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Are you sick of dodgy used equipment of questionable age?

Silver Chef’s Certifed Used Equipment is a clever way to increase your cash flow even further with competitive prices on quality ex-rental equipment that is professionally cleaned and serviced.

Huge range of ex rental equipment at Silverchef

All ex rental equipment comes with 3 months warranty on parts and labour and much of the equipment is less than 12 months old.

How SilverChef ex Rentals Becomes Certified Used Equipment

Certified Used 1     Certified Used 2     Certified Used 3    

Certified Used 4     Certified Used 5     Certified Used 6    

Having visited the Brisbane warehouse I can say I was seriously impressed with the range and quality of the equipment that was stored there.

Let SCK take the worry out of purchasing used equipment

Complete this form of what you are looking for and we will have a quote sent to you, usually by the next business day.

You are able to select equipment by:

  • Specifying Brand & Model: as displayed on the SilverChef website.

  • Specifying Silverchef Reference Number: as displayed on the SilverChef website.

  • Value for Money: if the stock has been held in their inventory then Silverchef may offer a significant discount provided you are buying through SCK and using a SilverChef rental agreement. There are no discounts available when paying cash. Please see my tips below.

  • Newest: or best available

You can view the entire SilverChef used equipment range here.

Tips when purchasing Silverchef Used Equipment

1. Get a Deal!

SCK has negotiated a deal with Silverchef that will enable you to access better pricing through us than would generally be available to you when going direct to Silverchef.

Great savings on certified used ex rental equipment at Silverchef through SCK

The reason this is possible is due to selling volumes. The SCK website is recognised as the largest source of leads in this industry.

2. Cash Price

There are no discounts available when paying cash up front for items

3. Getting a Better Price

When additional discounts are available you will have access to them immediately, just by completing the form on this page. Negotiated discounts are only available when using a Silverchef Rental Agreement for your equipment purchasing.

4. Locking in the Price

Once the equipment has been received you can choose to pay it out at any time, thus locking in the discounted price that has been negotiated through SCK.

5. Warranties

3 months Parts & Labour, however while this equipment is under a rental contract it is in SilverChef's interest for it to be in good working order. If you are experiencing problems they will work with you to fix the issue. This could be done in several ways.

6. Cleaned & Serviced

All the Used Equipment range is professionally cleaned and serviced and comes with a three month warranty.

7. Freight

When purchasing items through SCK on a Rental Contract you can now avoid paying for the freight up front. The delivery cost can now be added as a seperate line entry onto your contract to be paid off over 12 months as a weekly amount.

The Silver Chef Rent.Try.Buy® Solution benefits:

  • Low weekly rental repayments
  • A 12 month agreement so you’re not locked into a long term contract
  • 100% tax deductible rental payments
  • The chance to free up your working capital
  • The ability to try before you buy
  • The option to buy your equipment at any time, and during the first year with a 75% rental rebate
  • The freedom to upgrade your equipment at any time

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