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Aaron Parsons has offered complimentary tickets to his Business Master Class sessions and if you are a restaurant or cafe owner it is a great opportunity to review your marketing strategies in these troubled times.

With strategies like this offered to one of his restaurant customers:

His client has a restaurant and before she spoke with Aaron she was looking at closing on Tuesday nights, as the numbers just didn't stack up - They were struggling to get 20 people a night on Tuesday's.

First up he asked a few questions;
Q: What is the maximum capacity of the restaurant?
A: 120 people
Q: On average what does each client spend when they visit?
A: $55
Q: How many times do your clients visit your restaurant per year?
A: Every second week - 26

After these initial questions he was clear on our objective and what it was worth to the business.

Then Aaron asked a few more important questions;
Q: How much do you want to invest in marketing to fill your restaurant?
A: $0 (Yep she wanted to do it for F.R.E.E)
Q: Who else has a list of your ideal clients?
A: A large list of businesses and groups.

Next they created a short list of targets to approach for a joint venture product promotion and the 3 businesses she partnered with were the local Accountant, Video Shop and Hair Dresser.

The approach was simple; they asked when was the last time you thanked your clients for their custom, and for most it was only at Christmas if they were lucky...

So they offered them to send out an invitation to their clients to come in on Tuesday night for a complimentary dinner on them.

This was a big win-win for all parties involved; The joint venture partners got to offer their loyal clients a F.R.E.E dinner at no charge to the joint venture partner and they still got all of the credit for it...

And his client got to fill her restaurant on Tuesday night's at a cost of a F.R.E.E dinner for first time clients, which had a hard cost of only $15 a head to my client - chicken feed from a marketing perspective, especially when you take lifetime client value into the equation.

So I'm about to show you the numbers so you can see why his client was so excited...

Extra Clients 100
Average Spend $55
Visits Per Year 26
Total Sales Growth $143,000

By the way remember that this was only focused on Tuesday night's...

Do you think, just maybe she may just leverage this strategy across other nights too.

She said her restaurant has enjoyed a full house the last 2 Tuesday night's and they are booked out for the next 3 weeks right now... And the flow on effect continues.

Not a bad result for a few hours work, hey?

A good example of what strategic entrepreneurs do, focus on money time, not busy time... Invest your time in the areas where you will receive the biggest pay off.

Your future is what you make it!!

You can secure your FREE tickets for Business Master Class yet, best do so now by clicking here for Melbourne or here for Brisbane.

Other cities will get access in approximately 3 weeks, so keep watch this blog for that announcement.

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