Adapt Fast or Die Slow

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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

Hospitality businesses around the world are having to hit the reset button. They have been re-imagined, re-invented and re-aligned just to survive.

At SCK we are scouring the web to discover innovative tactics that are being implemented around the globe to drive business during this pandemic.

These are the articles we found this week which might help the Catering and Restaurant Industry survive a COVID world.

Adapt fast or disappear

When change hits, we have to adapt fast. Are your hospitality operations up to task?

Our world has shifted and disrupted the way we work. To get ahead - and stay there - businesses must evolve and adapt. But are your operations up to the task?

This free hospitality report explores how business must embrace unpredictability, leverage technology, put the customer first, and build a flexible operational environment to adapt to change: fast.

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A breach waiting to happen

What will 2021 deliver for cybersecurity in Australia?

QR-code check-in apps are, "A breach waiting to happen".

If anyone had predicted half the things that happened in 2020, we should be paying them a lot to give us predictions for 2021! Going into 2021, we should expect many of the key cybersecurity trends from this year to continue in Australia.

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The lucky ones

Suburban cafes go strong as cities empty.

Consumer data shows business for suburban cafes and retailers is booming as emptied offices turn central business districts into ghost towns.

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3 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Marketing for 2021 and Beyond Original story and image on

3 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Marketing for 2021 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about buyer behavior, from online ordering to contactless payments and so much more. The world looks different now, and many of those changes will stick even after the virus fades.

Many of the changes made have been in the works for years, but without a pressing reason to widely adopt or even use them regularly, some of the technology we rely on so heavily today may have languished forever.

Instead, QR codes have made a considerable resurgence at restaurants, where diners can view menus on their mobile devices instead of handling menus.

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