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The story goes that an American engineer, Percy Spencer, while working on radar technology during the 2nd world war walked through the radar field and a chocolate bar in his shirt pocket melted. Intrigued he investigated this anomaly further, and subsequently went on to develop the first microwave oven.

Commercial microwaves

Microwave ovens have a place in every kitchen, including commercial kitchens.

A microwave oven heats food by passing microwave radiation through and around the product.

Microwave ovens produce heat directly within the food. Typically microwaves can only penetrate approximately 1 centimeter into most foods, depending on the water content and density of the product. The centre of thicker foods is mainly heated by heat conducted from the outer layer of that food.

It is a common misconception that microwaved food cooks from the inside out.

Microwaves ...

Melted chocolate bar leads to invention of microwave oven Microwaves are great for melting chocolate

The only time I'll use a microwave is to warm up a cup of coffee I've left too long before drinking.

Mary Berry

British - Chef


Speed ovens

Fortunately microwave technology has advanced beyond simply reheating a coffee. These days there are a number of commercial products that now combine microwave cooking with other heating sources and by doing so have created appliances like 'Speed Ovens'.

These advancements have allowed commercial kitchens and other food outlets to offer an expanded menu for food on the go. In this fast paced world delivering quality foods in the shortest time is one of the keys to customer satisfaction and retention.

Speed type ovens are perfect for use in any outlet where serving your customers with the highest possible food quality in a fraction of the time, every time is a requirement.

Speed Ovens ...

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