Adande Works in a Completely Unique Way to Other Fridges or Freezers.

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Adande don’t like to boast, but their patented refrigeration technology is the first major significant innovation in refrigeration in over 70 years. The units aren’t the same as other drawer units; they’re not the same as door operated units either. It’s an Adande, it works in a completely unique way to other fridges or freezers, it is completely different.

Not rocket science

It’s not rocket science, but cold air is denser than warm air, so every time you open the door, or the drawer, the cold air literally falls out. So, Adande designed a fridge and freezer system that holds the cold air in, and it keeps it in, with its specially designed insulated drawers. Other traditional door or drawer units force the cold air around the cabinet in order to keep the contents cool. Whereas, an Adande gently drops cooled air onto the contents when the drawers are closed.

Another aspect that sets Adande apart from the competition is that all their units can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. Further more you could use your drawer unit today as a fridge but tomorrow if you require more freezer space it is simply a matter of adjusting the temperature controller.

The risk of bacterial attack is significantly reduced

This simple difference in approach means that an Adande is the only refrigeration that provides stable storage temperatures and a humidity controlled environment. Even during frequent or prolonged drawer openings, the attack from high temperature ambient air is minimal.

The food stays at the correct temperature. If it’s meant to be 1°–4°C, it will be. If it’s meant to be below –18°C it is. Temperature stability gives more consistent serving and cooking results as well as increased storage life. The risk of bacterial attack is significantly reduced.

Constant temperatures mean lower energy bills, cooler kitchens, longer lasting fridge motors, and compressors. Reduced bacterial attack means less food spoilage and wastage.

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