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School Students Cookery Kits

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, April 23, 2014

School Student Kits are now available through SCK.

An ideal kit for any cookery student or any young person with an interest in cookery. This comprehensive selection of utensils is ideal for all manner of cooking tasks, from cutting to baking

These School Student Kits include


  • Aussi Chef Utility Box
  • Hygiplas Cooks Knife 220mm
  • Hygiplas Palette Knife 200mm
  • Hygiplas Paring Knife 70mm
  • Hygiplas Peeling Knife 65mm
  • Pasty Bag 340mm
  • Star Tubes 7 & 13
  • Plain Tube 11
  • Vogue Speed Peeler
  • Vogue Basting Spoon 280mm
  • Vogue Steel 250mm
  • Double Paris Cutter 22/30mm
  • Natural Bristle Pastry Brush 38mm
  • Vogue Wooden Spoon 250mm
  • Dough Scraper Plastic
  • Vogue Wire Whisk 250mm
  • Stainless Steel Tongs

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Blue Seal Evolution Series

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, January 15, 2014
How do you improve something whose reputation is already grounded in performance and no-nonsense functionality?

You evolve it. Because there is always a way to do it better.

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the next stage in a journey of continuous improvement. Sleeker in design, and built to accommodate the demands of today's most passionate chef's, it promises even more performance than anything before it.


The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.

If you can't stand the heat, turn it up.
Every chef could use a little more heat, so a new Advanced Open Burner has been designed to deliver just that – 28MJ of power to burn. For optimum performance with all pan sizes, precise controls offer a full range of heat settings within a compact flame. Made from cast iron for lasting performance, burners have a forged brass cap for consistent flame spread. A non-clogging design ensures optimum burner performance.

Evolution – It's not just about good looks.
When your working day is an endless juggle of cooking instruments, you and your wrists will be glad of a flatter, more streamlined surface on which you can effortlessly slide pots and pans from one unit to another.

A heart of steel.
Heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel is the cladding of choice for all units in the Blue Seal Evolution Series. All ranges are constructed on a full galvanised steel chassis, while fully framed drop down doors are fitted with a heavy-duty hinge system for a lifetime of operation.
A trio of Griddles.
The addition of 600, 900 and 1200mm dedicated Griddles offers new possibilities for customising your Blue Seal Evolution Series line-up. A standard, thermostatically controlled 20mm plate offers excellent heat retention and distribution. The mirror chrome surface option provides exceptional efficiency by trapping more heat onto the cooking surface.

Would you like a fridge with that?
Forget walking to the fridge every time – the Blue Seal Evolution Series' flexibility has made way for you to fit refrigeration units where you need them – so you can do your thing without leaving your station. Match your Cooktop, Griddle or Target Top with a 900 or 1200mm gastronorm refrigerated base, available in a range of door/drawer combinations. All units accepts 1/1 gastronorm sizing. Refrigeration units are rated for tropical temperatures up to 40°C and have a holding temperature of -2°C  to +8°C . A digital temperature control and condensate heater are standard on all units.

Life's too short to clean.
The Blue Seal Evolution Series has been redesigned to enhance creativity and reduce cleaning time. Rounded internal and external edges make wipe down and hygiene control easier. More streamlined surfaces make the effortless cleaning of an entire cooking line.

Service while you cook.
The range has been designed so full service and maintenance can be carried out without removing a unit from the cooking line. The need to shut down a whole line to service one unit is minimised, allowing chefs to keep on cooking.

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Vogue Pots and Pans Starter Pack

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, October 09, 2013
The Vogue Restaurant Pots and Pans Starter Pack is designed to provide most of your basic requirements when establishing your new commercial kitchen, saving you both time & money in sourcing the necessary pots and pans to successfully cook in your new commercial kitchen.

Purchasing this starter pack will you SAVE over $210 from the recommended retail price.


This starter pack from the Vogue range includes professional quality stainless steel saucepans and cookware, with lids, as well as a selection of heavy duty cast iron frying pans, and they are suitable for any professional kitchen. The black cast iron pans require seasoning prior to use.

The complete pack comprises:

1 x VOGUE M943 SS Saucepan Capacity: 1.5Ltr. 160(dia)mm 2 x VOGUE M944 SS Saucepan Capacity: 3Ltr. 200(dia)mm
1 x VOGUE M945 SS Saucepan Capacity: 5Ltr. 240(dia)mm
2 x VOGUE M946 SS Saucepan Capacity: 8Ltr. 280(dia)mm
1 x VOGUE M948 SS Lid 160mm dia Lid, suit M943
2 x VOGUE M949 SS Lid 200mm dia Lid, suit M944
1 x VOGUE M950 SS Lid 240mm dia Lid, suit M945
2 x VOGUE M951 SS Lid 280mm dia Lid, suit M946
3 x VOGUE GD064 Black Iron Fry Pan, 250mm
3 x VOGUE GD006 Black Iron Fry Pan, 305mm
2 x VOGUE GD066 Black Iron Crepe Pan, 180mm
1 x VOGUE T193 SS Deep Stockpot 20 Ltr 300mm
1 x VOGUE T134 SS Lid 300mm
1 x VOGUE T556 SS Deep Stockpot 49 Ltr 400mm
1 x VOGUE T148 SS Lid 400mm

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Fagor Ex Showroom Stock Sale

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, April 08, 2013
Fagor have just released a limited catalogue of ex-showroom display stock for sale at great prices.

These fridges and freezers are all brand new, though not in original packaging and come with a full manufacturers warranty.


This sale is while stock lasts, so please confirm availability prior to ordering.

Be quick to take advantage of these great prices.

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Super Wok by 888Woks

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Introducing the SuperWok by Wok888

Their most powerful wok yet.

Award-winning design

The Waterless Wok system has won several awards for it’s innovative design. The SuperWok is based on this design and features a huge 160MJ burner that can boil 2 litres of water in just over 2 minutes!


Ideal for a busy restaurant setting where service speed is important. The SuperWok can save up to 1.6 million litres of water** whilst providing the maximum burner output to ensure your food is cooked faster and at a lower cost to you. Contact us to nd out about how the SuperWok can benet your kitchen today.

Super wok Key Features include:

Waterless Wok

Knee operated tap (Optional Extra)

160MJ high output burner

Available as single, double or triple burner

Government Rebates available to elligible businesses. 

Standard 888Wok Features include:

Available in a Single ring or Double ring wok table manufactured with your choice of Chimney burner or Duckbill burner

A 5-12sec swivel laundry arm is provided with knee operated water control tap for filling of wok bowl and washing purposes

No water is required for table cooling - reduce water bill

A drainage channel is provided in the front of the unit and is recessed to collect spillage from the wok table, a removable mesh strip is provided to catch large items before entering drainage

Seperate gas connection for each burner, “ON-OFF” ball valve for high or low flame operation

Secondary air; is drawn up through the front control panel and openings around burner and combustion chamber keeping table cool

Stainless steel finish

Energy efficient, reduced gas consumption uses 96Mj’s of gas to produce the same amount of cooked food

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MKA Catering Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maurice Kemp & Associates - MKA

Palux Combi Ovens      Joni Steam Jacketed Kettles     

Scanbox Meal Delivery Carts     Gram Refrigeration     

Jeros Dish & Utensil Washers      Blue Chef Intelligent Cooking Robot     

Thermodyne Holding Cabinets      Stackmaster Plate Trolleys     

Pizzamaster Pizza Ovens     

Sydney Commercial Kitchens can now supply all products from MKA at competitive pricing. Given the nature of these products, you will need to contact our sales office on 02 9999 5800 to source the correct unit to best suit your kitchen.

Maurice Kemp and Associates (MKA) are a specialist company marketing niche products, from Denmark, Sweden, Italy, England & the United States of America for the Australian commercial kitchen market. MKA customers include installations at major aged & healthcare groups, airline kitchens, hotels, restaurants & function centres, along with food manufacturers & processors.

Their products are of the highest standard with unique cutting edge advantages and are all hand selected.

Their motto is "If it works for us, it will work for you."

Their product range includes:

Palux Combi Steamer Ovens

Palux Basic Combi Ovens

Palux Comfort Combi Ovens

Your partner for innovative products and kitchen systems!

More than 60 years of experience have made PALUX one of the leading manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment. With the wide range of high quality kitchen solutions for all areas of catering, hotel business, community and social catering.

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JONI Foodline

JONI Tilting Steam Kettles

Steam Jacketed Kettles, Mixer Kettles, Bratt Pans, Boiling Tables, Induction. Europe’s leading manufacturer of specialized mixer kettles that offer reduced cook times & increased product consistency in sizes from 40-600L.

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Scan Box - Meal Delivery Carts

Scanbox Meal Delivery Systems

Food Transport & Holding Carts - Insulated, Heated & Chilled. Market leaders in OH & S friendly food transport systems which are light weight, easy to maneuver & hold food at correct temperatures for food safety.

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Gram Refrigeration

Gram counter refrigeration 

Gram upright refrigeration 

Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers & Blast Chiller/Freezers - world leaders in energy efficient refrigerator & freezer cabinets for foodservice operations. Gram also manufactures state of the art blast chillers & freezers from small to large roll-in models.

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Jeros Dish & Utensil Washers

Jeros Dish & Utensil Washers

Pot/Utensil & Crate Washers - Specialist manufacturer of commercial & industrial washing systems for foodservice & industrial applications. Heavy duty construction with unique operational benefits.

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Blue® Chef - The intelligent cooking robot

Blue Chef - intelligent cooking robot

Blue Chef, the first professional table cooking mixer with variable speed and programmable working times made in stainless steel with 3.6 Litre Capacity. Simple and immediate: just plug in to use.

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Thermodyne Holding Cabinets

Blue Chef - intelligent cooking robot

Fluid technology is the way forward for holding, slow cooking & rethermalising high quality food products. There are 22 models to choose from & two controllers.

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Stackmaster Plate Trolleys

Stackmaster Plate Trolleys

Stackmaster "MKII" Plate Trolley. Australian manufactured and designed. Heavy duty stainless steel base, "Z" shaped.

Design enables nesting of stackers when not in use. Curved tines hold both round and oval plates, together with bowls. Easy grip push handle. The components of Stackmaster are secured by stainless steel fixings. The Stackmaster has 150mm polycarbonate castors, strong and non-rusting. All castors are swivel type two being locking. Capacity to hold 70 plates at 80mm shelf space enables enough clearances for the pre plating of main meals. Cheese plates, Gateau's, etc. Simple adjustment, no tools required.

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Pizza Master


Pizza Master offers countless options for stone base deck style pizza ovens- small to large in 1,2 or 3 deck. These market leading ovens can cook authentic full flavoured pizzas in less than 5 minutes due to the high heat retention.

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Fagor 700 Series Cooking Equipment Video

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, May 04, 2012
The new Fagor 700 series cooking line has a modern appearance with improved ergonomics and hygiene features.

Stainless steel chimney vents are fully removable for ease of cleaning

Ovens are made of stainless steel, with a cast iron flame diffuser for better heat distribution

Integrated fat collectors on fry-tops and charcoal grills. More powerful 29 MJ burners and Angled control panels for easy access to controls

Heavy duty solid stainless steel handles and their trademark seamless front

The Fagor 700 series is available in both gas & electric and includes

Burner tops, Fry tops & Charcoal Grills

Ranges, Deep fat fryers & Pasta cookers

Bratt pans & Steam kettles complete the range

Buy your Fagor 700 series cooking equipment from Sydney Commercial Kitchens today

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Waldorf 800 Series Cooking

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Waldorf 800 Series continues the tradition of bulletproof performance and dependability with a range of European inspired equipment that redefines how the ultimate kitchen should be.

An expanded range of equipment, with more features and creative possibilities. Cleaner lines and consistency in fit together to create an almost seamless workspace. use of space, while easily accommodating the advanced more combinations, means more options and unlimited modular design across the entire range enable units to The industry preferred 800mm depth ensures efficient performance features that define the 800 Series.

The advanced performance made possible by the open burner design of the 800 Series gives the workhorse in your kitchen serious power to burn. The 28MJ burners allow precise heat adjustment across the entire spectrum (from high to low heat/ simmer), providing just the right amount of heat, whatever the cooking task. Constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, with a forged brass cap for even flame spread, the non-clogging burner design ensures that continuous performance is never compromised.

The new Waldorf 800 Series low back units deliver a seamless solution for the island suite kitchen. Create the layout you desire, mix and match tops and bottoms for your perfect result.

Smooth operation.

On its own, or as part of a whole cooking line, every unit in the 800 Series is designed to look fantastic. The same design philosophy has been applied across all units to create a streamlined, consistent appearance, and increase the amount of useable work surface. Continuous workspaces make transferring pots and pans between units much easier.

Robust as always.

All 800 Series units are finished in thick gauge 304 grade stainless steel. Fully framed doors incorporate a new robust hinging system. All our ranges are built on a full galvanized steel chassis construction. And the superb finishing that has become the hallmark of Waldorf products includes fully welded seams (including all bullnoses) and polished stainless steel surfaces.

More of everything means more flexibility.

With an expanded range of products and features, the 800 Series can be configured to suit virtually any application.

New products include:
• Low back height option on all units, ideal for island suite applications
• 900mm 4 burner Cooktops - available with leg stand, cabinet base or refrigerated base
• 450mm 2 burner Cooktops - leg stand or cabinet base
• 900mm 4 burner Ranges - gas or electric, static or convection ovens
• 450mm electric Pasta Cooker - 7kW or 10.5kW options
• 450 and 900mm Induction Cooktops available with cabinet base
• Adjustable electric Salamander
• Refrigerated bases in 900 and 1200mm
• Open cabinet bases in 450, 600, 900 or 1200mm
• Modular stainless steel preparation benches in 450, 600, and 900mm

Gas and electric Cooktops, Target Tops and Griddles can be ordered in the following options:
• Bench mounted
• Leg stand with shelf
• Cabinet with optional racking

More power to cook.

Waldorf’s 28MJ advanced performance open burners give full heat control across the entire spectrum (from High to Low Heat/ Simmer), ensuring you’ll never be short on performance when you really need it. Made from cast iron for long-term durability, they have a forged brass cap for consistency of flame spread. Non-clogging design ensures optimum burner operation. Flame failure protection is fitted as standard with burner pilots optional. Robust gas controls are easy to use and designed to withstand the rigours of a busy commercial kitchen.

How do you like your griddle?

Waldorf Cooktop griddle sections can now be fitted anywhere within your Gas Cooktop layout. They are available in 300, 600 and 900mm sections, with smooth or ribbed surfaces, or a mixture of both.

Heavy-duty pot supports.

Heavyweight iron castings and full vitreous enamel finish add extra durability to the 800 Series. Levelled tops allow easy movement of pans between burners, while extended pot support fingers provide greater stability for small pan use.

Here comes the chill factor.

The addition of refrigeration units to the 800 Series range means food can be contained and cooked in one place. Cooktops, Griddles and Target Tops can be matched with 900 or 1200mm gastronorm refrigeration bases, available in a range of door/drawer combinations. All units accept 1/1 gastronorm sizing. Waldorf refrigeration units are rated for tropical temperatures up to 40°C and have a holding temperature of -2 to + 8°C. A digital temperature control and an automatic defrosting and condensate heater are standard on all units.

Simmer plates spread the heat.

A solid top simmer plate distributes heat evenly and provides excellent heat retention. It sits at the same level and is easily interchangeable with pot supports on all 800 Series Gas Cooktops.

Cleaning made easier.

The 800 Series range is designed for labour saving, easy cleaning. Rounded corners, internal and external edges enable easier wipe down and hygiene control. Streamlined surfaces make for effortless wiping down of a whole cooking line. Service while you cook. The 800 Series design allows full service and maintenance to be carried out while units are installed within the cooking line. This minimises the need to shut down a whole line to service one unit.

Our Environment.

All Moffat technology is both a product of its environment and a product for the environment. That means that whether the design, development or construction stage every detail is checked to ensure that our equipment is as energy efficient and earth-friendly as possible. We will continue to use every tool at our disposal to work towards reducing environmental impact even further. This way our products can be enjoyed by not just those who use them, but everyone.

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Pitco Rotating Deep Fryer

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, October 13, 2011
Joe McAuley from Pitco talking about their new rotating deep fryer which promises to cut down on the oil and salt in your favourite fried foods. Pitco's new oil reducing spinning fryer reduces the calories of deep fried foods by engaging a spinning process which removes approximately 50 percent of the oil on hot chips. Crumbed or battered products have 30 percent less calories when prepared in this new fryer, which can be set at lower RPMs when spinning such products, to ensure the batter remains intact.

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Blue Seal S Line Combi Steamer Ovens

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, September 22, 2011



The new BlueSeal S Line Combi is the effective choice. With a variety of capacity options and exciting new functionality it delivers speed, reliability and everyday value. That’s why the new range shows the way and why the S Line is the right option for hundreds of cafes, bistros and restaurants.




Power, function, reliability. The new S Line combination steamers unite these strengths to deliver an exceptional performance in the most demanding of cooking environments. S Line also offers a carefully developed lineup, with different capacity models and a list of features to suit a diverse selection of individual cooking applications. So, when it comes time to make the move, the choice is easy.


The S Line : It’s the Smart choice.




A professional oven built with meticulous workmanship. There are countless construction and functional choices that make S Line special; the fully moulded chamber has wide radius corners for optimized air flow and ease of cleaning; the hand-held shower, the double glazed door with hinged inner glass and generous air gap which protects the operator from excessive heat; the ergonomic handle that allows you to open the oven door even when your hands are full; the new seal system for floor models which allows the oven to operate without heat dispersion even when the trolley os not inside (preheating); the practical external probe; the chamber lighting inside the door.


At the heart: Core construction


Each oven is constructed from stainless steel and is moulded with completely round edges to soften aesthetical impact and ensure cleaning is as effortless as possible. Built to last, the ovens are also easy to access and maintain. The cool-totouch double glass door has a hinged inner glass for easy cleaning and an ergonomic handle allowing for left or right hand operation. The front control panel is easily available should any maintenance be required.


A new movement: Bi-directional fan


Even, reliable air circulation in the oven chamber is a major factor when it comes to delivering consistent results. The oven fan of the S Line changes direction, this prevents hot and cold zones within the chamber and eliminates the possibility of uneven cooking.  


Complete control: Two-speed fan


A two-speed fan is included as standard. The fan control is located on the main board so the speed can be altered with a simple touch of a button. 


The end to guesswork: Core temperature probe


The plug-in core probe delivers accurate cooking control and provides a high level of flexibility depending on the products. Estimating when food is ready becomes a thing of the past. When cooking hearty foods such as roasts or lasagne simply use the 3mm probe. For more delicate or portioned food such as grilled fish, creme caramel or cooking sous vide simply unplug the 3mm probe and plug in an optional 1mm probe. This practice is the best way to protect food from unnecessary damage and ensure consistent results.


Cool as: Automatic venting system


Jumping from meal to meal is not without its complications. A rapid cooldown system substantially reduces the time spent waiting for a cooler oven after a higher temperature has recently been used. This automatic feature releases any unwanted heat from within the oven chamber quickly and efficiently so the correct heat is always readily available.


H²go:  Autoclima system


The autoclima humidity control system uses the automatic vent to remove unwanted moisture within the oven chamber. This process ensures food does not deteriorate from excessive moisture. For instance, meringue is dry and crispy and semi-dried tomatoes are dehydrated but not stewed.


Easy does it: Programme options


There are a massive range of programmes that the modern chef can choose from, every one of the 99 programme options delivering simplicity and precision. The S Line offers standard 4 stage cooking and 92 tested cooking programmes that operate with minimal staff input.


Clear as day cooking: Cycle guides


For an intuitive, user-friendly cooking experience the S Line control panel has an LED system displaying a set or active cycle. Each cooking phase is clearly displayed and readily identifiable to avoid confusion amongst the hustle and bustle of the modern kitchen.




When time equals money, cleaning duties can drain valuable resources from the modern kitchen. That’s why the S Line has some standard cleaning features that enable businesses to maintain high standards without adding extra effort. As equipment is maintained with care and frequency the long-term benefits these features provide are considerable.


The difference of design


Cleaning convenience was a key factor when considering the design of the S Line during the research and development phase. The double-glazed door has hinged inner glass for easy cleaning. The hinged fan cover also allows for easy access, and the removable tray runners deliver the space to move. A major benefit is that the heat and wear-resistant silicon door seal is easy to remove so daily cleaning can be carried out with the minimum of fuss and bother. Additionally, a flexible mount shower kit with stainless steel hose can be conveniently applied.


Semi-automatic wash programme (standard)


This semi-automatic feature comes as standard in all S Line ovens, a remarkable feature for such an inexpensive range. For brilliant results it’s simply a matter of selecting the cleaning cycle, employing a cleaning agent and standing back to let the oven clean itself. Rinse out the oven with the shower hose and you’ll be away laughing.


Automatic wash system (optional)


There is also an optional fully integrated automatic cleaning system that is built into the oven cavity. There are three wash programmes to choose from that can remove any kind of dirtwithout any extra work required. Simply connect the cleaning chemical and choose from ‘soft’,‘medium’ or ‘hard’ according to the work required.




Investing in the right oven is important.  Being able to use it easily is essential. The S Line has developed an easy-to-use electronic control board to keep the task at hand simple. With a straightforward selection for different cooking modes (convection, steam, combination, reheating) all your options are within arms reach.


The Blue Seal S Line offers the cooking / baking choice of convection. The convection fan system is ideal for general roasting of meats, vegetables and the baking of pastries, cakes, bake off, frozen

doughs and par bake doughs. Products can be cooked at temperatures between 30°C - 300°C with heat distributed evenly within the oven via the enhanced convection fan system. This enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures than the more traditional static oven methods.


Steam cooking is highly valued for a number of reasons, not the least being that it can deliver food that retains a large percentage of its natural nutritional value.  This cooking method is also popular for it’s simplicity and ease of use. Delicate foods can be cooked without fear of damage and serving is quick and uncomplicated.


The S Line can provide simultaneous cooking of a range of different dishes without any exchange of flavours. Steaming (100°C). An even, thorough heat that can be easily reached (and maintained), this cooking method delivers food that looks good and tastes even better.


Steaming at low temperature (30/80°C). Low temperature steam produces healthy, light and naturally flavoursome food, so it’s no wonder that this approach is so popular with many diners.


Steam and vacuum-packing (60/90°C) & needle probe. Kitchens are increasingly using vacuum-packed products, which markedly reduce food weight loss, reduces the need for seasoning and increases dish life (up to 25 days if food is chilled and correctly stored). The needle probe for vacuum cooking is also ideal for measuring the temperature of the food outside the oven. Forced steaming (130°C). Prevents temperature drops when cooking large quantities of frozen products and reduces cooking for high starch products, shellfish etc.





Sometimes, the best of both worlds can be achieved with a simple push of a button. Combi-cooking, the mix of convection and steam, creates results of exceptional quality.


Ideal for a la carte restaurants the inclusion of steam increases the transfer of heat to food reducing

cooking times. The S Line creates new opportunities for kitchens when it comes to combicooking. Food can be delivered on time… and to the highest standard of taste.


Meal preparation. The combi-mode is especially suited for food with a high moisture-content (stews,

sauces, meatballs, braised dishes etc) or large singular pieces. Roast beef, for example, can be prepared using the combi mode at a low temperature between 60 and 90°C.


The cooked meat remains tender and succulent by retaining its natural juices, an often-difficult task using other forms of cooking.




For large groups of diners, preparation is vital. Organising specific foods before service ensures meals can be delivered with the minimum of fuss. However kitchen appliances need to be of a high standard to ensure the maximum quality. The S Line delivers this standard.


Reheating and buffet meals.


The banqueting system can deliver servings in oven dishes, trays or plates. Using the regeneration function meals can be reheated cleanly and efficiently without drying out.


Large banqueting events.


The banqueting system of the S Line means large functions and events can be catered for irrespective of location. With the help of plated trolleys the S Line can reheat a meal quickly and have it perfectly regenerated, and presented, ready for serving despite the distance from kitchens or other preparation facilities.


Achieving optimal results.


The S Line needle probe accurately monitors temperature across every food category. With the aid of thermal covers transport and holding of food can be carried out under the best possible conditions, ensuring a final outcome that is of an extremely high quality.


Multitasking Combination Ovens. The S Line of combination steamers can load a multiple of cooking products from proteins, starches and liquids providing they are cooked, roasted, sautéed and steamed on the correct cooking mode and temperature. This process occurs with no flavour transfer.


The 9 and 14 models.


A la carte (cook to order) undoubtably demands the flexibility to cook many food types quickly. The all new 9 and 14 tray are ideal for use during mis en plus due to the industry standard gastronorm loading system and the additional rack runners provide extra flexibility.


The new S Line combines proven performance with the latest enhancement. The E14CSD makes the daily tasks of preparation and meal service a more satisfying experience.


The 20 model.


The S Line 20 model offers 20 x 1/1GN or 10 x 2/1GN tray capacity. This capacity within an overall oven height of 1090mm makes the machine perfect for plated and bulk regeneration applications such as conference centres and international hotels. With an increased capacity for loading the 20 tray models are also ideally suited for speciality chicken cooking ovens


The S Line combi steamers provide excellent solutions for the roasting of whole chickens and chicken pieces on the bone. For convenience stores, quick service restaurants, C store, independent supermarkets and take-away outlets.


The 21 model.


The overall dimensions of the 21 model offers considerable footprint advantages over its competition. The combined use of additional roll-in trolleys and smaller footprint enable considerable capacity to be generated from the 21 model footprint.


The 40 model.


This range of combi steamers is ideally suited to meal distribution and regeneration applications. When consistent quality is mandatory, the S Line 40 leaves no doubt.


Stack the deck in your favour. To guarantee even more power and versatility in the kitchen the Blue Seal S Line series has units designed to be easily stackable. This feature allows the busy chef the chance to get more from his space, more from his kitchen. And it does so without using unnecessary space.




For a demonstration of the S Line, get in touch today. Sydney Commercial Kitchens is able to assist you in organising a demonstration in your capital city. When you need to see the difference for yourself our skilled chefs and sales team can help you assess your situation and select the right technology for your kitchen. Introductory sessions can also be booked online: in Australia or in New Zealand. Call or email us today.




Moffat provides full service backup, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their own Technical Service Department provides full support to a team of trained service personnel in each of our branches.

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