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Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, July 18, 2013
GAM Cucojet Vegetable Preparation Machine

The trademark gam vegetable prep machine....where it all began. Preparation has never been easier !
Save time, reduce labor cost and DISCOVER THE BEAST THAT IS the Cucojet.

The Cucojet has been manufactured to satisfy all the ongoing demands of the professional kitchen of today.
• Indespensible in every kitchen
• Designed to cut, slice, cube, shred, mince & grind

GAM Robot Series Cutter Mixers

Making the kitchen workload a breeze... introducing the robot series

A must have FOOD PREPARATION blending, reducing your prep time TO FRACTIONS, reduce labour cost! Save money & save energy.

• Make the perfect sauce, pesto, puree, dip, salsa, hommos & just about anything


The robot line has been manufactured in order to satisfy every increasing demand in a professional kitchen, with easiness in use they are able to do all the necessary work.
The Robot line comes in two sizes, 5 litre and 8 litre

GAM Combinata

Combining the Cucojet & Robot Series into the one handy unit. A deluxe 2 in one prep machine.

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Robot Coupe Mashed Potato Attachment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Robot Coupe have just released a Mashed Potato Attachment. This unit is designed for the CL50, CL50 Ultra, CL52, R502, R502 V.V., R602 V.V. and the R652 models.


The Mashed Potato Attachment features a feed tube designed to make the process continuous, a special ejector disc for the pureed vegetables, a paddle and a grid which is available in 2 sizes, 3mm and 6mm according to the desired texture required.

Speed and Output: the Mashed Potato Attachment is capable of producing up to 10 Kg of fresh and flavourome mashed potato in just 2 minutes.

Ergonomics: there s a conveniently wide feed opening allowing for the continuous throughput of potatoes, a great labour saving feature.

Versality: in addition to the 50 plus existing ways of processing your fruit and vegetables, [slicing, grating, ripple cutting, dicing, shredding and chipping] take advantage of the new pureeing attachment on your veg prep machine.

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Robot Coupe Cuisine Kit

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Robot Coupe Cuisine Kit offers you the opportunity to expand on the power of your Robot Coupe Food Processor.

With this optional kit you can now create fruit sauces, coulis and citrus fruit juice to make amuse-bouche, in-a-glass preparation sauces, soups, sorbets and ice creams, smoothies, jams, fruit pastes and pastilles.

There are two seperate kits, one for the R201XL, R211XL and R211XL Ultra and one for the R301, R301 Ultra, R401, R402 and R402VV.


While the Citrus Press is included in the Cuisine Kit, you can also purchase the Citrus Press as a seperate individual item.

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Robot Coupe Food Processors

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Robot Coupe have now released their new range of food processors. Models R201XL, R211XL and R211XL Ultra are a welcome addition to the range.

The R201XL and R211XL are supplied with an ABS cutter bowl


The R211XL Ultra has a stainless steel bowl.


All models have a patented blade gives perfect results for small or large quantities.

The also feature a single speed, 1500 Rpm motor and Pulse control for true precision processing.

The R201XL includes 2 x blades, a 2mm slicer and a 2mm grater.


Both R211XL models are supplied with 4 blades as standard. These include 2 & 4 mm Slicers, a 2 mm Grater and a 4x4mm Julienne blade.


A complete collection of 23 stainless steel discs available to satisfy all your requirements for the preparation of fruits and vegetables: slicing, julienne, ripple cutting and grating.

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Dynamic Salad Spinners

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, April 05, 2013

Copied but never equalled! Dynamic are the inventors of the commercial salad spinner. Quick and efficient, manual or electric, and a necessity for the following reasons:


1 The drier the lecttuce, the longer it will last.
2 Salad Dressing adheres to dry lettuce with no run off effect.

3 Both important food costs issues.


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Dynamic Hand Held Mixers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, April 05, 2013

Dynamic, the inventors of the Hand Held Mixer and Salad Spinner have introduced their new range of fully detachable stick blenders.

Dynamic Stick blenders with a fully detachable shaft are available in their Mini, Junior, Senior, Master & SMX Pro series ranges of hand held mixers.

Dynamic have been Commercial Food Service Equipment Specialists since 1964. Dynamic developed a complete variety of products used mainly by chefs and Kitchen staff.

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Hallde CC-32S Combination Cutter Promo

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Hallde CC-32S is the world's only fully automatic entry level commercial combination cutter. The CC-32S cleverly selects the best speed for each task producing perfect results every time.


Hallde also offer the best warranty for a food processor in the world at 3 years parts & labour [Customers must complete the extended warranty form supplied with the machine].

The Summer Price Slash Sellout finishes on 28 February 2013 and includes an additional 2 blades, a 4mm slicer & a 4mm grater. These additional blades are valued at $200 and are yours free with every purchase.

Hallde CC-32S features include:

  • Commercial Food Processor
  • 2 speed 500 rpm & 1500 rpm
  • Capacity: up to 2kg/minute
  • 10-80 portions/day
  • Includes 2 Disc Pack - 2mm fine cut slicer; 2mm grater
  • Slice, Grate, Julienne & Crimp
  • 40 different discs available as accessories
  • Large half moon feed head
  • Processes most ingredients whole
  • Vegetable preparation attachment 500 rpm
  • Vertical Cutter/Mixer attachment 1500 rpm
  • 3 Litre stainless steel bowl
  • Liquid capacity: 0.9 Litres
  • Serrated stainless steel cutter mixer blade
  • Polycarbonate machine housing
  • Cast metal knife chamber
  • Cleaning brush
  • Made in Sweden
  • Motor 1000 Watt
  • Power 240 Volts; 10 amps
  • Dimensions 285 x 350 x 585[h]; 8.8 Kg
  • Warranty: Hallde 3 years Parts & Labour available [must complete extended warranty form]

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    Hobart A200 Planetary Mixer

    Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, November 19, 2012

    The Hobart A200 Planetary Mixer is the Industry Standard and is recognized worldwide for superior performance. Sydney Commercial Kitchens now has this incredible mixer on special until Christmas 2012.


    Designed for heavy mixing applications: With a powerful 0.375 kW motor. Heat treated gears and shafts assure minimum downtime even under heavy loads.

    Gear driven transmission: Three positive fixed speeds for consistent mix quality.

    Bowl guard: Stainless steel guard adds protection without sacrificing productivity and sanitation. Front portion of guard rotates easily to add ingredients, install or remove agitators.

    Guard must be in closed position before mixer will operate.

    Standard equipment includes: 20 quart stainless steel bowl, aluminum B beater, stainless steel D wire whip.

    Must be ordered, paid for and delivered by 20th December 2012 to get this amazing price.

    I was just speaking to the Hobart sales representative and he told me that this pricing is almost the same as getting your old A200 retro-fitted with a safety guard.

    Take advantage of this fantastic deal and update your Hobart A200 Planetary Mixer today!

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    Robot Coupe CL Range Vegetable Cutters

    Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, November 16, 2012
    Robot Coupe are the inventors and world leader in food processors. Whoever you are in the food services industry, there is a Robot Coupe food processor product designed just for your needs, and they are all created to save you time, labour, and money.

    The Robot-Coupe range of vegetable preparation machines is the result of many years experience with professional caterers from all over the world. Our table-top models represent the widest and most advanced range available.

    Robot-Coupe has developed a vegetable preparation machine for all menu requirements for all styles of restaurants. Green vegetables, fresh salads and fruit can be quickly and efficiently prepared when using our machines.

    There is a complete selection of stainless steel discs for slicing, ripple cut slicing, juliennes and grating guarantee an outstanding quality of cut for all types of fruit and vegetable preparation.

    All models are built to comply with the latest safety and hygiene standards. Whichever model you choose from this range, it will be an investment in quality and time saving.

    The new CL50 Gourmet allows you to make 5 new waffle and dicing cuts of exceptional quality. These cuts are difficult and time consuming to prepare by hand, but now they can be achieved quickly and perfectly every time.


    Take advantage of the range of 48 different discs and give your imagination free reign to dream up some exciting new recipes.

    • Processing capacity : up to 400 covers with a large hopper allowing bulky vegetables, such as lettuces and cabbages, to be processed.

    • Wide variety of cuts: through the comprehensive range of 48 discs for slicing, ripplecutting, grating and cutting into sticks, strips or dice (from 5x5x5 mm to 25x25x25 mm) with optimum quality and precision every time.

    • 375 rpm single-speed appliance ideal for processing delicate foodstuffs, dicing or making french fries, as well as guaranteeing a wide variety of slicing, grating and julienne cuts.
    • 375/750 rpm two-speed appliances successfully reconciling speed and cutting precision.

    • Simple, sturdy design:
    All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

    • Induction motor for intensive use.

    Target: Institutions, Nursing Homes, Health Care, Aged Care, Delicatessens, Caterers, Restaurants and Cafes.

    Robot Coupe products are immensely strong, durable, and easy to clean. You will find no other machines to meet your specific day to day needs so precisely or with such apparent ease and efficiency.

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    Hotmix PRO innovation for professional cooking

    Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, May 03, 2012
    Hotmix PRO Thermal Mixer is an ingenious range of commerical thermal mixers combining innovation, reliability and performance to withstand the pressure of a professional cooking environment.

    Equipped with a range of smart features, the HotmixPRO can perform all the hard work and complex cooking processes required in a busy commercial kitchen. It cuts, blends, mixes, kneads, heats and more.

    HotmixPRO will lighten your workload and free up your time, enabling more advernturousness, creativity and productivity in your repertoire.

    HotmixPRO stirs and cooks food simultaneously producing consistently fantastic results. It’s easy to use and will quickly become indispensable as it saves you time, effort and money.

    Whether you own a start up cafe, small food business or a large professional restaurant kitchen, there is no other piece of commercial kitchen food equipment that's more versatile, more effective than the HotmixPRO. As the only commercial thermomixer on the market, the HotmixPRO is built for the professional cooking environment. It will help increase the quality of your dishes and increase efficiency in food preparation and cooking processes. To give you an idea of how you can utilise HotmixPRO in your kitchen, we've included a few of the most easiest way to quickly implement HotmixPRO in your business.

    Make Food Preparation Easy

    Unlike any other piece of commercial cooking equipment the Hotmix PRO is extremely versatile and can be utilised to release you from the drudgery of food preparation. With cutting, mixing and blending functionality, the Hotmix PRO will enable you to prepare items of mise en place with great ease and minimum supervision, freeing you to go on with other tasks.

    Ease Your Service Workload

    With the Hotmix PRO you can automate various preparation and cooking processes. For example, take advantage of the already programmed Hotmix PRO recipes to effortlessly prepare a variety of accompaniments, including; fluffy mashed potatoes, delicious dips, couscous and loads more. Alternatively, the Hotmix PRO Gastro model can be programmed to store your custom recipes on an SD Card, for easy frequent use by all kitchen staff.

    Enrich Your Dishes

    With absolute ease – from base ingredients – you can economically create great stocks and glazes, a variety of sauces like bechamel, coulis, and veloutes, a variety of soups, stews and braising, or versatile thickners, roux and shiny vinegar reductions. These can be used to enrich your dishes with a delicious homemade flavour.

    Save Time And Money

    Quick and easy to use, the Hotmix PRO will drastically decrease the amount of time and effort spent on labour intensive food preparation and cooking processes. For example, you can create forcemeats and stuffings with no fuss for pies, pates, terrines, galantines and mousselines, as well as stuffings for poultry and meat. With precision control you'll also be able to eliminate mistakes when producing complex recipes, therefore minimising food wastage. With it's many functionalities, the Hotmix PRO is like an extra pair of skilled hands in the kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

    Effortlessly Increase Your Menu

    By utilising Hotmix PRO to replace labour intensive preparation and cooking processes, you or your kitchen staff will have more time and freedom to experiment with new ideas and artistic food presentation. Or, adapt Hotmix PRO recipes and dishes to diversify and increase your menu options, without having the need to increase your kitchen staff.

    Precise Reliable Results, Everytime

    The Hotmix PRO perfectly maintains temperatures and mixing speeds so that precise results are achieved. It's ideal for recipes that call for absolute precision like the tempering of chocolate, a silky creme anglaise, sugar boiling, or for a perfect hollandaise. The Hotmix PRO also maintains a liquids temperature at the ideal level for poaching fish, poultry and game birds, certain offals, eggs and fruit. With such precise control the Hotmix PRO versatility enables you to utilise it as a Sous-vide, making it the ultimate tool for Molecular Gastronomy enthusiasts.


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