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Garland Master Series Heavy Duty Equipment

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Master The Art of Cooking

Create a custom workflow that fits your space, and your menu

Chefs around the world are already familiar with the performance, flexibility, and enduring prestige that comes with Garland’s Master Series.

Garland Master Series Heavy Duty

Featuring a full compliment of range-top and range-base configurations, along with fryers, broilers, and more, the Master Series modular approach combines the convenience of custom kitchen design with proven, premium-quality components to deliver world-class functionality.

The Master-equipped kitchen is a cooking environment where efficiency and safety are optimized without compromising freedom of culinary expression. That freedom is what transforms food into art. With Garland, you’ll Master the Art of Cooking.


Master Series simply meets or beats your needs and expectations. Any time. Every time.


The control to boil, saute, simmer, fry, roast, bake, or broil with predicatable results for satisfying dining.


Searing heat when technique demands it, and high-output speed when great service is important.


Day in and day out, your staff will have the tools they need to serve up top-quality dishes without guesswork.


Master’s modular design allows you to put the right operation in the right place for optimized workflow.


With uncompromised durability in design and components, Master is always ready when the rush is on.


One construction-matched line of products that does it all. Convenient planning. Convenient operation.


Thoughtful, ergonomic design and stay-cool touch points minimize mishaps and fatique.


Lasting good looks with smooth surfaces and clean lines become the basis of your state-of-the-art kitchen.

Garland Master Series Heavy Duty

1 Spectro-heat Tops

Spectro-heat tops help you target heat for greater control from rapid boil to simmer. Four stock pots can be accommodated at one time and can be maneuvered easily on the flat, even surface.

2 FDO Control and Piezo Spark Ignition

The FDO control allows you to achieve a consistent 150º holding temperature and a lowroasting capability at the turn of a dial. For easy start-ups, a piezo spark ignition system comes standard on all Master Series ovens.

3 Continuous Plate Rail

The deepest in the industry, the 7 1/2" continuous plate rail (up to 102" in length) has been engineered to provide a smooth, level work surface for even plating and less spillage when removing product from heat.

4 Two-piece Lift-off Sunfire Burners

Two-piece 35K (10.2 kW) lift-off Starfire burners are among the most powerful available. More heat means better technique and greater speed during high-demand periods.

5 Durable Tubular High Shelves

Tubular high shelves are contemporary in design and extremely strong and durable. Unlike closed-style shelves, they allow grease-laden vapors to escape, making cleaning easy.

6 Easy Cleaning Underneath

On multiple banked systems we’ve removed the double legs and casters between units for easier floor cleaning.

7 Cast-iron Oven Burner

A cast-iron oven burner at 40K BTUs (11.7kW) delivers powerful heat and lasts longer than traditional steel burners for increased performance and long-term reliability. Garland range-base ovens feature a natural, no-fan convection pattern for even browning.

8 Fryers

Garland fryers feature an infra-red "jet" burner and stainless steel pot warranted for life. The centerline thermostat is accurate within 1° F.

9 Quick and Safe Wipe-down

With a minimum of exposed fasteners, (many pieces have none!), the entire series is designed for safe and easy wipe-down.

10 Maximum Flexibility

Adapt your design to the available space easily using available 12" wide and/or 17" wide "attachment" models. 12" models available with (2) 24k open burners, griddle, or equa-therm hot top. 17" models available with (2) 35k open burners, griddle, equa-therm hot top, spectroheat hot top, or char-broiler. Non-cooking "spreaders" are also available in different standard and custom sizes.

11 Grooved Griddle Option

For appetizing branding of grilled meats, fish, and vegetables..

12 Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomically designed control knobs are always "cool to the touch" and are recessed under the front rail, keeping them cool to the touch and out of way for protection against inadvertent mis-setting and bump-damage.

13 Charbroilers

Charbroilers generate up to 90,000 BTUs of cooking power and are ideally suited for both production line and à la carte cooking.

14 Storage

Full-width cabinet with left-and-right-swing stainless steel doors gives you a large, convenient storage area.

15 Safe Handles

Broiling rack salamander and warming oven control handles are easy to grab and located in the "cool zone" for added operator safety.

16 Clean-line Oven Door Handles

Clean-line handles have been engineered to dissipate heat. They also feature solid ends for easier cleaning.

17 Quick Access

Hinged lower panel gives you quick access to internal components without tools.

Master Series Ranges

High-Performance features that set the standard for heavy-duty cooking machines

At the heart of every Master Series Range is the Starfire Burner

The unique Garland Starfire burner is the standard by which other burners are measured, and it outperforms higher rated ring burners in precision, productivity, and fuel efficiency.

Its innovative design produces the most effective heat impingement pattern in the industry. This means less energy is used to transfer more heat.

Master Series Broilers

The Essence of Broiling

For the quality a great steak or chop deserves with a consistently produced juicy, succulent flavour, texture and appearance, only infra-red broiling is good enough.

Invisible, infra-red rays create super heated energy that quickly sears the outside of the meat, sealing in natural juices, and leaving the interior at just the perfect degree of doneness.

But as new age menus evolve, the essence of delicious broiled food has grown to include poultry, seafood, and even vegetables, and requires flexibility and control.

Powerful performance for high volume kitchens

Master Series charbroilers and salamanders have been designed for quick and efficient cooking operations suited for both production line and à la carte broiling.

Flexibility has been built in from the optional mounts, to the grill, to the fully adjustable grates that enable you to broil a wider variety of foods than ever before.

Reliable flexibility

 Overfired broilers deliver potent heat and are offered with your choice of infrared or ceramic heating systems.

 For added convenience and flexibility, salamanders come with dual controls, located out of the "hot zone."

 Salamanders are available for range mount, wall mount or with an optional leg kit for countertop operation.

 A full selection of cheesemelters is also available.

 Choose between the optional diamond pattern for cooking delicate products or half round broad brand for other products.

Efficient convenience

 Finishing ovens are efficiently housed over burners to capture the lost heat.

 Standard durable stainless steel front with double-access doors for convenient access. Large chrome-plated, spring-loaded grids make loading and cleaning simple.

High-performance Infra-Red Broilers

Infra-red broilers heat instantly (broiling within 2 minutes), and burn very efficiently. When compared to conventional broilers, studies show that fuel costs are reduced by up to 50%.

Master Series Fryers

Quality, consistent results time and time again

High performance fryers with instant temperature recovery provides your customers with less greasy, better-tasting products. The Master Series fryers are designed for high-volume use and quickly drive off water and steam to give fried foods a desired texture and enhanced appearance. Better-tasting, consistent results and increased shortening life are the Master Series advantages.

Precision results

 The centerline thermostat is located in the center of the cooking area and monitors oil temperature in precise 1 degree increments.

 Multiple burner orifices with ceramic targets produce even heat, and Garland offers a life-time warranty on the fryer tank.

Extended life

 Deep "cold zones" allow breathing and small food particles to settle without continuing to fry which extends shortening life.

 Open vat design is easy to clean, and a clean vat reduces flavour transfer from food to food and extends oil life.

We’ve Mastered Convenience and Safety So that all you have to do is cook.

Easy to clean

 Stays cleaner, longer – Tubular high shelves allow heat and grease-laden vapours to escape.

 Safe wipe-downs – Smooth, finished surfaces are free from welds, screwheads, and fasteners, for fast and safe wipe-downs after use.

 Easy cleaning between units – We’ve also eliminated double legs between units so it’s more convenient to clean.

Observed Creativity

 Plating made easier – The 7 1/2"-deep plate rail provides a smooth, level, and seam-free working area and efficient use of valuable prep time.

 Clean, contemporary visual lines – The design of the recessed knobs and controls compliments any kitchen while also providing easy access and reducing the risk of accidental damage.

 Various range-top configurations – By increasing flexibility, you can now choose to sauté on the front and use the back for bain-marie or simmering.

 Effective use of available space – All Master Series components can be used in single, multi-unit, and full battery configurations in sizes down to 12", to help you make the most of available kitchen space.

Considered Safety

 International safety ratings – The Master Series is a world-class cooking system that meets international safety ratings with optional Sentry safety protection for all open burners.

 Monitored and controlled – Hi/Low valves monitor and control the lowest heat setting, preventing burners from going out under griddles.

 "Cool to the touch" – All handles have this feature and salamander controls are located out of the "hot zone," making the Master Series safer for you to use.

 Easy-to-grab door handles – Handles are finished with solid ends to reduce the chance of slippage from debris buildup.

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Rational awarded the Lean & Green Management Award 2014

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Press Release:

Landsberg am Lech, Germany, 7 August 2014

Rational has been awarded the "Lean & Green Management Award 2014". Rational won the award in the manufacturing industry SME category.

"Impressive green successes in the energy, water, waste and sewage consumption figures," certified the Lean & Green consultants for the cooking appliance manufacturer and market leader Rational from southern Germany.

"Customer-orientation and entrepreneurial-minded employees are the values Rational lives by," according to the same experts. Ergonomy is defined as ‘a clear focus and environmentally-friendly manufacturing’, which is a fixed objective in the Rational production line, said the award panel.

Lean and Green Awards 2014

These results once again made Rational the winner of the "Lean & Green Management Award 2014". The company had previously received the award in 2010 for energy management, energy-efficient buildings and processes.

39 European companies took part in the current study on resource efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

For Rational this means sustainable development and environmental aspects are on an equal footing with social and economic perspectives. Across all corporate processes, the manufacturer attaches special importance to responsible and efficient use of resources.

Rational is committed to looking at the whole life-cycle of catering equipment and developing energy-efficient cooking technologies that minimise the consumption of resources. The estimated lifetime savings of using a Rational is $8,000 to $10,000 for an electric model, based on a 12-year life, although actual savings will vary depending on use.

Whatever method you use, a Rational combi steamer can quickly pay for itself.

The latest Rational SelfCookingCenter model is the only cooking system with 5 senses

5 Senses

The 5 Senses cuts energy consumption by up to 20%, compared to previous models, and up to 70% compared to a traditional kitchen without a combi steamer. It can roast, poach, bake, toast, braise and even pan fry fish and cook chips – all at the touch of a button and with consistently perfect results. This means it can replace 40 to 50% of standard appliances, reducing the kitchen footprint by at least 30%.

Is there a cooking system that always prepares your food exactly the way you want it?

That inspires you and relieves you of tiresome routines? That supports you perfectly because it works and only works how you want it to?


With the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses that's just the cooking system we've created for you: The first cooking system with 5 senses.


It senses the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.


It recognises the size, load quantity and product condition and calculates the browning.


Thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired result while cooking.


It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them.


It communicates with you and shows you what your RATIONAL is doing to implement your specifications.

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Turbofan Convection Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Turbofan Convection Ovens

A new vision for Turbofan

 Power Enhanced Performance
 Choice Additional Ovens
 Versatility More Applications
 Convenience Digital Control Models
 Intuitive Touch Screen Control Models
 Intelligence Smart New Features
 Productivity Increased Tray Capacities
 Space Reduced Footprint Compact Designs
 Design Distinctive Modern Style

Turbofan Ovens

The best performing ideas in the Turbofan range have been redesigned, redeveloped and reborn as a durable new series of convection ovens designed for ease of use, increased application and future-proof durability. A meticulous study of the continued expansion of the bake-fresh daily and convenience product markets has been a big part of the design and production process for the new range.

That's why the new series now offers and expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints, repositioned control panels, side hinged and drop down doors and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.

The new Turbofan series offers:

  •  Space to spare – the reduced footprint of the 20 Series and the 30 Series models maintain their traditional market-leading compactness.
  •  2 speed bi-directional fan systems, which achieve better than ever even-bake results.
  •  A twin bi-directional reversing fan system (the E28D model).
  •  Redesigned high performance fan and fan motor.
  •  An expanded line of models and tray capacities to suit any application, with 2-5 tray capacities in half pan size ovens, 3-5 tray capacities in full size ovens.
  •  Portable cooking. Choose from the E22, E23, E27 or E31 and simply plug it in and go.
  •  Field reversible side-hinging doors on all 30 Series ovens (except E33) and P Series proofers / holding cabinets.
  •  Plug-in continuous oven door seals, for a perfect fit and easy clean.
  •  Safe-Touch vented oven doors with easy clean door glass.
  •  Digital control models delivering intuitive ease of use. These are standard in the E31D, E32D and G32D models.
  •  A new touch controller for the 30 Series, providing intuitive functionality and pre-programming.
  •  Market-leading tray spacing for greater product versatility.
  •  Halogen oven lamps for high quality lighting and merchandising.
  •  An oven light auto-off, for energy savings and extended lamp life.
  •  Moisture injection with manual and preset modes (the E32D, G32D, E33D and E33T models).
  •  Quick-select grill mode (E31D model).
  •  Vitreous enamel oven interiors.
  •  100% recyclable carton packaging.

Smart door

The intelligent design of the Turbofan 20 Series is epitomised by our door design, with all ovens having an unique easy clean door glass system. With a removable inner glass panel without tools when thorough cleaning is required, the new door design eliminates the need for traditional door window seal/gaskets. Our one-piece door handles are finished in scratch and wear resistant powder-coating and are always cool to touch.

Stay in touch

Safe-Touch vented oven doors feature low-emissivity heat reflective coated inner glass that limits heat absorption and the amount of heat being transferred to the outer surface of the glass panel. The oven also has a venting door design, which allows any heat to further dissipate as it approaches the second glass panel (which is separated from the first glass panel by a vented air gap). This provides a win-win approach – low heat loss inner door glass and safe-touch door surface temperatures.

The definitive Turbofan convection oven

We've raised the benchmark in performance once again. The new Turbofan convection oven bakes evenly on every single occasion. Our new high volume airflow performance is produced by bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and higher power fan motors. This approach enhances the evenness of cooking within the chamber and across the tray, baking evenly all day, everyday.

Vitreous enamel oven interiors

The Turbofan oven chamber has an impervious sealed vitreous enamel coating applied to both sides of the oven liner. This is extremely durable and enables cleaning to be quick and easy compared to stainless steel liners. The combination of the formulation of the coating and the firing process creates this superior finish, which is made to last.

Precision digital controls

The new 30 Series ovens now feature digital display, knob driven time and temperature controls providing full electronic precision for accuracy. The control knobs are central return, with also feature the industry-leading 20mm displays for both time and temperature making them easy to read.

It all stacks up

Turbofan E33D5/2C - Half Size Digital Electric Convection Oven Double Stacked With Castor Base Stand
Turbofan E33D5/2C - Half Size Digital Electric Convection Oven Double Stacked With Castor Base Stand

Turbofan E32D4/P12M - Full Size Digital Electric Convection on a 12 Tray Manual Electric Prover / Holding Cabinets
Turbofan E32D4/P12M - Full Size Digital Electric Convection on a 12 Tray Manual Electric Prover / Holding Cabinets

Turbofan E32D4/2 - Full Size Tray Digital Electric Convection Ovens Double Stacked
Turbofan E32D4/2 - Full Size Tray Digital Electric Convection Ovens Double Stacked

When things get busy sometimes an increase in capacity can be hampered by lack of options. The Turbofan range recognizes capacity increases are often required within the same footprint. That's why our units are stackable, meaning greatest freedom from this extra flexibility that ensures even the smallest space can delivery the best results.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Fagor 700 Range Cooking Line

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Planning and sourcing the most appropriate Fagor cooking equipment for a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or cafe seating 40 people.

For the chef, the most important aspect is that their equipment offers the best performance possible while optimising on space. The Fagor 700 range cooking block is the most used in this type of installation, thanks to its capacity and the possibilities it has to offer.

In kitchens with a small surface area the best solution is to design a wall cooking block (that reduces the depth of the machines), and complementing the equipment with a combi oven. It is advisable to install the block and the combi oven in line so that the same extraction hood, when fitted can be used for the whole line of equipment. It is also a good idea to use the lower zones of the block for storing pots, pans, etc.

The kitchen block equipment should be installed depending on the dishes to be offered in the menu. Consequently, different options may be suggested when mounting the block:

The 700 Range from Fagor Industrial offers excellent features and obtains high levels of performance in more reduced spaces. It is the perfect solution for businesses with more limited space.

The modular gas cookers in the Fagor 700 Series may be fitted with open burners, ovens, fry-tops, hotplates, pasta cookers, barbecues, cooking pots, fryers, bain-marie and Bratt pans, combined in different ways to meet the needs of each customer. Made of stainless steel, the cookers in this range have tilted control panels to provide better access to the buttons and controls on the front of the machine, in addition to built-in handles and grease collection trays. The equipment in the 700 Series is formed by machines with the highest operating powers on the market, with excellent performance and recovery ratios.

1. Cooker with 4 burners


This unit is highly versatile as it offers the possibility of preparing soup, sauces, stews and pulses in pots and casseroles, having them ready for serving at a later stage, as well as allowing the preparation of scrambled eggs and fried food ready for immediate serving. The size of the burner grills permits the use of cooking pots and pans of up to 32 cm in diameter, with capacities of up to 24 litres:

Guideline Capacity

  • A 5.25 kW Fagor burner brings 13 litres of water to boil in 32 minutes.
  • It produces 40 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 1 hour.

  • A 6.90 kW Fagor burner brings an 18 litres pot of water to boil in 28 minutes.
  • It produces 54 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 50 minutes.

2. Cooker with 4 burners and oven


In addition to the features offered by a four-burner hob, we have a static oven, with a capacity for GN-2/1 trays and with thermostatic control. The oven enables the preparation of roasts, fish, pastries, etc.

Guideline Capacity

  • A GN-2/1 tray has capacity for 12 chickens, so that 12 whole chickens (48 portions) can be roasted in the oven in this kitchen in one hour.

3. Fry-top


The fry-top roasting plate can be made with a flat surface, or a half-grooved surface to give a special finish to roast meats and fish. The plate from one module from the 700 range has an area of 38 dm2 (69 x 55 cm) with a heating-up time (roasting temperature of 300 °C) of 40 minutes.

The 700 Series fry-tops have stainless steel burners with an ignition pilot light, and include a “Maximum-Mínimum” type valve to control the burner flame and have thermostatic control of the plate temperature: 120°C - 310°C.

Guideline Capacity

  • 24 fillet steaks or hamburgers weighing 200 grams each in 7.5 minutes.

4. Barbecue Char Grills


One option in many restaurants is to substitute the grooved plate with a barbecue for roasting braised meat. The half module grill from the 700 range has a surface area of 32 x 55 cm.

The grill can be made from cast iron, for those who like traditional roasting, or in stainless steel, with grooves to collect the roasting fats and to prevent them dripping onto the embers.

In the 700 Series barbecues, the volcanic stones are heated using stainless steel tubular pipes. This range also has a removable grease collection tray and roasting grill with handles to allow it to be raised.

Guideline Capacity

  • 12 x 200 g fillet steaks or hamburgers in 7.5 minutes.

5. Pasta cooker


The pasta cooker is a highly popular piece of equipment in many regions or countries. The tub takes different sized baskets (1/1, 1/2, 1/6) for cooking different types of pasta (macaroni, cannelloni, spaghetti...). The tub is filled with water through a valve, and the cooking temperature is controlled by thermostat.

6. Deep Fryer


A 15 litre fryer, with one basket for the whole vat or two half baskets, allows the quick preparation of various fried foods, which may form part of the starter dishes on the menu. Each vat from the 700 range has a capacity of 15 litres of oil and the baskets can hold 3 kg of product (large basket) or 1.5 kg (small basket).

The 700 Series pasta cookers consist of an AISI-316 stainless steel vat. Available with tubular burner, the cookers have a pilot light ignition system and a safety thermocouple, thermostatic temperature control and a tap for filling the vat.

Guideline Capacity

20 kg of chips in one hour

7. Bain Marie


This element, equipped with small Gastronorm serving containers can be used to keep previously prepared sauces and garnishes warm ready for serving with the main course meat and fish dishes

The 700 Series bain-marie has a vat designed to take 100 mm deep GN trays, built-in supporting crossbars, perforated base divider, water inlet solenoid valve and overflow drainage system.

8. Direct flame pan


This machine is installed when the same dish is cooked for a large number of diners: soups, stews, purées, etc. The direct or indirect heating (over bain marie) versions are selected depending on the usual requirements of the business. The cooking pot in the 700 range contains 80 litres of water, taking approximately 50 minutes to reach the boil and with a cooking time of 10 minutes.

The cooking pots in the 700 Series have a counterbalanced hinged lid, a stainless steel burner controlled by a safety valve, a water inlet solenoid valve, hot or cold water selector switch and a pot drainage tap. This range is available in various models to suit the requirements of each customer.

Guideline Capacity

  • 240 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in one hour.

9. Tilting Bratt Pan


As with the cooking pot, this appliance is intended for use when preparing the same meal for a large number of diners. The tilting Bratt pan in the 700 range has a water inlet tap and a thermostatic temperature control up to 315°C.

It can also hold up to 50 litres of water and can be used as a normal cooking pot as the surface area of the pot is 38 dm2 (the same size as the fry-top).

The 700 Series Bratt pans have a counterbalanced hinged lid and include a thermostat for the control of the temperature between 50°C and 315°C. The vat is designed in stainless steel, is raised by a lever and filled by the action of a solenoid valve.

Guideline Capacity

  • 280 fried eggs in one hour.

10. Combi Ovens


The combined oven is the perfect accessory for the cooking block. It allows different foods to be cooked in short time periods at the same time. It can be used for all types of meat and fish, pulses, vegetables and potatoes, roasted or steamed, and for preparing desserts.

In some cases it may be advisable to complement the oven with a chill blaster (Cook & Chill equipment) to prepare the weekend’s menus in advance and to have dishes already prepared.

Guideline Capacity

  • 72 portions of chicken in 40 minutes, using 3 trays with 6 chickens on each one (1 chicken = 4 meals).

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Choosing the correct Convotherm Combi Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Getting the right combi oven can change the performance of your kitchen.

Selecting the correct combi oven

Convotherms goal is to make life in a commercial kitchen easier and everyday more and more chefs are making Convotherm combi ovens their choice.

So, how do you choose the correct combi?

A-La Carte Restaurants

The Convotherm MINI is perfect for smaller operations - with a width of only 515mm they fit into any kitchen where space is at a premium.

There is no compromise on performance, the MINI range offers a 6 or 10 GN 1/1 tray cooking capacity allowing you the versatility to change your menu effortlessly, whether you are cooking, baking or steaming.

Convotherm Mini Combi

General Kitchen

In a busy restaurant where speed and efficiency are vital, choose the Convotherm 7 to 40 tray GN 1/1 combi models to suit your operation. You can scale up depending on the number of covers you feed in any one sitting.

Only Convotherm has the EasyTOUCH control board and Advanced Closed System (ACS) that provides outstanding heat recovery when loading menu items during service, eliminating time delays in meal production.

The addition of tray timer systems ensures the operator can control cooking times for individual items

Convotherm Combi Ovens

Banquet and Production Kitchens

Convotherm 20 and 40 tray GN 1/1 combi steamers are the right choice for large volume catering operations. A general rule of thumb is 10 people per GN 1/1 tray, so 200 people would be a 20 tray oven and 400 people a 40 tray oven.

The Plated Banqueting System delives reassurance of serving delicious dishes at the right time and the correct temperature.

Combined with ECO-cooking system for energy saving up to 25%, ideal for products with longer cooking times, with proven significant increase in quality - the meat is much more tender and retains more moisture.

Convotherm 20 & 40 tray Combi

Key Features include

  • Disappearing door
  • EasyTOUCH user friendly digital system
  • Advanced Closed System for consistent food quality
  • CONVOClean automatic cleaning system

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Trueheat Commercial Cooking Equipment

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Designed with Australian commercial kitchens in mind, Trueheat's all purpose gas cooking equipment features quality stainless steel construction and a modular design to offer total flexibility. Presenting mix-n-match range top with burner or grill combinations plus the convenience of matching fryer and salamander, Trueheat equipment is versatile enough for any commercial cooking needs.

The Trueheat Commercial Cooking Equipment series consists of:


Cooktops and Griddles

The T60 series is a gas heated, heavy duty modular top only. The design is available in three configurations of powerful open top burners and 12mm machine polished grill.

The T90 series is a gas heated, heavy duty modular top only. The design is available in four configurations of powerful open top burners and 12mm machine polished grill.


The R60 Series is a 600mm Gas heated all‐purpose heavy duty oven range with static oven. The cooking top can be ordered in any configuration of powerful open burners and 12mm Machine polished grill flat surface.

The R90 Series is a 900mm Gas heated all‐purpose heavy duty oven range with static oven. The cooking top can be ordered in any configuration of powerful open burners and 12mm Machine polished grill flat surface.

Deep Fryers

A gas fired range match tube fryer with 20L oil capacity.

Make the most of your energy dollars with the exclusive Thermo‐Tube design. The heating tubes provide a large oil contact surface. Flow‐tube baffles control the transfer of heat into the oil. A wide cold zone frypot protects oil integrity by trapping debris under the cooking area, preventing carbonisation of particles and wasteful oil deterioration.

Char Grills

The B60 / B90 series is a gas heated, heavy duty barbeque mounted on a stand with fully adjustable shelf. Heavy duty cast iron radiant hoods over powerful gas burners radiate heat to the grates, which seal in the natural flavours and leave a unique ‘chargrill’ appearance on steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetable.


The S86 series is a gas heated, heavy duty salamander with fully adjustable height cooking shelf. Two powerful 14mj high speed gas burners radiate intense heat, which seals in the natural flavours to leave a grilled appearance on steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetable.

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Unox BakerTop Combi Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Baking perfection and uniformity.

The BakerTop™ combi oven line ensures a repeatable process and a perfectly even baking result. Consistently excellent standards are always maintained with any load size and conditions of use.

The Unox BakerTop™ ovens are designed for use with 600 x 400 baking trays.

BakerTop™ ovens are the culmination of Unox’s extensive research:

The result is an innovative, comprehensive and surprisingly versatile oven, designed to assist professional bakers and pastry chefs from around the world in their work. The exceptional reliability and ease of use also make this the oven of choice for customers with continuous cycle needs such as supermarkets and convenience store chains. BakerTop™ is available in electric and gas power versions.

Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional ovens. Easy, intuitive and versatile solutions, designed to be an effective and efficient support for any professional chef. Unox is committed in its research for performance and quality of cooking and baking.

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Unox ChefTop Combi Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Versatility and precision for restaurants and hotels.

Unox ChefTop™ is the ideal oven for professional chefs with varied needs in today’s contemporary restaurant.

The ChefTop™ fits every need with ease. Precision and functionality are combined in the UNOX technology to provide the chef with the ultimate control of the cooking process.

ChefTop™, thanks to UNOX’s exclusive technology, is a Combi oven with extraordinary abilities.

The 3, 5, 7 & 10 tray models are available in a Eco Power as well as the standard power model, saving you money on your power bills. Most sizes have a gas model available as well.

Whatever the workload, the revolutionary technology UNOX has developed in Series 5 ensures compliance to deadlines and impeccable cooking results.

Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional ovens. Easy, intuitive and versatile solutions, designed to be an effective and efficient support for any professional chef. Unox is committed in its research for performance and quality of cooking and baking.

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Blue Seal S Line Combi Steamer Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, September 22, 2011



The new BlueSeal S Line Combi is the effective choice. With a variety of capacity options and exciting new functionality it delivers speed, reliability and everyday value. That’s why the new range shows the way and why the S Line is the right option for hundreds of cafes, bistros and restaurants.




Power, function, reliability. The new S Line combination steamers unite these strengths to deliver an exceptional performance in the most demanding of cooking environments. S Line also offers a carefully developed lineup, with different capacity models and a list of features to suit a diverse selection of individual cooking applications. So, when it comes time to make the move, the choice is easy.


The S Line : It’s the Smart choice.




A professional oven built with meticulous workmanship. There are countless construction and functional choices that make S Line special; the fully moulded chamber has wide radius corners for optimized air flow and ease of cleaning; the hand-held shower, the double glazed door with hinged inner glass and generous air gap which protects the operator from excessive heat; the ergonomic handle that allows you to open the oven door even when your hands are full; the new seal system for floor models which allows the oven to operate without heat dispersion even when the trolley os not inside (preheating); the practical external probe; the chamber lighting inside the door.


At the heart: Core construction


Each oven is constructed from stainless steel and is moulded with completely round edges to soften aesthetical impact and ensure cleaning is as effortless as possible. Built to last, the ovens are also easy to access and maintain. The cool-totouch double glass door has a hinged inner glass for easy cleaning and an ergonomic handle allowing for left or right hand operation. The front control panel is easily available should any maintenance be required.


A new movement: Bi-directional fan


Even, reliable air circulation in the oven chamber is a major factor when it comes to delivering consistent results. The oven fan of the S Line changes direction, this prevents hot and cold zones within the chamber and eliminates the possibility of uneven cooking.  


Complete control: Two-speed fan


A two-speed fan is included as standard. The fan control is located on the main board so the speed can be altered with a simple touch of a button. 


The end to guesswork: Core temperature probe


The plug-in core probe delivers accurate cooking control and provides a high level of flexibility depending on the products. Estimating when food is ready becomes a thing of the past. When cooking hearty foods such as roasts or lasagne simply use the 3mm probe. For more delicate or portioned food such as grilled fish, creme caramel or cooking sous vide simply unplug the 3mm probe and plug in an optional 1mm probe. This practice is the best way to protect food from unnecessary damage and ensure consistent results.


Cool as: Automatic venting system


Jumping from meal to meal is not without its complications. A rapid cooldown system substantially reduces the time spent waiting for a cooler oven after a higher temperature has recently been used. This automatic feature releases any unwanted heat from within the oven chamber quickly and efficiently so the correct heat is always readily available.


H²go:  Autoclima system


The autoclima humidity control system uses the automatic vent to remove unwanted moisture within the oven chamber. This process ensures food does not deteriorate from excessive moisture. For instance, meringue is dry and crispy and semi-dried tomatoes are dehydrated but not stewed.


Easy does it: Programme options


There are a massive range of programmes that the modern chef can choose from, every one of the 99 programme options delivering simplicity and precision. The S Line offers standard 4 stage cooking and 92 tested cooking programmes that operate with minimal staff input.


Clear as day cooking: Cycle guides


For an intuitive, user-friendly cooking experience the S Line control panel has an LED system displaying a set or active cycle. Each cooking phase is clearly displayed and readily identifiable to avoid confusion amongst the hustle and bustle of the modern kitchen.




When time equals money, cleaning duties can drain valuable resources from the modern kitchen. That’s why the S Line has some standard cleaning features that enable businesses to maintain high standards without adding extra effort. As equipment is maintained with care and frequency the long-term benefits these features provide are considerable.


The difference of design


Cleaning convenience was a key factor when considering the design of the S Line during the research and development phase. The double-glazed door has hinged inner glass for easy cleaning. The hinged fan cover also allows for easy access, and the removable tray runners deliver the space to move. A major benefit is that the heat and wear-resistant silicon door seal is easy to remove so daily cleaning can be carried out with the minimum of fuss and bother. Additionally, a flexible mount shower kit with stainless steel hose can be conveniently applied.


Semi-automatic wash programme (standard)


This semi-automatic feature comes as standard in all S Line ovens, a remarkable feature for such an inexpensive range. For brilliant results it’s simply a matter of selecting the cleaning cycle, employing a cleaning agent and standing back to let the oven clean itself. Rinse out the oven with the shower hose and you’ll be away laughing.


Automatic wash system (optional)


There is also an optional fully integrated automatic cleaning system that is built into the oven cavity. There are three wash programmes to choose from that can remove any kind of dirtwithout any extra work required. Simply connect the cleaning chemical and choose from ‘soft’,‘medium’ or ‘hard’ according to the work required.




Investing in the right oven is important.  Being able to use it easily is essential. The S Line has developed an easy-to-use electronic control board to keep the task at hand simple. With a straightforward selection for different cooking modes (convection, steam, combination, reheating) all your options are within arms reach.


The Blue Seal S Line offers the cooking / baking choice of convection. The convection fan system is ideal for general roasting of meats, vegetables and the baking of pastries, cakes, bake off, frozen

doughs and par bake doughs. Products can be cooked at temperatures between 30°C - 300°C with heat distributed evenly within the oven via the enhanced convection fan system. This enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures than the more traditional static oven methods.


Steam cooking is highly valued for a number of reasons, not the least being that it can deliver food that retains a large percentage of its natural nutritional value.  This cooking method is also popular for it’s simplicity and ease of use. Delicate foods can be cooked without fear of damage and serving is quick and uncomplicated.


The S Line can provide simultaneous cooking of a range of different dishes without any exchange of flavours. Steaming (100°C). An even, thorough heat that can be easily reached (and maintained), this cooking method delivers food that looks good and tastes even better.


Steaming at low temperature (30/80°C). Low temperature steam produces healthy, light and naturally flavoursome food, so it’s no wonder that this approach is so popular with many diners.


Steam and vacuum-packing (60/90°C) & needle probe. Kitchens are increasingly using vacuum-packed products, which markedly reduce food weight loss, reduces the need for seasoning and increases dish life (up to 25 days if food is chilled and correctly stored). The needle probe for vacuum cooking is also ideal for measuring the temperature of the food outside the oven. Forced steaming (130°C). Prevents temperature drops when cooking large quantities of frozen products and reduces cooking for high starch products, shellfish etc.





Sometimes, the best of both worlds can be achieved with a simple push of a button. Combi-cooking, the mix of convection and steam, creates results of exceptional quality.


Ideal for a la carte restaurants the inclusion of steam increases the transfer of heat to food reducing

cooking times. The S Line creates new opportunities for kitchens when it comes to combicooking. Food can be delivered on time… and to the highest standard of taste.


Meal preparation. The combi-mode is especially suited for food with a high moisture-content (stews,

sauces, meatballs, braised dishes etc) or large singular pieces. Roast beef, for example, can be prepared using the combi mode at a low temperature between 60 and 90°C.


The cooked meat remains tender and succulent by retaining its natural juices, an often-difficult task using other forms of cooking.




For large groups of diners, preparation is vital. Organising specific foods before service ensures meals can be delivered with the minimum of fuss. However kitchen appliances need to be of a high standard to ensure the maximum quality. The S Line delivers this standard.


Reheating and buffet meals.


The banqueting system can deliver servings in oven dishes, trays or plates. Using the regeneration function meals can be reheated cleanly and efficiently without drying out.


Large banqueting events.


The banqueting system of the S Line means large functions and events can be catered for irrespective of location. With the help of plated trolleys the S Line can reheat a meal quickly and have it perfectly regenerated, and presented, ready for serving despite the distance from kitchens or other preparation facilities.


Achieving optimal results.


The S Line needle probe accurately monitors temperature across every food category. With the aid of thermal covers transport and holding of food can be carried out under the best possible conditions, ensuring a final outcome that is of an extremely high quality.


Multitasking Combination Ovens. The S Line of combination steamers can load a multiple of cooking products from proteins, starches and liquids providing they are cooked, roasted, sautéed and steamed on the correct cooking mode and temperature. This process occurs with no flavour transfer.


The 9 and 14 models.


A la carte (cook to order) undoubtably demands the flexibility to cook many food types quickly. The all new 9 and 14 tray are ideal for use during mis en plus due to the industry standard gastronorm loading system and the additional rack runners provide extra flexibility.


The new S Line combines proven performance with the latest enhancement. The E14CSD makes the daily tasks of preparation and meal service a more satisfying experience.


The 20 model.


The S Line 20 model offers 20 x 1/1GN or 10 x 2/1GN tray capacity. This capacity within an overall oven height of 1090mm makes the machine perfect for plated and bulk regeneration applications such as conference centres and international hotels. With an increased capacity for loading the 20 tray models are also ideally suited for speciality chicken cooking ovens


The S Line combi steamers provide excellent solutions for the roasting of whole chickens and chicken pieces on the bone. For convenience stores, quick service restaurants, C store, independent supermarkets and take-away outlets.


The 21 model.


The overall dimensions of the 21 model offers considerable footprint advantages over its competition. The combined use of additional roll-in trolleys and smaller footprint enable considerable capacity to be generated from the 21 model footprint.


The 40 model.


This range of combi steamers is ideally suited to meal distribution and regeneration applications. When consistent quality is mandatory, the S Line 40 leaves no doubt.


Stack the deck in your favour. To guarantee even more power and versatility in the kitchen the Blue Seal S Line series has units designed to be easily stackable. This feature allows the busy chef the chance to get more from his space, more from his kitchen. And it does so without using unnecessary space.




For a demonstration of the S Line, get in touch today. Sydney Commercial Kitchens is able to assist you in organising a demonstration in your capital city. When you need to see the difference for yourself our skilled chefs and sales team can help you assess your situation and select the right technology for your kitchen. Introductory sessions can also be booked online: in Australia or in New Zealand. Call or email us today.




Moffat provides full service backup, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their own Technical Service Department provides full support to a team of trained service personnel in each of our branches.

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Electrolux Touchline Combi Ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Electrolux air-o-steam Touchline Combi Ovens blend tradition with the latest technology in order to satisfy the creativity and working requirements of today's professional kitchen and simplify the usage of the control panel.

The air-o-steam range offers a choice of different models available in two levels of operation, providing a high degree of automation as well as an extensive range of accessories. The air-o-steam combis are designed to form complete cook & chill systems when used with the air-o-chill blast chillers/freezers.

The air-o-steam combi’s are available in both electric and gas models. While the gas models may cost more originally, they will save you money given the high cost of electricity in Australia.


• Selection window with three cooking modes (Automatic, Manual and Programs), cleaning cycles and setting mode.

• Automatic mode: just select the family and food type and the oven will do the rest. Temperature, cooking climate and time are managed by the oven to achieve a perfect result, regardless of the food load. The automatic mode is ideal for less skilled operators.

• 3 Special automatic cycles:
- Low Temperature Cooking (LTC, automatic cycle): indicated for meat and fish, automatically selects the cooking parameters to achieve the lowest weight loss and the maximum quality.
- Reheating cycle: the best humidity conditions are managed to quickly reheat the products.
- Proofing cycle: thanks to the air-o-clima it’s possible to create a perfect ambient for proofing.

• Programs mode: recipes up to a maximum of 1000, 16-step cooking programs can be stored.

• Manual Mode: the traditional way of cooking by selecting the cooking cycle, temperature, time and advanced features.


• Automatic steam generator water draining with an automatic scale diagnosis system.

• Traditional cooking cycles:
a) Convection cycle (max. 300°C): ideal for products that should be cooked without humidity. Humidity generated by the food itself can be controlled by the air-o-clima function thanks to the Lambda sensor, for a natural cooking.
b) Steam cycle (max. 130°C): for products that can be cooked in water. It can be used as Low temperature Steam (25-99°C), Steam (100°C) or High temperature steam (100-130°C).
c) Combi cycle (max. 250°C): combining convected heat and steam to obtain a humidity-controlled cooking environment (thanks to the air-o-clima), reducing cooking times and food shrinkage.

• air-o-clima: measures physically the real humidity level inside the cooking chamber thanks to the Lambda Sensor and acts consequently according to the set value. This technology always guarantees the desired cooking climate regardless of the food load. With hot air cycles, air-o-clima also manages to exhaust the excess humidity generated by the food.

• air-o-flow: pumps fresh air from the outside through the bi-functional fan which pushes the air, that has been preheated in the meantime, into the cooking chamber, thus guaranteeing an even cooking process.

• air-o-clean: 4 different pre-set cycles to clean the cooking cell, according to the actual requirements. The cleaning system is built-in (no need for add-ons). Green functions available to save energy, water and rinse aid.

• Multi-sensor food probe: 6 sensors, 0.5°C accuracy.

• Guided descaling function guides operator during the boiler descaling phase (from "Setting" mode).

• Fan speeds: full, half speed (for delicate cooking such as for baking cakes) and pulse (pulse ventilation for baking and low temperature cooking).

• Low power cycle: for delicate cooking such as for baking cakes.

• Eco-delta: the temperature inside the cooking cell is higher than the temperature of the food itself and rises accordingly.

• MultiTimer: function that manages a sequence of different cooking cycles to improve flexibility and ensure perfect cooking results. Up to 14 timers can be set and an alarm warns the operator when cooking time is reached.

• Make-it-Mine feature allows the operator to personalize all main user interface in the "Setting" mode according to his needs.

• Quick cooling: useful when switching to a type of cooking that requires a lower temperature than the previous one. It works automatically and manually.

• Manual injection of water in the cell.

• Food Safe control: automatic monitoring and validation of the cooking process in accordance with HACCP standards, with regards to microbiological safety of process.

• HACCP management: it allows the recording of the cooking program according to H.A.C.C.P. standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

• USB connection.


• Stainless steel 304 throughout, with seamless joints in the cooking cell.

• Double thermo-glazed door equipped with drip pans to catch condensation and prevent drippings on the floor, for maximum security. Four holding positions allowing easier loading and unloading.

• Built-in retractable hand shower for countertop models.

• Halogen lighting in the cooking cell.

• IPX5 water protection.

• air-o-steam ovens meet IMQ safety requirements.

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