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Hospitality Industry Business Plan

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, April 14, 2014

The food industry is a challenging combination of manufacturing and retail. It requires careful management, control of food and perishables, production, people, hygiene and customers.

Very few businesses include all of these variables as significant elements of success or failure.

You must understand that your restaurant or café is also a business and the skills needed to run a successful business are very different from those required to manage a successful restaurant.

Your restaurant or café cannot hope to succeed without your developing business skills in these three key areas: operational; financial and marketing.

From the very beginning it is important to remember that in business you always have two sets of customers. The first set is the customer that buys your products on a daily basis, and the second set is the customer who will eventually buy your business. Everything you do in your business should ultimately be geared to both sets of customers.

Your Business Plan

Your business plan is the future of your business. So many small business owners simply go to work each day with no real idea of where they want to be or how they intend to get there. Little wonder that the failure rate of small business is so high.


Write down your business plan, then keep it open, so you can change it to reflect your ever-changing business environment. It is simply a written statement of your business goals and how you expect to achieve them. Keeping it open will allow your plan to continue to reflect your current thinking.

Your business plan should be written with a particular audience in mind. This is especially true if you plan to use your business plan to impress your bank or finance company and get a loan or lease. To be effective in a financial, marketing and operational sense, your plan needs to address all aspects of your business, now and in the future.

You can download both a business plan guide and a worksheet from our website at

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Mareno Cooking Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Mareno range offers the perfect blend of sophisticated European design and powerful performance to provide the ultimate cooking experience. Offering total flexibility with its ergonomic design and modular dimensions, Mareno enables Chefs to obtain the maximum performance out of every product.

Italian designed and manufactured, Mareno has been a supplier of choice to the world’s most revered restaurants and catering establishments for over 70 years. The range extends from gas and electric oven ranges to target tops, induction ranges, deep fryers, grills, pasta cookers, bainmaries, bratt pans and cabinets. Innovative and truly stylish, Mareno is the only choice for the open kitchen needs of today’s restaurants, hotels and fine food establishments.

Available in 70 Restaurant Series and 90 Heavy Duty Series to satisfy every requirement for performance, power, function and modular design.

Mareno70 series

Compact and reliable, the Mareno 70 Restaurant Series cooking range is just 730mm deep but tough enough to withstand a busy kitchen. With 1.5mm thick stainless steel tops, 23MJ open burners and a complete modular range to suit any style of menu.

Mareno 90 series

High performance and durable, the Mareno 90. Heavy Duty Series cooking range is 930mm deep and will meet the demands of the busiest kitchen. With 2mm thick stainless steel tops, 36MJ open burners and a complete modular range to suit any style of menu.

Product Summary

Designed for the modern kitchen that is always on show, the Mareno range offers the perfect blend of sophisticated European design and powerful performance to provide the ultimate cooking experience. The range offers total flexibility with its ergonomic design and modular dimensions enabling Chefs to obtain the maximum performance out of every product.

With the addition of canti lever options, cleaning becomes a breeze, with the elimination of legs and plinths. Both the Mareno 70 Restaurant Series and the Mareno 90 Heavy Duty Series consist of a wide range of appliances from gas and electric ovens to deep fryers, griddle plates, pasta cookers, bain maries, chrome grills and induction ranges. Plus, each series has over 130 models split into 18 product ‘families’ – satisfying every requirement for performance, power, function and modular design.

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Edesa Professional Food Handling Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, April 04, 2014

Edesa Professional


Edesa are a leading manufacturer of distribution and preparation foodservice equipment, committed to creating and providing unique solutions with our innovative, customized, durable and efficient products.

They strive to imagine and build solutions that drive economic value to our partners while respecting the environment. Because serving up success is their approach to you...

Welcome to Edesa Professional, Serving Up Success



To be a specialist means to be focused on innovation. This belief motivates Edesa to continuously research, develop and create new answers to solve the toughest challenges in the distribution and preparation of food. Edesa’s efforts are directed to the development of practical, customer-oriented solutions.

Edesa Professional places innovation at the heart of its business strategy. This is why they are a true specialist. This is why partnering with Edesa makes perfect sense.



Their product portfolio includes standardized, mass customized or even tailor-made solutions to address each unique requirement you might think of. We also welcome custom and OEM partners to join with us, in order to get access to our dedicated product design teams, expertise, manufacturing cost reductions, improved time-to-market and higher brand visibility.

Either if you are using, dealing or manufacturing foodservice equipment, Edesa Professional has a customized solution that can help you succeed. We’d love to learn how we can partner with you.


Edesa products come from seven fully-owned manufacturing sites, in five different countries from three continents. The same consistent standards of quality and processes at all locations guarantee worldwide premium products “made by Edesa”.


Edesa Professional has established an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, certified as per UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-14001:2004 international standards.

Edesa believe that if something is unenvironmental, it is also uneconomical. Edesa Professional strives for reducing the environmental impact all throughout the value chain, from the direct impact of our own activities to that of our products when in operation.

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Williams Jade Pizza Prep Fridges

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Williams Jade Preparation Counters

The exciting range of Williams Jade Preparation Counters are now available as standard in a stunning Black finish.


For quick access to fresh ingredients, combined with preparation and storage space

Features are:

  • Pizza and Preparation three door counter with Blown Air Well
  • Energy saving CoolSmart controller ensures accurate temperature control
  • Designed for effective operation in high ambient 43°C environments
  • Refrigerated blown air over and under all pans
  • Polycarbonate sliding lids over blown air well
  • Fully enclosed well under pans - prevents food dropping into cabinet
  • Raised ergonomic design angled top
  • Removable cassette refrigeration system for easy servicing

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Great deals on catering equipment bundles

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are you looking to purchase multiple pieces of catering equipment?

Are you looking for a great Deal?

SCK has used their buying power with the major equipment suppliers to bundle groups of equipment together to SAVE you even more money on your equipment needs?

See our catering equipment bundles

Currently we have refrigeration, cooking equipment, dishwashers, combi ovens, pizza equipment and accessories like blenders, food processors, slicers, stick blenders & microwave ovens. If you are starting a new business in the hospitality industry and you need a minimum of 3 pieces of equipment for your business then give us a call. We can help!


All these bundled groups of products are at a significant discount to the individual pricing, hence the need to buy multiple items.


We will mix and match products to suit your needs. So if you don't exactly see what you are after listed on our website, then give us a call on 02 9999 5800.


Please note: to access these great discounts, all your purchases need to be from one individual supplier.

SCK, where great service is just the beginning.

We save you TIME & MONEY on catering equipment

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BONN CM1600M Heavy Duty Microwave

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, March 13, 2014

Introducing the new Standard Line Range of Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Ovens from Bonn. Developed using the same robust platform as the industry leading Bonn Heavy Duty Premium Line Range.

Massive Price Drop

Save an incredible $649.00 from the recommended retail price.

The CM-1600M offers users an economical solution to Heavy Duty High Powered heating requirements without the need for preset programming or multi stage heating. Variable power output and digitally controlled timer ensures accurate heating of food while a ‘One Touch’ express 20 second button enables instant convenient heating.


The Standard Line Range features a large 26 litre internal capacity capable of accommodating even the largest of dining dishes.

The CM-1600M offers a high power 1600 watt power output, twin motorised stirrer fans and dual magnetron technology. This heavy duty oven has a full stainless steel interior and exterior. The inner door is finished in toughened glass for maximum reliability against hot splattering fat and grease. The CM-1600M is stackable to enable placement of 2 ovens into the same footprint as a single CM-1600M.

Dual magnetron technology reduces the operating temperature of the magnetron by up to 50%. Reliability is increased significantly and the operating life of the oven is far longer than single magnetron microwave ovens.

The CM-1600M requires a 15amp power supply.

The Bonn CM1600M is cost effective and has a recommended daily usage of 90 minutes.

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Skope Visit to Christchurch NZ

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our number 1 supplier Skope recently invited the SCK Team to visit their Christchurch facility.

We were accompanied by Peter, who is our Skope representative here in Sydney.


Our trip included a factory tour, where we saw one of our special project cabinets being built, plus meetings with the various teams within Skope business.

Skope wined and dined us in style and also arranged for a winery tour on the Saturday.


From all of us at SCK, a big thank you to Skope and all their staff, who made our trip so enjoyable. We look forward to working closely with you into the future.

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Skope Bottom Mounted Series

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Skope’s bottom mounted series of refrigerated cabinets are designed to fit into confined spaces. The easy to access refrigeration unit makes servicing and maintenance a breeze, and the hot air from the condenser unit is blown up the glass doors to reduce condensation.

You now have a great opportunity to SAVE money on buying the best. Currently Skope are having a runout sale on their aged inventory of Skope B600-2 standard model and the Skope B1200-2-LIT with illuminated sign panel. These cabinets are all new with the full 2 year warranty.

Take advantage of these great prices now. Only while stocks last!


Generic Specifcations

  • Operating temperature adjustable from +1deg;C to +4deg;C in 43deg;C ambient
  • Consistent temperatures maintained by fan-forced ducted air flow
  • Electronic controller with digital temperature display
  • Exterior: galvanised steel (powder coated white) or natural finish stainless steel (excluding galvanised steel back and top)
  • Interior: galvanised steel (powder coated white) or natural finish stainless steel
  • Self-closing, double-glazed, toughened safety-glass doors with silver anodised aluminium frames and vertical full height ergonomic handles
  • Easy plug-in, 10 Amp power supply (230-240V, 50Hz), via mains flex
  • 5 adjustable plastic coated shelves as standard
  • Energy efficient, interior vertical side lights
  • Replaceable, long-life magnetic door gaskets
  • Bottom mounted removable SKOPE Cyclone™ refrigeration system
  • Insulation: 50mm thick, high density cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam (CFC, HCFC & HFC free)
  • R134a refrigerant (CFC & HCFC free)
  • Optional 200mm high, illuminated sign panel, please specify when ordering

Generic Specifcations for B600-2 & B1200-2

  • Stainless steel bottom spillage trays.
  • Numbered shelf support strips to assist planogram setup.
  • Fully removable motor cassette for easy servicing and transportation.
  • EMS Advanced controller with fuzzy logic to ensure chiller learns to operate to maximum energy efficiency.
  • High efficiency, high speed EC evaporator fan motor.
  • High efficiency EC condenser fan motor, with a reverse function to reduce condenser cleaning frequency.
  • Thermal expansion valve for optimised refrigerant fow control.
  • Large highly efficient refrigerant heat exchangers.
  • Easily accessible condenser coil for maintenance

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Wexiodisk Dishwashers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ever since it opened for business it has focused on offering the food service sector the absolute best in dishwashing. The range includes passthrough dishwashers, rack conveyors, flight type dishwashers, tray dishwashers, trolley washers, tray and cutlery washers, combi dishwashers and pot washers with granule technology.

Clean water is essential for life, but one in eight of the world’s population does not have access to it. Founded in 1972, Wexiodisk has developed a range of dishwashing solutions with one aspect in mind: to create the world’s best dishwashers to affect our people and our environment.

Ever since it opened for business it has focused on offering the food service sector the absolute best in dishwashing. The range includes passthrough dishwashers, rack conveyors, flight type dishwashers, tray dishwashers, trolley washers, tray and cutlery washers, combi dishwashers and pot washers with granule technology.

Dishwashers consume large amounts of energy, water and chemicals. So in recent years, Wexiodisk has concentrated on the development of several new and unique products – ICS+ and DUPLUS are the names of two patented principles that provide exceptionally reduced environmental impact and considerable lower operating costs.

DUPLUS: Patented double final-rinse technology

Wexiodisk is the first in the world to introduce the double-final rinse technology for DUPLUS passthrough dishwasher. Our patented means that the rinsing process uses considerable less fresh water than traditional final rinsing systems. The DUPLUS technology uses only one litre of fresh water per cycle and is achieved by recirculating water from the previous washing cycle in the first rinsing phase. In the second rinsing phase, the machine uses fresh water at a temperature of 85-90C. The rinse water from the second phase is collected to be used for the next washing cycle.


ICS+ : Intelligent Control System

The ingenious Intelligent Control System (ICS+) in our rack conveyors results in exceptionally low operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental impact.

ICS+ comprises of three main features:

  1. Empty Space Elimination (ESE) - A unique control system eliminates the empty space normally found between the baskets while they are being washed in the machine.
  2. Constant Rinse Time (CRT) - With CRT the time and the amount of energy and water needed for the final rinse does not depend on the contact time selected. Normally only around 1-1.4 litres of rinsing water are used per basket.
  3. Double Transport System (DTS) - ICS+ is equipped with DTS – a unique double feed system that feeds the baskets at an even speed to ensure optimum use of the rinsing water.

Wexiodisk focus their dishwashing solution development in providing reliable machines with low operating costs and a good working environment rather than a low purchase price - excellent cleaning results have always been seen as a matter of course.

Improved working conditions

We place a lot of emphasis on providing an ergonomically correct working environment for the user. Examples of this are easy to handle doors which provide good access, wash arms that are easily cleaned and strainers at the infeed and outfeed that can be removed for easy emptying. In addition, the efficient sound and heat insulation contributes to a good working environment in the dishwashing room.

Maximum hygiene

Wexiodisk ensures optimal hygienic wash results by monitoring and documenting the progress of your dishwasher. With an optional WEB Tool for passthrough, trolley & cutlery tray washers, information on temperature, cost, water and electricity consumption can be documented in order to satisfy all the applicable HACCP hygiene requirements, eliminating the need to keep a manual log and saving valuable time in the kitchen.


Wexiodisk rack conveyors and potwashers incorporates a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system to designate a number of critical control points for monitoring from a hygienic perspective. The critical control points form part of the machine’s control and alarm system for temperature and water flow, which can be displayed on the control panel.

Automatic cleaning program

At Wexiodisk, our dishwashers remain clean during washing. Cleverly positioned washing jets and rounded corners continually flush the tanks clear of any residue. These, combined with the correct dosage of chemicals, guarantee the minimum amount of time spent cleaning every Wexiodisk dishwasher.

Easy access, easy service

The well thought out position of components, something that for many years has distinguished Wexiodisk’s products, lives on. Most of the components are easily accessible and servicing can be carried out from the front of the machine. The electronics also allow a history log and service information to be displayed during maintenance work.

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Moffat Bakery Equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Moffat is an industry leading Australian supplier of commercial bakery equipment and it is the premier choice for Australian retail bakers. We supply all types of bakery equipment including; baking ovens, baking machines, bread making equipment, pasrty sheeters, dough mixers, automatic bread slicers, provers, dough rounders, dough dividers and everything needed for almost any world-class artisan, pre-proof, frozen dough and scratch baking applications.

Bread Slicers

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Moffat Silhouette range of bread slicers are fitted standard with micro-switched cleaning access doors and loaf pushers. A drop down front table for fast and efficient blade changing comes standard and slicers are fully guarded to meet all Australian safety regulations for operator safety.

With a broad choice of attractive shop models and durable semi-industrial models, there’s a Daub bread slicer for every bakery and bread thickness. All slicers offer silent operation and feature a patented knife configuration for preserving knife sharpness resulting in flawless cutting - even with fresh bread.

The heavy duty construction of the Paramount bench mounted bread slicer makes it the ideal choice for a busy bakery. This single frame slicer is fitted with a loaf pusher and removable crumb tray.

When costs count, look to Paramount.

Spiral Mixers

Spiral dough mixers supplied with plastic lid and electronic controls. Mixers are fitted with 2 speed controls.

Bun Divider Rounders

Semi automatic bun divider rounder, 30 piece per operation, dividing weight range 40-120g. Machine is supplied standard with three moulding plates and the head can be tilted for easy cleaning.

Pastry Sheeters

Both bench and floor standing models are fitted with safety guards and forward and reverse hand operating controls.

Sottoriva Spiral Mixers

Sottoriva was founded in 1944, developed successfully in few years and became a leading company in the world of machines and plants for bread production. The productive unit, heart of industry, avails itself of the collaboration of high qualified staff that takes care of every single product. Our products, constantly monitored during all working phases , distinguish themselves by safety, reliability and easy use.

Sottoriva produces now a huge range of machines and ovens of different type and capacity, which meet the different customers' individual requirements. A great production reality able to satisfy all the market's needs: beginning from the supply of singular machines up to semi-automatic and automatic plants for small, medium and big bakery and pastry making confectionery factories, guarantees the best service to our customers.

Berto Spiral Mixers

VMI BERTO ITALIA is a subsidiary of VMI specializing in Spiral Mixers in order to better serve the worldwide baking & pastry industry. VMI BERTO ITALIA has over 20 years of experience in the production of SPIRAL MIXERS for artisans, semi-industrial bakers and supermarkets. In addition to producing a wide range of machines in the mixing field, VMI Berto offers its customers top quality, efficiency and professional customer service.

Daub Dough Dividers and Bun Dividers

Daub's extensive experience in the bakery world has resulted in a range of machines that deliver an optimal blend of product quality, operational versatility and cost effectiveness. The range comprises dough dividers, divider rounders, moulders and bread slicers – all designed to contribute to the efficiency of the bakery trade.

Hydraulic system for the highest accuracy and quiet operation and reduces the pressure on the dough to retain the dough structure in soft doughs. Operation of machine is simple with one touch buttons and an operating indication light.

Teflon coating is applied to the steel dividing disc with stainless steel knives. This aids in a more accurate distribution of dough and also keeping the dividing disc easily cleaned.

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