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Tournus Hot Box

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, July 09, 2015

Tournus Equipment is the French great designer and manufacturer of stainless steel catering equipment. Their extensive product ranges as well as their very high productions have made Tournus one of most sophisticated and largest catering equipment builders in Europe.

Tournus hot boxes

The different parts of Tournus’ catering equipment are assembled in-house. According to the company, such processes make communication easier, are beneficial for teamwork and delivery lead times are kept as short as possible.

All pieces of catering equipment are designed to be resistant and long-lasting. Tournus catering equipment includes dishwashing tables, pans, sinks, tables, trolleys, hand wash-basins, floor drains, fish counter, catering units, dustbins and other various products designed for catering industries.


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