3 signs you need to upgrade your glass washer


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3 signs you need to upgrade your glass washer

Every restaurant, bar or cafe has a glasswasher which is usually workhorse machine. It is also a piece of equipment that is often visible to the public and this can be either a visual showpiece or an eyesore.

Does your glasswasher still perform? Or is it showing signs of retiring soon? Does it still meet the growing demand of your business?

The chances are that if your glasswasher is more than a few years old, it is costing you a fortune in staff who have to polish the glassware after it has been washed. Not good!

Here are the top three signs you need to upgrade your glasswasher.

1. Poor wash results and glass breakage

When dirt and residues remain on the glasses and you still have to hand polish them, it is time to upgrade. Hand polishing takes a lot of time and effort, and it can also result in expensive breakages and even staff injury. Moreover, the pandemic taught us how important hygiene is. Manual polishing just doesn't keep up with today's hygiene standards.

2. Constant failure and high running costs

Equipment breakdowns are frustrating since they negatively impact on your operations. The cost of frequent repairs can also become a huge financial burden. In addition, old dishwashers typically use more water which means more detergent as well as having higher energy consumption.

3. Unpleasant steam and noise emissions

Glass washers use water at high temperatures to clean glasses which often creates a high humidity atmosphere in the bar or wash up area. Steam is released into the air every time you do another wash cycle. It would be rarely that an older style glass washers was insulated, which means every noise made by that machine during a cycle is transmitted around the bar.

Polish free and sparkling clean wash results with M-iClean U

The solution to all these problems could be the Meiko M-iClean U Glass Washer.

Brilliant polish-free wash results

M-iClean U Glass washers have fully integrated reverse osmosis modules that purify water from all elements that cause watermarks and other unpleasant residues. The soft start feature avoids glass breakages.

Improved indoor air quality and energy savings

M-iClean U comes with a fully insulated wash chamber and door which reduces steam and noise emissions.

The optional AirConcept heat recovery system captures the hot steam and recycles it to produce thermal energy. This removes up to 80% of steam for convenient and super-fast warewashing.

Ergonomic and visually stunning design

Built with premium high quality materials
Touchscreen display lets you see all the key information at a glance
Blue operating concept means that any blue coloured parts can be touched, operated or cleaned

Polish free and sparkling clean wash results with M-iClean U

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