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Whether you’re preparing haute cuisine in a top restaurant, health-conscious meals in a health care facility, or for children in the local school, the equipment must provide a great return on investment for the foodservice program to be successful. At Alto-Shaam, they specialize in creating systems and equipment that are the core of successful and profitable foodservice programs in many different industries.

The advantages of soft, gentle Halo Heat not only makes the Cook & Hold oven the pride of any commercial kitchen, it also is a chefs best friend in other areas:


  • • Heated Holding: From drawer warmers and cabinets to heated banquet carts and CombiMate companion warmers, exclusive Halo Heat holds food at the perfect temperature for hours and hours, virtually eliminating waste from overcooked food.

  • • Smokers: Cook & Hold ovens team-up with real wood burning components to provide perfect hot or cold smoking, adding a perfect extension to any menu.

  • • Thermal Shelves and Carving Stations: Look close, or you might miss it! Halo Heat is cleverly disguised in our thermal shelves and carving stations, keeping displayed food at perfect temperatures.

  • • Hot Wells: Hot steam blasts are a thing of the past with Alto-Shaam Hot Wells. Instead of using unpredictable steam to keep food warm, not to mention all the draining and deliming bother, Alto-Shaam hot wells use Halo Heat for a precise and low-maintenance heat source.

  • • Merchandisers and Display Cases: Precisely heated food keeps deli customers coming back again and again. With Halo Heat-equipped merchandisers and display cases from Alto-Shaam, watch your deli offerings disappear and your profits soar!

Green also is the color of money

Many people and companies are suddenly out to save the environment and be good ecological stewards. We couldn’t agree more. It’s important to take care of the Earth and to leave it better than we found it. For us, though, it’s also very important to take care of our customers, and their bottom line.

At Alto-Shaam, being “green” means a lot of great things for our customers, including:

Lower utility bills – Saving on electricity, gas, and water consumption helps the earth just as much as it helps your bottom line.

Less food waste – When food is cooked and held perfectly, less of it ends up in the landfill. Alto-Shaam offers precise temperature and humidity controls to help keep your food costs down.

Better food – Alto-Shaam was established on the principle that the key to producing better food is the prudent use of heat and energy. Today, it is common culinary knowledge that low-temperature cooking brings out the best in food.

Fast return on investment – With savings in utilities and food costs, combined with better food production, Alto-Shaam customers find a faster return on investment than those of our competitors.

At Alto-Shaam, it’s important to take care of the Earth as well as customers.

Alto Shaam, foodservice equipment done right!

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