A growing number of food service operators and processors are recognising Irinox as a non-negotiable in their kitchens


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A growing number of food service operators and processors are recognising Irinox as a non-negotiable in their kitchens.

Commercial kitchens and food manufacturing operations are increasingly turning to blast chilling technology for one simple reason – IT DELIVERS.

However not all blast chillers are the same. The IRINOX range provides very unique features worth knowing about. Before you start your search for a new Blast Chiller here are some facts that will help you make your decision that Irinox blast chilling technology is the is the right choice for you.

  • 1. Blast chilling and shock freezing maximises output and food shelf life, and minimises costs such as labour and waste. IRINOX does it all without any compromise to food quality.
  • 2. Irinox with its market leading technology for rapid chilling and freezing of food, dramatically reduces wastage and the possibility of bacteria growth while maintaining maximum moisture and flavour. Enabling users to cool, thaw, freeze, proof, pasteurise and cook at low temperatures.
  • 3. Irinox has revolutionised the way kitchens operate, vastly improving planning and production times, improving food safety and slashing labour costs by up to 30%.
  • 4. Irinox technology can blast chill and shock freeze almost any food and preserve it in perfect condition. It’s even smart enough to preserve it that way for three times longer than conventional cooling methods.
  • 5. SKOPE is proud to be the sole Australasian distributor of the Italian range of Irinox Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers and Holding Cabinets and invite you to find out more at the SCK website

What you need to know

What you need to know about Blast chilling and Shock freezing with Irinox - you can blast chiller or shock freeze just about anything Irinox blast chillers use unique cycles for even the most delicate fresh or cooked food item, to maintain it in pristine condition, without losing quality.

Rice and pasta

Blast chill pastas and rice, including risottos and lasagnes, without starch loss, a typical problem with cold-water chilling. Semi-finished products, such as ragout, pasta and béchamel, can be processed at different times, optimising production.

Desserts and confectionery

Preserve the freshness, fragrance and shape of freshly baked desserts. Blast chilling is ideal for batch preparation of pies or miniature tarts. The unique Irinox delicate shock freezing cycles easily handle delicate confectionery, such as chocolates, mousses and ice cream, without compromising their quality.

Fish dishes

Irinox can blast chill cooked fish to +3°C, maintain moisture and preserve the delicate texture of the dish. The shock freezing process makes it possible to store fish for weeks at -20°C, with absolute freshness guaranteed to last.

Soups and sauces

Maintain peak flavour and colour in soups and sauces, whether blast chilled or shock frozen. Humidity can be controlled to prevent damaging the texture and softness of freshly made pasta.

Side dishes and vegetables

Blast chill and retain the organoleptic properties of taste, colour, aroma and texture, as if your vegetables had just been picked or cooked. Shock freezing allows operators to bulk buy in season and keep fresh vegetables on hand for long periods.

Bread and pastries

Operators can use the Irinox MF Plus unique proving cycles for bread or pastries. After baking, blast chill for a fresh, fragrant daily supply. Blast chilling cools and freezes, without damaging the structure or creating an "igloo effect", where heat is trapped inside a chilled exterior.

Meat dishes

Whether it is a roast or a small chicken breast, blast chilled meat retains natural moisture and just-cooked flavour, while raw meat cuts can be shock frozen to be perfectly preserved and stored for months, without colour-changing freezer effects.

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