I only wish I had of known of your company earlier, as my business would of been where it is today a lot sooner. Many thanks to you for providing a helpful, well run company that services the hospitality industry so effectively and hassle free. And as for Samantha, she is an absolute pleasure to deal with, knowledgable and a definite asset to your company. Again, many thanks.

-Deb Hynes
Teds Takeaway & Diner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Terms & Conditions?
Answer: [1] Terms of Delivery: I, the customer, am to pay for my own electrical and plumbing
connections and the cost of any necessary alterations to my premises. Sydney Commercial
Kitchens is to complete the delivery on or about the date agreed upon in the contract,
but this obligation is subject to my premises being ready to receive the installation
and to all delays directly arising from shipping, non-availability of ordered equipment,
strikes, lockouts, accidents, fires, wars, acts of God, non-delivery of material or parts
by suppliers or any other cause or reason whatsoever beyond our control. No such delay shall
excuse or justify my refusal to accept delivery of the equipment.

[2] Warranties: The equipment is covered by the manufacturers warranty and any
terms and conditions that may apply under said warranty.

[3] Retention of Title: All equipment remains the property of Sydney Commercial Kitchens
until such time as payment has been effected in full and all monies have been duly cleared in the
relevant bank account.

Any agreement arising out of this request shall be deemed to have been entered into at the relevant
place of execution and all monies payable hereunder shall be payable at the relevant office of
Sydney Commercial Kitchens.

[4] Default: Should I countermand this request or neglect or refuse to accept delivery of the
goods or if I fail to sign any Hire Purchase or any Agreement to which my signature is required
by the terms hereof, I shall forfeit all monies already paid hereunder and pay to the Company,
not as a penalty but as a genuine pre-estimate of the damages sustained by the company in the
procurement of or manufacture of the goods or any part thereof at my request, such further,
sum as with the monies already paid by me is equal to the Deposit Payable and a further
ten [10] per centum of the total Purchase Price thereby provided.

[5] Delivery Dates: All delivery dates as supplied on invoices are proposed only and are subject
to stock availability. Undue delays are not the responsibility of Sydney Commercial Kitchens.

[6] Prices: Prices are subject to alteration without notice.

[7] Online Orders: Online orders are not confirmed until a representative of Sydney Commercial
Kitchens has verbally approved with you that pricing, including delivery and the availability of the
items[s] is correct. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that items listed for sale are
correct and available prior to ordering.

[8] Acceptance: The placement of any order with Sydney Commercial Kitchens implies acceptance
of the above conditions of sale.
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