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Anets GoldenFRY and SilverLINE Deep Fryers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fast Recovery. Sure-Fire Quality.

When great food and on-the-ball service are your top draws, you have to have an ANETS GoldenFRY™ Fryer in your kitchen lineup. Every durable model is built to conserve shortening and perform at optimum energy-efficiency, so you save more money day after day, year after year. Plus, the simple, straightforward design minimizes cleanup and reduces maintenance expenses.

Anets SilverLINE and GoldenFRY Fryers

The Dependable Anets GoldenFRY™ Series of Fryers.

GoldenFRY Gas Fryers.

Only ANETS fryers are studded with row upon row of high-performance, copper-flashed heat exchangers to maintain direct heat transfer to the frypot. You get superior heat recovery... batch after batch. For fast, crispy golden fried foods that look and taste great, make it an ANETS!

GoldenFRY Electric Fryers.

For installations requiring an electric fryer, the low-watt density design of the heating elements not only extends the life of the heating elements themselves, but the life of your shortening. Plus, they provide maximum energy transfer to heat up the frypot quickly.

ANETS SilverLINE Series Fryer

It's quality you can afford and the value you expect. ANETS SilverLINE™ Series is built to ANETS standards, and priced for today's market.
SLG40 Gas Fryers 14"
SLG100 Gas Fryers 18"

ANETS SilverLine 14" and 18" gas fryers provide the highest value in frying.

Check out our full lineup of gas fryers and electric fryers available in a wide range of capacity sizes, as well as our assortment of unique filtration systems and fryer accessories.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Fagor 700 Range Cooking Line

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Planning and sourcing the most appropriate Fagor cooking equipment for a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or cafe seating 40 people.

For the chef, the most important aspect is that their equipment offers the best performance possible while optimising on space. The Fagor 700 range cooking block is the most used in this type of installation, thanks to its capacity and the possibilities it has to offer.

In kitchens with a small surface area the best solution is to design a wall cooking block (that reduces the depth of the machines), and complementing the equipment with a combi oven. It is advisable to install the block and the combi oven in line so that the same extraction hood, when fitted can be used for the whole line of equipment. It is also a good idea to use the lower zones of the block for storing pots, pans, etc.

The kitchen block equipment should be installed depending on the dishes to be offered in the menu. Consequently, different options may be suggested when mounting the block:

The 700 Range from Fagor Industrial offers excellent features and obtains high levels of performance in more reduced spaces. It is the perfect solution for businesses with more limited space.

The modular gas cookers in the Fagor 700 Series may be fitted with open burners, ovens, fry-tops, hotplates, pasta cookers, barbecues, cooking pots, fryers, bain-marie and Bratt pans, combined in different ways to meet the needs of each customer. Made of stainless steel, the cookers in this range have tilted control panels to provide better access to the buttons and controls on the front of the machine, in addition to built-in handles and grease collection trays. The equipment in the 700 Series is formed by machines with the highest operating powers on the market, with excellent performance and recovery ratios.

1. Cooker with 4 burners


This unit is highly versatile as it offers the possibility of preparing soup, sauces, stews and pulses in pots and casseroles, having them ready for serving at a later stage, as well as allowing the preparation of scrambled eggs and fried food ready for immediate serving. The size of the burner grills permits the use of cooking pots and pans of up to 32 cm in diameter, with capacities of up to 24 litres:

Guideline Capacity

  • A 5.25 kW Fagor burner brings 13 litres of water to boil in 32 minutes.
  • It produces 40 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 1 hour.

  • A 6.90 kW Fagor burner brings an 18 litres pot of water to boil in 28 minutes.
  • It produces 54 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 50 minutes.

2. Cooker with 4 burners and oven


In addition to the features offered by a four-burner hob, we have a static oven, with a capacity for GN-2/1 trays and with thermostatic control. The oven enables the preparation of roasts, fish, pastries, etc.

Guideline Capacity

  • A GN-2/1 tray has capacity for 12 chickens, so that 12 whole chickens (48 portions) can be roasted in the oven in this kitchen in one hour.

3. Fry-top


The fry-top roasting plate can be made with a flat surface, or a half-grooved surface to give a special finish to roast meats and fish. The plate from one module from the 700 range has an area of 38 dm2 (69 x 55 cm) with a heating-up time (roasting temperature of 300 °C) of 40 minutes.

The 700 Series fry-tops have stainless steel burners with an ignition pilot light, and include a “Maximum-Mínimum” type valve to control the burner flame and have thermostatic control of the plate temperature: 120°C - 310°C.

Guideline Capacity

  • 24 fillet steaks or hamburgers weighing 200 grams each in 7.5 minutes.

4. Barbecue Char Grills


One option in many restaurants is to substitute the grooved plate with a barbecue for roasting braised meat. The half module grill from the 700 range has a surface area of 32 x 55 cm.

The grill can be made from cast iron, for those who like traditional roasting, or in stainless steel, with grooves to collect the roasting fats and to prevent them dripping onto the embers.

In the 700 Series barbecues, the volcanic stones are heated using stainless steel tubular pipes. This range also has a removable grease collection tray and roasting grill with handles to allow it to be raised.

Guideline Capacity

  • 12 x 200 g fillet steaks or hamburgers in 7.5 minutes.

5. Pasta cooker


The pasta cooker is a highly popular piece of equipment in many regions or countries. The tub takes different sized baskets (1/1, 1/2, 1/6) for cooking different types of pasta (macaroni, cannelloni, spaghetti...). The tub is filled with water through a valve, and the cooking temperature is controlled by thermostat.

6. Deep Fryer


A 15 litre fryer, with one basket for the whole vat or two half baskets, allows the quick preparation of various fried foods, which may form part of the starter dishes on the menu. Each vat from the 700 range has a capacity of 15 litres of oil and the baskets can hold 3 kg of product (large basket) or 1.5 kg (small basket).

The 700 Series pasta cookers consist of an AISI-316 stainless steel vat. Available with tubular burner, the cookers have a pilot light ignition system and a safety thermocouple, thermostatic temperature control and a tap for filling the vat.

Guideline Capacity

20 kg of chips in one hour

7. Bain Marie


This element, equipped with small Gastronorm serving containers can be used to keep previously prepared sauces and garnishes warm ready for serving with the main course meat and fish dishes

The 700 Series bain-marie has a vat designed to take 100 mm deep GN trays, built-in supporting crossbars, perforated base divider, water inlet solenoid valve and overflow drainage system.

8. Direct flame pan


This machine is installed when the same dish is cooked for a large number of diners: soups, stews, purées, etc. The direct or indirect heating (over bain marie) versions are selected depending on the usual requirements of the business. The cooking pot in the 700 range contains 80 litres of water, taking approximately 50 minutes to reach the boil and with a cooking time of 10 minutes.

The cooking pots in the 700 Series have a counterbalanced hinged lid, a stainless steel burner controlled by a safety valve, a water inlet solenoid valve, hot or cold water selector switch and a pot drainage tap. This range is available in various models to suit the requirements of each customer.

Guideline Capacity

  • 240 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in one hour.

9. Tilting Bratt Pan


As with the cooking pot, this appliance is intended for use when preparing the same meal for a large number of diners. The tilting Bratt pan in the 700 range has a water inlet tap and a thermostatic temperature control up to 315°C.

It can also hold up to 50 litres of water and can be used as a normal cooking pot as the surface area of the pot is 38 dm2 (the same size as the fry-top).

The 700 Series Bratt pans have a counterbalanced hinged lid and include a thermostat for the control of the temperature between 50°C and 315°C. The vat is designed in stainless steel, is raised by a lever and filled by the action of a solenoid valve.

Guideline Capacity

  • 280 fried eggs in one hour.

10. Combi Ovens


The combined oven is the perfect accessory for the cooking block. It allows different foods to be cooked in short time periods at the same time. It can be used for all types of meat and fish, pulses, vegetables and potatoes, roasted or steamed, and for preparing desserts.

In some cases it may be advisable to complement the oven with a chill blaster (Cook & Chill equipment) to prepare the weekend’s menus in advance and to have dishes already prepared.

Guideline Capacity

  • 72 portions of chicken in 40 minutes, using 3 trays with 6 chickens on each one (1 chicken = 4 meals).

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VITO Oil Filter Systems

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Save up to 50 % of your frying oil costs with VITO®

Vito Oil Filter Systems are available from SCK. Models sold include Vito 30, Vito 50 and Vito 80, plus the Vit Oil Tester and boxes of spare filter papers.

Save up to 50% in oil costs for deep frying with VITO

  •   reduced oil consumption
  •   less oil changes
  •   lower cleaning effort
  •   lower storage costs
  •   up to 50% savings
  •   VITO® gives you fast return of your investment
  •   VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments
  •   This can double the lifetime of your frying medium

VITO® oil filter system

  •   You will serve optimal fried products with a better taste.
  •   You will get much better profit by significantly increasing the lifetime of your frying oil.
  •   You decide the highest safety standards and secure handling

VITO® prolongs the lifetime of frying oil!

Vito prolongs the life of deep frying oil

Depending on the the fried goods, e.g. potatoes, meat or fish, the oil is stressed differently.

Generally, the basic rules of frying should be considered.

An expertise by Prof. Dr. Wurster, Labor Biotechnik-Umwelttechnik, Konstanz (laboratory for bio- and environmental engineering) dated May 18, 2005 proves:

The use of VITO®:

  •   affects critical parameters positively, like Polar Compounds (TPC), Acids and the accumulation of Acrylamids and Polymere Triglyceride.
  •   achieves even better results outside than shown under laboratory conditions.
  •   effects a significantly longer lifetime of the frying medium.

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Choosing the correct Convotherm Combi Ovens

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Getting the right combi oven can change the performance of your kitchen.

Selecting the correct combi oven

Convotherms goal is to make life in a commercial kitchen easier and everyday more and more chefs are making Convotherm combi ovens their choice.

So, how do you choose the correct combi?

A-La Carte Restaurants

The Convotherm MINI is perfect for smaller operations - with a width of only 515mm they fit into any kitchen where space is at a premium.

There is no compromise on performance, the MINI range offers a 6 or 10 GN 1/1 tray cooking capacity allowing you the versatility to change your menu effortlessly, whether you are cooking, baking or steaming.

Convotherm Mini Combi

General Kitchen

In a busy restaurant where speed and efficiency are vital, choose the Convotherm 7 to 40 tray GN 1/1 combi models to suit your operation. You can scale up depending on the number of covers you feed in any one sitting.

Only Convotherm has the EasyTOUCH control board and Advanced Closed System (ACS) that provides outstanding heat recovery when loading menu items during service, eliminating time delays in meal production.

The addition of tray timer systems ensures the operator can control cooking times for individual items

Convotherm Combi Ovens

Banquet and Production Kitchens

Convotherm 20 and 40 tray GN 1/1 combi steamers are the right choice for large volume catering operations. A general rule of thumb is 10 people per GN 1/1 tray, so 200 people would be a 20 tray oven and 400 people a 40 tray oven.

The Plated Banqueting System delives reassurance of serving delicious dishes at the right time and the correct temperature.

Combined with ECO-cooking system for energy saving up to 25%, ideal for products with longer cooking times, with proven significant increase in quality - the meat is much more tender and retains more moisture.

Convotherm 20 & 40 tray Combi

Key Features include

  • Disappearing door
  • EasyTOUCH user friendly digital system
  • Advanced Closed System for consistent food quality
  • CONVOClean automatic cleaning system

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Alto Shaam Foodservice Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, May 26, 2014

Whether you’re preparing haute cuisine in a top restaurant, health-conscious meals in a health care facility, or for children in the local school, the equipment must provide a great return on investment for the foodservice program to be successful. At Alto-Shaam, they specialize in creating systems and equipment that are the core of successful and profitable foodservice programs in many different industries.

The advantages of soft, gentle Halo Heat not only makes the Cook & Hold oven the pride of any commercial kitchen, it also is a chefs best friend in other areas:


  • • Heated Holding: From drawer warmers and cabinets to heated banquet carts and CombiMate companion warmers, exclusive Halo Heat holds food at the perfect temperature for hours and hours, virtually eliminating waste from overcooked food.

  • • Smokers: Cook & Hold ovens team-up with real wood burning components to provide perfect hot or cold smoking, adding a perfect extension to any menu.

  • • Thermal Shelves and Carving Stations: Look close, or you might miss it! Halo Heat is cleverly disguised in our thermal shelves and carving stations, keeping displayed food at perfect temperatures.

  • • Hot Wells: Hot steam blasts are a thing of the past with Alto-Shaam Hot Wells. Instead of using unpredictable steam to keep food warm, not to mention all the draining and deliming bother, Alto-Shaam hot wells use Halo Heat for a precise and low-maintenance heat source.

  • • Merchandisers and Display Cases: Precisely heated food keeps deli customers coming back again and again. With Halo Heat-equipped merchandisers and display cases from Alto-Shaam, watch your deli offerings disappear and your profits soar!

Green also is the color of money

Many people and companies are suddenly out to save the environment and be good ecological stewards. We couldn’t agree more. It’s important to take care of the Earth and to leave it better than we found it. For us, though, it’s also very important to take care of our customers, and their bottom line.

At Alto-Shaam, being “green” means a lot of great things for our customers, including:

Lower utility bills – Saving on electricity, gas, and water consumption helps the earth just as much as it helps your bottom line.

Less food waste – When food is cooked and held perfectly, less of it ends up in the landfill. Alto-Shaam offers precise temperature and humidity controls to help keep your food costs down.

Better food – Alto-Shaam was established on the principle that the key to producing better food is the prudent use of heat and energy. Today, it is common culinary knowledge that low-temperature cooking brings out the best in food.

Fast return on investment – With savings in utilities and food costs, combined with better food production, Alto-Shaam customers find a faster return on investment than those of our competitors.

At Alto-Shaam, it’s important to take care of the Earth as well as customers.

Alto Shaam, foodservice equipment done right!

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Vollrath Induction Cooking

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, May 19, 2014

Countertop cooking appliances from Vollrath will make your kitchen more efficient, innovative, and durable – and help you provide a higher quality, more consistent service.

Vollrath Induction Countertop range is available for Light Duty, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty Usage


Light Duty Range

The Mirage countertop induction range is portable and is designed for light duty use.

Used by: Hotels, caterers, casual dining restaurants and pastry chefs.

Applications: Front-of-house, sauté and omelette stations, non-continuous stockpot warming and chocolate tempering.

Medium Duty Range

The portable commercial countertop induction range is designed for medium duty and volume use in commercial kitchens and front‐of‐house cooking.

Used by: Hotels, caterers, quick service restaurants, culinary schools.

Applications: Front‐of‐house, sauté and omelette stations, saucepot and stockpot cooking.

Heavy Duty Range

This high-efficiency, heavy-duty commercial countertop induction range is designed for use in commercial kitchens and front-of-house cooking.

Used by: High volume hotels, large restaurants, cruise ships, military, culinary schools, top chefs requiring high and low temperature control.

Applications: High speed and temperature cooking, continuous duty stockpot, pasta and sauces.

Please note:

Vollrath Induction Cookware is intended for use with induction-ready cookware.

All models require unrestricted intake and exhaust air ventilation for proper operation of the controls.

The maximum intake temperature must not exceed 43°C. Temperatures are measured in ambient air while all appliances in the kitchen are in operation.

Countertop models require a minimum clearance of 4 inches (10.2 cm) at the rear and 1 inch (2.5 cm) at the bottom.

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Cleveland Steam Kettles and Bratt Pans

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cleveland is the leading manufacturer in steam cooking equipment, with our large capacity kettles that are perfect for food manufactures and large bulk cooking needs.

Cleveland is at the forefront of almost every major advancement in steam cooking equipment.

You can depend on Cleveland to continue to provide high quality cooking equipment to meet the most demaanding needs. Our goal is to make the day-to-day work in the kitchen easier for you.

Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettles

Electric self contained tilting single kettles with either 23 or 45 litre capacity, 2/3 steam jacketed. Solid state controls for accurate temperature control (+/-1°C) and low water safety. Supplied with high wattage elements. STANDARD FINISH: All stainless steel exterior.

Cleveland Bratt Pans

Tilting braising skillet. Durapan gas or electric open base with 120 and 150 litre capacity. Motorised tilt control.

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Trueheat Commercial Cooking Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Designed with Australian commercial kitchens in mind, Trueheat's all purpose gas cooking equipment features quality stainless steel construction and a modular design to offer total flexibility. Presenting mix-n-match range top with burner or grill combinations plus the convenience of matching fryer and salamander, Trueheat equipment is versatile enough for any commercial cooking needs.

The Trueheat Commercial Cooking Equipment series consists of:


Cooktops and Griddles

The T60 series is a gas heated, heavy duty modular top only. The design is available in three configurations of powerful open top burners and 12mm machine polished grill.

The T90 series is a gas heated, heavy duty modular top only. The design is available in four configurations of powerful open top burners and 12mm machine polished grill.


The R60 Series is a 600mm Gas heated all‐purpose heavy duty oven range with static oven. The cooking top can be ordered in any configuration of powerful open burners and 12mm Machine polished grill flat surface.

The R90 Series is a 900mm Gas heated all‐purpose heavy duty oven range with static oven. The cooking top can be ordered in any configuration of powerful open burners and 12mm Machine polished grill flat surface.

Deep Fryers

A gas fired range match tube fryer with 20L oil capacity.

Make the most of your energy dollars with the exclusive Thermo‐Tube design. The heating tubes provide a large oil contact surface. Flow‐tube baffles control the transfer of heat into the oil. A wide cold zone frypot protects oil integrity by trapping debris under the cooking area, preventing carbonisation of particles and wasteful oil deterioration.

Char Grills

The B60 / B90 series is a gas heated, heavy duty barbeque mounted on a stand with fully adjustable shelf. Heavy duty cast iron radiant hoods over powerful gas burners radiate heat to the grates, which seal in the natural flavours and leave a unique ‘chargrill’ appearance on steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetable.


The S86 series is a gas heated, heavy duty salamander with fully adjustable height cooking shelf. Two powerful 14mj high speed gas burners radiate intense heat, which seals in the natural flavours to leave a grilled appearance on steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetable.

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School Students Cookery Kits

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, April 23, 2014

School Student Kits are now available through SCK.

An ideal kit for any cookery student or any young person with an interest in cookery. This comprehensive selection of utensils is ideal for all manner of cooking tasks, from cutting to baking

These School Student Kits include


  • Aussi Chef Utility Box
  • Hygiplas Cooks Knife 220mm
  • Hygiplas Palette Knife 200mm
  • Hygiplas Paring Knife 70mm
  • Hygiplas Peeling Knife 65mm
  • Pasty Bag 340mm
  • Star Tubes 7 & 13
  • Plain Tube 11
  • Vogue Speed Peeler
  • Vogue Basting Spoon 280mm
  • Vogue Steel 250mm
  • Double Paris Cutter 22/30mm
  • Natural Bristle Pastry Brush 38mm
  • Vogue Wooden Spoon 250mm
  • Dough Scraper Plastic
  • Vogue Wire Whisk 250mm
  • Stainless Steel Tongs

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Blue Seal Evolution Series

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, January 15, 2014
How do you improve something whose reputation is already grounded in performance and no-nonsense functionality?

You evolve it. Because there is always a way to do it better.

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the next stage in a journey of continuous improvement. Sleeker in design, and built to accommodate the demands of today's most passionate chef's, it promises even more performance than anything before it.


The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.

If you can't stand the heat, turn it up.
Every chef could use a little more heat, so a new Advanced Open Burner has been designed to deliver just that – 28MJ of power to burn. For optimum performance with all pan sizes, precise controls offer a full range of heat settings within a compact flame. Made from cast iron for lasting performance, burners have a forged brass cap for consistent flame spread. A non-clogging design ensures optimum burner performance.

Evolution – It's not just about good looks.
When your working day is an endless juggle of cooking instruments, you and your wrists will be glad of a flatter, more streamlined surface on which you can effortlessly slide pots and pans from one unit to another.

A heart of steel.
Heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel is the cladding of choice for all units in the Blue Seal Evolution Series. All ranges are constructed on a full galvanised steel chassis, while fully framed drop down doors are fitted with a heavy-duty hinge system for a lifetime of operation.
A trio of Griddles.
The addition of 600, 900 and 1200mm dedicated Griddles offers new possibilities for customising your Blue Seal Evolution Series line-up. A standard, thermostatically controlled 20mm plate offers excellent heat retention and distribution. The mirror chrome surface option provides exceptional efficiency by trapping more heat onto the cooking surface.

Would you like a fridge with that?
Forget walking to the fridge every time – the Blue Seal Evolution Series' flexibility has made way for you to fit refrigeration units where you need them – so you can do your thing without leaving your station. Match your Cooktop, Griddle or Target Top with a 900 or 1200mm gastronorm refrigerated base, available in a range of door/drawer combinations. All units accepts 1/1 gastronorm sizing. Refrigeration units are rated for tropical temperatures up to 40°C and have a holding temperature of -2°C  to +8°C . A digital temperature control and condensate heater are standard on all units.

Life's too short to clean.
The Blue Seal Evolution Series has been redesigned to enhance creativity and reduce cleaning time. Rounded internal and external edges make wipe down and hygiene control easier. More streamlined surfaces make the effortless cleaning of an entire cooking line.

Service while you cook.
The range has been designed so full service and maintenance can be carried out without removing a unit from the cooking line. The need to shut down a whole line to service one unit is minimised, allowing chefs to keep on cooking.

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