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Sydney commercial kitchens are more famous than ever. If "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" as said by Charles Caleb Colton then I guess I should feel flattered. Crown Commercial Group continue to use our business name, Sydney Commercial Kitchens, in their online marketing and press releases.

On their press release at titled "Famous Sydney Commercial Kitchens" they espouse 'Sydney Commercial Kitchens are a booming business and in such a competitive market restaurants need to differentiate themselves.'

I have to agree with them. In fact Sydney Commercial Kitchens is a booming business and I guess this is why people try to capitalise on the success of my business name, Sydney Commercial Kitchens and the great rankings on Google that our website achieves.

Surely, if restaurants need to differentiate themselves then catering equipment supply companies probably need to as well. I mean it make sense doesn't it!

There are so many great ways to market yourself these days online that it is probably more effort to imitate than to establish your own viable marketing plan.

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