will emerge greasy and may stick together. You are basically boiling the food in oil and the resulting product tastes exactly like what you would imagine... horrible!

If the oil is too hot, the exterior of the food will cook too quickly and or perhaps even burn before the inside is cooked. So burnt outside and not cooked inside, doesn't sound that edible.

History of Deep Frying

Frying food in olive oil can be attributed to the Greeks from around the 5th century. Prior to that, the late Roman cookbook of Apicius (c. 400), appears to list the ancient Romans' first use of deep frying to prepare Pullum Frontonianum, a chicken dish.

Subsequently, the practice of deep frying then spread to other parts of Europe and Arabia in the following centuries. Deep-fried foods such as funnel cakes arrived in northern Europe by the 13th century, and deep-fried fish recipes have been found in cookbooks in Spain and Portugal at around the same time. Falafel arrived in the Middle East from population migrations from Egypt as soon as the 14th century. The deep frying of food in Japan was likely introduced by Portuguese as early as the 16th century.


Frying of potatoes can be found as early as the late 17th century in Europe. French fries were invented in the late 18th century, and they became popular in the early 19th century in western Europe.

Fish & chips as a meal combination didn't appear until around the 1860's and not much later they started appearing all around England wrapped in newspaper as a means to transport them home and even as a dinner plate of a fashion. In 1929, during the depression, there were around 35,000 fish & chip shops around England, but by 2009 this number had dwindled to around 10,000 as the number of fast food choices multiplied.

One thing is for sure, going back through the ages, proponents of deep frying have all spent more money of oil than should have been necessary. If only they had had a filtering system to maintain the cooking oil if good condition.

VITO Oil Filtration Systems

Did you know filtering right IN the fryer will save you up to 50% on your oil purchasing, increase kitchen safety, reduce your oil disposal needs, increase the taste and quality of your foods and help you serve your very best.

When you use a VITO Oil Filter you get:

  • Significantly increases lifetime of your frying oil
  • Reduce your oil cost by up to 50%
  • Improve taste, Improve profits
  • Always fry in filtered oil, your customers will notice
  • Very simple to use

Filtering with VITO® in the fryer is more than 2/3rds faster than other methods

How does the VITO Oil Filtering System work?

VITO simply drops IN your deep fryer at FULL operating temperature during your regular business hours. Its runs on a self timer for 5 minutes and will micro filter your frying oil contaminates including CARBON. At the end of the cycle you simply move it into your next fryer. We recommend this process after your major rush cycle for best results.

Safe to use and so easy to clean, submersible parts go right in your dishwasher ONLY when you need to change the filter.

The result… better tasting food, much healthier food and significantly prolonged oil life.

How does the VITO Oil Filtration System SAVE me so much money?

As you deep-fry particles of food are left in your fryer (batter, breading, even proteins). This debris continues to cook, eventually turning into CARBON a known carcinogenic (an item related to cancer development). Carbon along with byproducts of frying remain in your oil causing it to break down more rapidly generating bad flavor, oil discolouration and eventually smoke. Removing the food from the oil on a consistent basis through microfiltering stops the cooking process and formation of unwanted by products such as carbon which rob you of cooking oil life and have a negative effect on the food you serve.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are all positive; your foods will taste better, they will be much healthier to eat and you'll significantly prolong the life of your oil while serving a consistently better product. Our customer report 40% to 50% longer oil life when used as recommended.

Will VITO Oil Filtration work in MY kitchen?

VITO is amazing at maintaing any oil or shortening you use such as: Vegetable OIL, Canola OIL (trans fat free or not), Sunflower OIL, Shortening, Beef Drippings, FryMax and any other hybrid frying liquids.

VITO is also happy to filter fryers powered by Gas, Propane, and Electricity.

What sizes do the VITO Oil Filtration Systems come in?

We offer 3 sizes of VITO Filtering units to accommodate different filtration needs.

VITO® 30 Portable Oil Filter System is suitable for up to 12 Litres fryer oil volume, and other capacities are available to suit your workload and fryer capacity.

VITO 50 ideal for one to two standard fryers, frying ligther fare such as fries where you are not generating large amounts of sediment. Chip trucks, fine dining establishements, food courts, sushi places all love how VITO performs.

VITO 80 is the go-to model when you have two or more fryers of any size. Frying a mix of foods generating heavier sediment demands a second the stage of filtration and 60% extra power Germany built right into the VITO 80. Kitchens with banks of 2-8 fryers, 35-80 lb capacity rely on the VITO 80 in over 100 countries around the world.

Why is this better then other oil filtering units?

This product is so simple and safe to use with no need to transfer the hot oil from your fryer to a cumbersome filtering device and than back to your fryer. This will cut down on kitchen related accidents and time.

However the most significant difference is the filtering process itself. The VITO uses pressure to force the oil through our microfilter as opposed to gravity which other systems use. This pressure enables the use of a much finer filter medium which captures more suspended sediment and carbon than any other filtering product on the market. In fact one of our favorite demo's is to put a VITO in after you've already filtered to show you what you didn't get!.

Tell me about the VITO WARRANTY?

The VITO Oil Filtration System is 100% Made in Germany using only the highest quality components. The unit comes with a full one year PARTS & LABOR warranty.

A Vito Oil Filter System is an investment that will cut your oil spend up to 50% while increasing food quality and flavour profile! Kitchen safety goes up while labor goes down. The R.O.I. VITO provides is unmatched in kitchen equipment.

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