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Every Kitchen Needs a Combi Oven, Blast Chiller & Vacuum Sealer

Sydney Commercial Kitchens believes that these are vital for all kitchens, so we have installed 2 blast chillers & 2 combi ovens downstairs in our commercial demo kitchen...

So a couple of months ago we invited our customers to come along and watch a chef give a 2-hour cooking demo.

The 2-hour cooking demonstration was held at Sydney Commercial Kitchens' Warriewood Demo Kitchen using our UNOX combi oven, Orved vacuum sealer & Irinox blast chiller. 

Sydney Commercial Kitchens Presents…UNOX Combi Oven Cooking Demonstration

The 2 hour cooking demonstration cooking using the UNOX Combi Oven, the Orved Vacuum Sealer & the Irinox Blast Chiller was held at Sydney Commercial Kitchens’ Warriewood Demo Kitchens…

Your Commercial Kitchens Trilogy - Using A Combi Oven, Vacuum Sealer & Blast Chiller Will Change The Way, You Cook...

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