Adventys Induction Cooker

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Induction cooking is undoubtedly the technology of the future. The best evidence: those who have tested have adopted it without backtracking. The technology offers many advantages such as the awesome power, the lack of inertia, the accuracy of one degree heat and flexibility.

Adventys Induction Cooking

So you’ll master your projects with more security and comfort (the ceramic surface remains Cold or warm effect), while enjoying savings due to the very high energy efficiency.

Adventys Induction Cooking is the most ECO technology, more and more ECONOMIC SECURITY: do not forget that the gas is responsible for one death and 20 serious accidents a day and a study by Norwegian researchers removed the cooking Gas exuded more carcinogenic particles that cooking on electric or induction.

An indisputable commercial success:

Induction knows a great development for over 15 years in the general public domain. Over 20% of cooktops sold in France are tables operating on this principle. This technology, now proven and reliable, is also recognized and increasingly popular with professionals because it provides a concrete response to their growing demands.

A few technical details:

 Induction cooking works, as the name suggests, on the principle of electromagnetic induction, one of the most effective ways of transmitting energy.
 Inductors placed under the ceramic glass, generate a magnetic field which induces electrical currents in the metal container on the ceramic glass.
 These currents produce thermal energy (heat) by the Joule effect, and therefore the cooking.

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