Angelo Po Alpha 900 Series Modular Cooking Equipment

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Maximum performance for professional catering

The Alpha range offers the widest choice of equipment on the professional market, thanks to its 150 models and a large selection of contact cooking materials (cast iron, soft steel, chrome and compound).

As is demonstrated by the CSQA hygienic design certification, the range guarantees strength and is easy-to-clean thanks to its 90cm-deep modular units with 20/10mm-thick laser-cut AISI304 stainless steel tops, which fit together smoothly to form a watertight joint.

To complete the range, the HD equipment meets the needs of those who require high-performance appliances to cook large quantities of pasta, rice, vegetables, sauces, broths, soups, fish and meat.


The "covered" burners spark ignition provides the best service; guaranteeing IT IS EASY (just press a button) and SAFE for each single machine start operation.


You can choose different compositions based on your needs (freestanding on feet, suspended on a beam or on multi-element stand). With over 150 models available we have the LARGEST equipment choice in the professional market.


The Angelo Po Engineering research center, one of the most advanced in the sector, designed our characteristic triple flame burner. Allowing maximum EFFICIENCY and UNIFORM heat to be transmitted to the cooking surface.


Power is dependent on the electronic or thermostat control, ALWAYS present on cooking equipment.


The largest and most performing range on the market for contact cooking (cast iron, soft steel, chrome and compound) RECOMMENDED based on type of menu offered.

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