Adding drink mixers will put money in your pocket

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Adding drink mixers will put money in your pocket

So you need a drink mixer, but do you know which one?

So you need a drink mixer, but do you know which one?

When we were growing up I remember we used to go to the milk bar to get a milkshake.

Then we had thick shakes which morphed into smoothies.

There Plain Jane Vanilla, Delicious Chocolate & Sweet Strawberry.

I guess you can tell which one I liked?

These flavours are now just, So passé, So last year, so boring.

Customers want creative drinks, made with flair - but they want them fast.

They want decadent milkshakes garnished with cookie crumbs, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, slabs of brownie and toasted marshmallow.

They expect creativity. Are you up for the challenge?

So you need a mixer that deliver the magic.

Just in case you need some inspiration. Check these out

Canberra Cafe Pâtissez came up with the Freakshow milkshake

So Why Has Stainless Steel become the standard in Commercial Kitchens?

Check out Pâtissez Freakshow Shakes

It's a simply enormous milkshake slopping over the rim of a handled Mason jar and crowned with an epic collection of toppings. The popular Nutella and salty pretzel shake are topped with a dollop of Nutella, whipped cream, more Nutella and a sprinkling of pretzel dust. Whole pretzels decorate the rim of the glass.

Is this working?

“Due to the small size of our business we do not take bookings The weekends are extremely busy so it's advisable to get in as early as possible. When the shop is full we will start a waitlist where we will call you when a table is ready. The wait list can get up to 4 hours long in which case we do stop taking names for tables as there is simply not enough hours in the day. We do takeaway shakes however the wait can get up to 2 hours long - as we do with the wait list, we will send you a text when your shake is ready... We do our best to accommodate everyone so we absolutely do not expect you to hang around for these long wait times, we will always contact your when your table/shake is ready.”
From Pâtissez Facebook page

Here's the good news You can charge a lot more for these exotic creations.

If just thinking milkshakes are for children.

For millennials, smoothies are an everyday indulgence

For millennials, smoothies aren't a healthy drink as much as an everyday ritual.

"It's more of a snack and a treat, as opposed to, I'm drinking this to be refreshed," says Ieva Grimm, president of convenience-store consulting firm Synerge. Americans aged 24 to 34 are more likely than other demographics to say they have visited smoothie or shake shops, Mintel reports. The stereotypical smoothie drinker may be a young, health-conscious, college aged woman - but that's not exactly accurate.

More men than women aged 18 to 34 order smoothies and shakes at top chains, Mintel says, like Jamba Juice and Orange Julius.

At the University of Richmond's Tyler's Grill, demand for smoothies was so high that the university decided to replace a nationally known franchise with its own smoothie bar. "We're able to create our own recipes and change things.

When you're stuck with a franchise, you have to follow their recipes and menu boards," says Lisa Bayard, food service director for Tyler's Grill.

Hot weather has little to do with demand, Grimm adds; Millennials love frozen drinks all year round. And all day, as well. At Tyler's Grill, freshly made smoothies are available from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Can you get milkshakes which are more decadent than the Freakshake?

Course you can. While the milkshakes at New York City's Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer aren't as enormous, volume wise, each one is a tower of sugary treats. Shakes are topped with cookies, lollipops, pretzel sticks, cotton candy, ice cream sandwiches or even an entire slice of birthday cake. (Watch how Black Tap makes its shakes.)

Cafes around the globe are trying to one-up each other. Whisk Creamery in Perth plops a cronut on top of its shakes. Wild Pear Café , a Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney, has become famous for its rosewater and strawberry milkshake topped with fluffy pink fairy floss. Malaysia's Garage 51 shakes include a plastic syringe filled with sauce.

At the Powder Room in Hollywood, California they taken the Milk shake to the next level. They crank it to the max.

The Powder Room, offers the Velvet Goldmine, a $500 concoction made with dark chocolate ganache, cognac, English lavender split black bean Tahitian vanilla ice cream and chocolate caramel fudge, topped with fresh whipped cream and edible 23 carat gold flakes. It includes a Swarovski Crystal Nirvana ring for every customer.

What about trying these Recipes.

Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake

Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake

Check out Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake

Spiced Clover Shake

Spiced Clover Shake

Check out Spiced Clover Shake

So how do you make these shakes faster?

Speed Up Service with a Spindle Mixer

The spindle mixer: Your secret weapon for speed

"A cocktail that uses lime and grapefruit juices, both squeezed a la minute, plus muddled mint and egg white, shaken long and hard with a mixture of spirits and liqueurs and syrups, then layered with floats and sprays and garnishes, might turn out both beautiful and delicious," observes Serious Eats.

But if it takes five full minutes for a bartender to create such a masterpiece, it's time to speed things up.

Red Robin introduced a $5 beer milkshake in 2011 that's made with Sam Adams Octoberfest draft, soft serve vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and caramel. In March, the chain started selling a Mango Moscato Wine Shake, made with wine, vodka, mango puree and vanilla soft serve at its 480 U.S. locations. According to USA Today,"The shakes, mostly targeting 35-to 49-year-old mums in need of a break, sell for $7.49,""

The iconic Hamilton Beach drink mixer is finally getting recognised as a versatile bar tool that can be used for more than just milkshakes.

Hamiliton Beach HMD0400 Triple Milk Shake Mixer

Hamilton Beach Commercial's classic Triple Spindle Drink Mixer is compact but powerful, with hands free operation to maximize efficiency.

It's a speedy and space efficient way to mix, foam and aerate cocktails.

"I'm a big fan of the spindle mixer," says Michael Tolley, chief creative officer of Beverage By Design, a company that designs custom drink programs for clients around the world. Tolley considers it an essential bar tool - so much so that he's installing four Hamilton Beach spindle mixers in Sacred Pepper, a new, high end restaurant in Tampa that's being developed by DeBartolo Holdings.

While Tolley prefers hand muddling for drinks with fruit, he uses a spindle mixer for cocktails flavoured with herbs. It's great for speed, he says, compared to shaking. And, he says, he always uses it on anything with a sweet and sour mix:

"When you froth it in the spindle mixer, and then you pour it over ice, you'll get that frothy, foamy finish. Super eye appeal,"" Not only that, he says, but "you can smell the froth, right in your nose,""

Spindle mixers are also an effective way to flash cocktail, giving them just the right amount of aeration.

The iconic Hamilton Beach drink mixer is finally getting recognized as a versatile bar tool that can be used for more than just milkshakes. It's a speedy and space efficient way to mix, foam and aerate cocktails.

Invest in a high quality drink mixer or blender. Making gourmet milkshakes can be complicated and time intensive.

That's why you need a commercial drink mixer or high performance blender that's powerful, durable and precise.

Hamilton Beach's line of commercial drink mixers are durable and dependable when mixing anything from milkshakes to frozen coffee drinks.

Hamilton Beach Commercial drink mixers are made for customers that demand durable performance and perfect results.

Featuring an impressively wide selection of models, these drink mixers are the industry standard for candy mix-ins, soft serve, hard ice cream and more.

To help save time and labour, all drink mixers have easy clean designs and many have one-hand activation.

To minimise downtime, some models feature a motor that you can removed with ease. It only has one connector to the unit. To save space, others offer the convenience of wall- or machine-mounting.

No matter what you need from your mixing machine, Hamilton Beach Commercial has the experience and the features your business needs for success.

Hamiliton Beach HMD0400 Triple Milk Shake Mixer

Ideal for high-volume applications...

  • Three times the volume of a single spindle in a compact design...
  • Two-way motor activation with cup or pulse switch (120V only)...
  • Motor can be easily replaced in minutes by operator...
  • 3 speed settings...
  • Mixes up to twice as fast...
  • Powerful 1/3 HP motor...
  • Minimised motor vibration...
  • Individually balanced motors...
  • 2 way motor activation...
  • Inserting the cup or pulse switch...
  • Warranty: 12 months parts & labour...
  • Power: 10 amps; 0.9 kW...
  • Dimensions: 318 x 229 x 521 (H)...

3 Reasons to Get a Hamiliton Beach Milk Shake Mixer

3 Reasons to Get a Hamiliton Beach Milk Shake Mixer

Check out Hamiliton Beach Milk Shake Mixers

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