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Our suppliers Franchise Fitout Services

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, November 23, 2015

Franchise Fitout Services was established in 1999 and is located on the south-side of Brisbane, Queensland.

FFS are the sole Australian Importer and Distributor for Blendtec commercial and domestic Blendtec Blender range. Blendtec Blenders are used world wide and highly recommended in the hospitality trade as well as the domestic market.

About Blendtec®

Long before the Will It Blend? series exploded on YouTube, Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec®, was blending planks of wood with his blenders to determine their capability. Not surprising for this engineer and inventor, who grew up putting big engines in little things.

Back in 1975, Tom’s curiosity peaked when he used a vacuum cleaner to clean up some spilled wheat kernels. His innate inquisitiveness drove him to revolutionise the home wheat milling industry, taking it from stone grinding to his patented stainless steel milling heads. Like most inventors, Tom didn’t stop there. He envisioned the perfect mixer, using the freshly milled flour from his mill to make wholesome bread in minutes. When back in the lab, Tom developed an auto knead feature, enabling the mixer to knead the dough, develop the gluten and turn off automatically when finished. Tom continued to improve the mixer and decided to add a blender with a square jar, rather than the conventional round jar. As Tom expanded his mill and mixer business, new ideas developed. He enhanced the blender and began developing commercial blending machines just as the smoothie era began.

The award winning web video series called "Will It Blend?" features Blendtec’s® C.E.O., Tom Dickson, blending an iPhone, marbles, rake handles, and all sorts of crazy things. The videos show the strength and durability of the entry level home blender. The same durability and strength is found in all our commercial blenders.

Tom is still inventing and the company is still growing! Walking into the world of Blendtec®, you’ll find the innovative engineering team and their "torture chamber", you’ll see the international team preparing for where their travels will take them next, and you’ll glimpse Tom scooting off to blend up his next invention.

Today, people all around the world use Blendtec® blenders in their homes, restaurants, smoothie shops, coffee shops and more. We continue to keep dreaming of new and better ways to build machines that improve the lives of others. It all began with one man and his curiosity. He has shared that vision with others, and with his team, the dream continues to unfold.

Blendtec Australia Pty Ltd, is the Australian Blendtec® Distributor of the world famous Blendtec® Blenders. All Blendtec® blenders are imported into Australia direct from USA, and are built with parts specifically designed and manufactured for use within the Australian market.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

The Stealth blender is Blendtec’s top of the range commercial blender.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Winner of the National Restaurant Association’s prestigious 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award, the Blendtec Stealth Blender combines durability, power, and a wealth of exciting features. Simply put, it’s the quietest, most advanced commercial blender on the market.

The Ultimate, Quiet Commercial Blender

Features include:

  • Motor: 3.8 peak horsepower, 1875 watts, 15 amps
  • Recommended daily blends: 200+
  • Program cycles: 42 preprogrammed cycles, Pulse, Manual Speed
  • Colors: Black, Cappuccino, Pomegranate
  • 3-year warranty

Stealth Technology

The Stealth includes a sleek sound enclosure, proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations. These features allow it to operate at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation without compromising the power Blendtec®is famous for, proving you can still have industrial strength power without industrial strength noise.

Customizable Preprogrammed Cycles

The Stealth comes equipped with 42 preprogrammed cycles and a USB port. For the ultimate in customization, users can create custom drink programs with the online BlendWizard™. This tool can create an unlimited number of blend cycles, and up to 14 can be stored on the blender.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Advanced Design and Functionality

The Stealth cutting-edge design and functionality deliver an advanced yet user-friendly blending experience. The 11-speed capacitive touch slider provides precision speed control, and the pulse button adds a burst of power. For customers who prefer a lower profile, an in-counter model is also available.


  • H: 43.9 cm
  • D: 22.9 cm
  • W: 21.8 cm


7.2 kg

Why Blendtec® Home Blenders?

Blendtec® have blended everything from rake handles to golf balls and glow sticks in their test lab – so you can experience years of trouble free blending.

Blendtec HP3A home Blender

Powerful Motor

Tired of not being able to crush ice? The Blendtec® HP3A Home Blender has so much power (1560 watts / 6.5amps) it turns ice to snow.

The higher the Amps or Watts rating, the more power the blender can safely deliver. Compare the Amps or Watts rating of Blendtec® to other blenders.

One Jar for Wet or Dry Ingredients

The versatile Home Blender and BPA-Free Jar allow you to perform both wet or dry blends in one unique jar. Other brands may require you to purchase 2 jars, one for wet blends and one for dry blends.

Easy to Use, Smart Touch Technology

Blendtec® blenders allow you to push a button and move onto other food preparation while the blender completes the blend cycle. This blender unlike others will automatically shut off when the cycle or the pulse is complete.


The patented jar design flows ingredients toward the blade, eliminating the need for a tamper/plunger.

Uniquely Blunt, Safety Jar Blade

Completely safe to use and clean, plus 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors blades.

Easy to Clean

The sleek blender design with a flat, sealed touchpad eliminates cumbersome knobs and buttons which allow the machine to be wiped clean in seconds and doesn’t harbour mould and bacteria like old fashioned knob-and-dial blenders.

Cleaning the jar is fast and easy too – just add warm water, a drop of soap, press pulse a few times, rinse and the jar is ready for your next recipe.

Compact Size

At only 39.3 cm tall, the HP3A fits on the counter and under most standard cabinets! (Footprint – Width 17.7cm x Depth 20.4cm)

Hardened Metal Drive Socket

Never needs to be replaced, unlike other blenders with plastic drive sockets which break under pressure. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Versatile, All-In-One Appliance at a Fraction of the Cost

This all-in-one appliance makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to find out more about how Blendtec Blenders could enhance your food business then please give us a call on 1300 881119.

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King Edward potato ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The only way to cook and present baked potatoes.

King Edward potato ovens are the benchmark in quality. They have been produced in England for more than 30 years and have stood the test of time.

King Edward potato ovens not only cook potatoes perfectly, they also merchandise them in an attractive and appealing way enabling your King Edward Potato oven to sit front of house.

King Edward Potato Ovens

King Edward makes preparing and presenting potatoes simple!

  • Appeal to every taste and every business.
  • Design ensures a perfect baked potato every time.
  • Traditional and contemporary designs in a range of sizes to suit all business needs
  • Tailor your toppings to suit all tastes
  • Accessories make preparation and storage simple - Bain maries, cold storage and accessories to your chosen oven design.

Why Baked Potatoes?

Benefits of Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are highly nutritious and appeal to all age groups. Their versatility is unrivalled - with a wide range of both hot and cold toppings allowing for multiple menu options.

  • Yields very high margins and profits with very low costs
  • Are quick and easy to serve (can be served quicker than a sandwich and you make more money)
  • Can be served with hot or cold fillings to satisfy any appetite in any season
  • Offers a healthy alternative
  • Satisfies vegetarians and diet conscious customers
  • Delicious smell entices customers to purchase
  • Baked potatoes are one of the safest and cheapest foods to handle
  • Baked potatoes have a high nutritional value.

Features of the King Edward Potato Bakers

The King Edward Potato Baker is the ultimate means of cooking and displaying delicious hot baked potatoes. Our bakers use a fan-assisted convection oven to ensure the most efficient cooking method possible, while the illuminated display area entices your customers to purchase a baked potato. These flagship Potato Bakers are still hand finished in the UK to exacting standards.

  • Machines are user-friendly, there is no effort or skill required from the operator
  • Stainless steel interior with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Fully removable wire shelves allows use for the entire oven cavity
  • Thermostatically operated with a 90 minute audible timer
  • Vitreous enamel or stainless steel exterior for unrivalled durability and a perfect finish
  • Require very little bench space – increase sales per square metre (the small oven takes up the space of a cash register)
  • No installation costs just plug in and operate
  • No exhaust fan or canopy required
  • All electric
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Easy to operate and clean needs little or no maintenance
  • Fully imported – hand built by English craftsmen
  • They are attractive and self promotional (it sells what is cooking in the oven)
  • The ovens are fan forced and can be used to cook and heat up other foods
  • Available in various colours and 3 sizes
  • Feature Illuminated display cabinets
  • Baked potatoes are cooked in the lower oven and transferred to the heated illuminated top display oven ready for serving
  • Easy Rent-Purchase finance available as well as other methods of payment.

King Edward Potato Ovens


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Our suppliers Fagor Australasia

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, November 09, 2015

A Culture Of Excellence

The Fagor brand represents over 50 years of personal service, relentless innovation and a commitment to consistent research and development. These values have shaped the culture of the brand, keeping them relevant in the ever evolving commercial catering equipment industry.

Fagor Catering Equipment, one brand one solution

Fagor Australasia is a segment of the MCC group, a leading corporation in Europe with a strong international presence. Over its rich history, Fagor has become a leader in the food service industry, meeting equipment needs of restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes all around the world. Their one brand, one solution ideology offers a comprehensive range of products and dedicated support, ensuring lasting satisfaction and enduring functionality.

Having undertaken a pioneering role with an all-rounded approach to commercial kitchen equipment design, Fagor has distinguished itself as a market leader in Spain with a broad international presence. We are the perfect partner for professionals requiring quality products and comprehensive pre- and post-sales service.

Corporate Culture

Fagor has set itself apart as a premium manufacturer of commercial cooking and restaurant equipment by continuing to push the boundaries of user experience and intelligent product design.

Employing more than 1600 people worldwide with eleven company owned manufacturing plants and thirty commercial offices, Fagor offer a personal service with a global reach.

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment

Fagor commercial cooking and catering equipment has been developed for professionals who are looking to invest in quality products that combine skilled craftsmanship with technical perfection. Fagor’s food service equipment is designed with meticulous attention to improving the user experience and ensuring consistency.

Learn more about Fagor commercial dishwashers, combi ovens, 700 series modular cooking equipment, the 900 series modular cooking equipment and commercial refrigeration solutions.

Sustainable Design

Fagor is deeply committed to the protection and sustainable development of the environment. Fagor were officially granted the Environmental Certificate ISO-1400 in July 2006, illustrating their commitment to the environment within the framework of sustainable development established by the MCC.

Ongoing Commitment to Our Customers

They are dedicated to establishing long term relationships with each of their clients and offer comprehensive after care service that combines the benefits of personalised, local service with our international knowledge and experience. With a factory office located in Sydney and Fagor-approved technicians across Australia, they are able to offer integrated and personal sales and support service.

Their experienced staff will work to understand your unique kitchen needs. We add value to our customers’ kitchens with design input and advice when appropriate and pride ourselves on reacting to our customers’ individual needs and requirements.

If you would like to find out more about how Fagor Catering Equipment could enhance your food business or how Fagor can serve your unique kitchen needs, then please give us a call on 1300 881119.

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Skope ActiveCore

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A new glass door chiller range of 1 and 2 door top and bottom mount models combining SKOPE’s revolutionary new ActiveCore™ technology with a modern frameless aesthetic design. These models provide market leading energy savings along with new features to deliver optimal performance, efficiency and reliability. SKOPE's new ActiveCore™ is a revolution in refrigeration technology.

As one of our most significant developments in over 25 years, the new ActiveCore™ technology took over 18 months and a design team of 35 to develop. It is the ultimate in innovation, and a major leap forward for our industry. By delivering market leading energy savings, optimal cooling performance, greater serviceability and a future-proofed system, our sophisticated ActiveCore™ technology will be meeting our clients' needs for years to come.

Skope Activecore

The Benefits

  • Designed for long-life, reliability and performance.
  • The interchangeable ActiveCore™ unit is used across all 1 and 2 door models.
  • Redesigned airflow throughout the cabinet ensures optimal and efficient cooling of product.
  • Quick and easy servicing and maintenance, minimises downtime and disruptions.
  • New controller with manual lightswitch and built in Energy Management Device
  • Designed to be future proof, ready when regulations change around refrigerants and natural gases are implemented.
  • Maximises energy efficiency for significant savings over the life of the cabinet.

The development of the Range has reinforced our reputation for proven quality, durability and reliability. With improved cooling performance, optimised airflow and redesigned components, the ActiveCore™ provides optimal performance and energy efficiency for years to come. Each and every component of the ActiveCore™ unit has been designed with efficiency in mind. It has reduced energy costs by 55% compared to our biggest selling TME model. The ActiveCore™ Range now with a quicker rate of return and considerable finanical svaings over the life of the cabinet.

See this short video series by Skope to find out more.


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Our suppliers Goldstein Eswood

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, November 02, 2015

Goldstein Eswood, born out of the amalgamation of J.Goldstein & Co.(established 1911) and Eswood Australia (established 1932) is Australia’s premier Food Service Equipment manufacturer.

The company designs and builds its “Goldstein” cooking equipment and “Eswood” dishwashers specifically to suit Australian conditions, at its modern Manufacturing facility in Smithfield, NSW. Distribution and after sales service are looked after through the company’s state offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

All Goldstein Eswood equipment carries a full twelve month warranty, ably supported by our regional office and accredited service agents around the country.

Goldstein cooking equipment

Goldstein Eswood guarantees to carry spare parts for a minimum of ten years after you buy your machine – try getting that guarantee in writing on an imported machine!

Goldstein Eswood is committed to providing unrivalled service levels to all our customers, offering the best equipment for Australian conditions, supported by sales and service teams with the highest degree of expertise.

In December 2014 The Middleby Corporation purhcased the Goldstein Eswood brands.

The Middleby Corporation is a global leader in the foodservice equipment industry. The company develops, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used in the commercial foodservice, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries. The company's leading equipment brands serving the commercial foodservice industry include Anets®, Beech®, Blodgett®, Blodgett Combi®, Blodgett Range®, Bloomfield®, Britannia®, Carter-Hoffmann®, Celfrost®, Concordia®, CookTek®, CTX®, Desmon®, Doyon®, Eswood®, frifri®, Giga®, Goldstein® , Holman®, Houno®, IMC®, Jade®, Lang®, Lincat®, MagiKitch'n®, Market Forge®,Middleby Marshall®, MPC©, Nieco®, Nu-Vu®, PerfectFry®, Pitco Frialator®, Southbend®, Star®, Toastmaster®, TurboChef®, Viking®, Wells® and Wunder-Bar®. The company’s leading equipment brands serving the food processing industry include Alkar®, Armor Inox®, Auto-Bake®, Baker Thermal Solutions®, Cozzini®, Danfotech®, Drake®, Maurer-Atmos®, MP Equipment®, Processing Equipment Solutions®, RapidPak®, Spooner Vicars® and Stewart Systems®. The company’s leading equipment brands serving the residential kitchen industry include Brigade®, Jade®, TurboChef®, Viking® and U-Line®.

A spokesman for the Middleby Corporation stated "We are excited to add Goldstein and Eswood to our portfolio of leading brands. This acquisition significantly expands the Middleby manufacturing, sales and service capabilities in the Australian and New Zealand markets and enables us to better serve our customers, including the global restaurant chains," said Selim A. Bassoul, Chairman and CEO of The Middleby Corporation. "We will continue to serve the local market with these brands, while we leverage their established sales and service offices for all Middleby brands."

For Sydney Commercial Kitchens the purchase of Goldstein Eswood by the Middleby Group opens up areas and products in catering equipment that we previously had no access to. These products will include Middleby conveyor pizza ovens and Blodgett deep fryers.

Goldstein cooking equipment has a reputation for being heavy duty and reliable equipment, the Eswood dishwashers are also known to be reliable.

Eswood Smartwash

The Goldstein Asian waterless wok burners have won industry awards for design and water savings.

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Our supplier Williams Refrigeration

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Williams Refrigeration Australia is a proud Australian manufacturer of high quality Commercial refrigeration equipment. Employing over 50 people at our modern equipped manufacturing facility in Dandenong South, Victoria we specialise in designing and manufacturing specifically for Australian conditions and local market requirements.

With access to global design and development resources through the larger Williams Global group companies, our mission is to employ this global technology in our Australian products, backed up by excellent customer service. Established in 1986, the modern equipped manufacturing operations based in Dandenong, Victoria is ISO9001 and 14001 accredited.

The range of Williams foodservice refrigeration equipment available through our extensive Australia wide dealer network includes upright refrigerators and freezers, blast chillers/freezers, gastronorm cabinets, back bars, merchandising cabinets, sandwich bars, pizza preparation counters, under counter storage units and bakery cabinets including dough retarder provers.

Uprights Cabinets

Williams Refrigeration's range of upright cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards and feature the latest in ‘cool smart’ technology, effective in high ambient environments.

Our range of refrigerated cabinets come in a multitude of temperatures to suit any purpose including standard refrigerated cabinet, freezer, fish, meat, chilled food, combined refrigerator and freezer and heated.

Williams cabinets have a variety of features, finishes and options available including:

  • • Energy Saving cool smart controller
  • • Environmentally friendly GWP low foam insulation
  • • Easy to clean coated adjustable shelving
  • • Non-marking, low-level swivel and brake castors for easy positioning
  • • Self closing, lockable doors with 90° dwell and magnetic gaskets
  • • Radiused corners and fully removable shelf supports and racking for easy cleaning

Williams upright cabinets can be matched to any environment from the space saving AmberA135 undercounter unit to the reduced height bottom mounted Quartz Star - we have a solution for any space.

Williams upright cabinets include:

  • Crystal Bakery
  • Diamond Star
  • Garnet
  • Pearl Star
  • Quartz
  • Quartz Star
  • Ruby Star
  • Sapphire

Preparation Counters

Williams refrigerated preparation counters are essential in any kitchen environment, providing valuable low level storage with effective preparation space.

Williams refrigerated preparation counters have been designed to stand up to the rigours of day-to-day operation and are available in 1, 2 and 3 door models and with remote refrigeration systems.

Preparation counters such as the Jade and the innovative Banksia feature a unique airflow design, ensuring consistent uniform temperature across the food pans. Units can be supplied with varying pan sizes and depths to suit your individual requirements.

Williams Preparation counters include:

  • Banksia
  • Emerald BA [Blown Air]
  • Jade PC
  • Jade SC
  • Opal BA
  • Thermowell

Topaz Café Range

The Williams Topaz Cafe Refrigeration is perfectly suited to the fast-growing café market, Williams refrigerated merchandisers include Cake and Food Displays, Uprights, and Counters to suit the budget conscious.

Williams Refrigeration's Cake and Food Display cabinets also come in Heated, Ambient and Tall versions. Units feature energy efficient and long life LED lighting and adjustable shelving.

Williams Topaz Counters: 2 and 3 door quality stainless steel refrigeration counters for the budget conscious.

Topaz Milk: high quality white one glass door fridges ideal for the storage of milk in high use areas.

opaz Uprights: 2 door upright quality fridge or freezer in white finish for the budget conscious.


Williams Refrigeration’s specialised range includes:

  • Jarrah: Space saving, low height remote refrigerated counter designed specifically to accommodate chargrills and griddles
  • Mobile Banquet Carts: Refrigerated - for transporting chilled food from the kitchen to banqueting areas safely. Heated - for transporting hot food.
  • Multideck Series: Standard sized Multideck refrigerated display with retractable night blind, also available with lockable security shutters. Multidecks are also available as Slimline Multideck refrigerated display with retractable night blind and a Slimline with lockable security shutter.
  • Pastry Chillers: Williams Refrigeration's Pastry Chillers - Ideal for front of house serve-assist display of cakes and pastries
  • Ruby Roll In: Modular Chillers and Freezers that accommodate roll-in trolleys.
  • Sandwich Chiller: Designed for sandwiches, dairy, drinks and other pre-packed products, our Gem Sandwich Chillers are a popular choice that can help increase sales.
  • UBC: Space saving, low height refrigerated counter designed specifically to accommodate chargrills and griddles

The UBC (self-contained) and Jarrah (remote refrigeration) low-line refrigerated units are designed to sit under a hot char griddle.

Blast Chiller/Freezers

Williams’ Blast Chiller and Freezer (WBCF) range is designed to suit catering operations large and small, offering capacities from 10kg right up to 320kg.

The advanced ‘AirSmart’ airflow design has been developed to ensure even product chilling or freezing. It also minimises product dehydration and ensures food is maintained in the best possible condition.

Meanwhile the cabinets’ Williams Easy Blast (WEB) ‘1, 2, 3’ control panel is a simple to operate system using three easy steps to initiate the blast chill or freeze cycle: select soft chill, hard chill or freeze, select timed cycle or temperature probe-control, and push ‘start’. Soft chilling ensures that delicate foods can be cooled without damage, while denser foods are chilled safely using the more powerful ‘hard’ option. Once a cycle has been completed, all models then switch to storage mode. This holds the product at the right temperature until the operator is ready to transfer it.

The reach-in range offers a choice of five sizes from the under counter WBCF10, with a capacity of 10kg, to the WBCF50, which can chill or freeze 50kg of food and can accommodate up to 13 gastronorm pans. All models rapidly reduce the temperature of hot foods from +90°C down to +3°C in 90 minutes (blast chill) or down to -18°C in 240 minutes (blast freeze).

The Williams Blast Chiller Freezer range includes:

  • Reach In Blast Chiller Freezer
  • Roll In Blast Chiller
  • Roll In Blast Chiller Combi
  • Roll In Blast Freezer

Back Bar & General Counters

Coping with the demands of a busy venue means back bar and general refrigeration counters have to operate efficiently, to maintain temperature as product is taken out, stock replenished and doors continually opened and closed. It also has to be robust enough to survive a punishing level of wear and tear.

Williams Back Bar displays

The latest range of back bar and general coolers from Williams has been designed with these testing demands in mind. However, they are also designed to look stylish and display product to eye-catching effect.

The units are available in one to four door counters, manufactured in stainless steel or hardwearing black coated steel. Glass door units with LED lighting ensure an attractive display, while adjustable shelves enable different sized bottles and cans to be stored efficiently. Variable thermostats allow the operators to set the optimum temperature to suit the environment, customer preference and any specific requirements of the product or beverage.

Options include heated glass, solid doors and connection to a remote refrigeration unit such as Williams’ glycol system. Some models are available with sleek, curved handles in an attractive brushed finish.

Williams units can be free standing, fitted under a worktop.


Williams Refrigeration’s gastrnorm counters and refrigerated preparation stations are essential in any busy kitchen environment, providing valuable low level storage with effective preparation space.

Williams counter fridges

Williams refrigerated counters have been designed to stand up to the rigours of day-to-day operation and are available in 1,2,3 and 4 door models and with remote refrigeration systems.

Most models come complete with easily removable shelf slides which directly fit Gastronorm pans.

Williams cabinets have a variety of features, finishes and options available including:

  • • Energy Saving cool smart controller
  • • Environmentally friendly GWP low foam insulation
  • • Easy to clean coated adjustable shelving
  • • Removable shelf slides which directly fit Gastronorm pans.
  • • Non-marking, low-level swivel and brake castors for easy positioning
  • • Self closing, lockable doors with 90° dwell and magnetic gaskets

The range of counter refrigeration includes:

  • Amber: Compact one door front vented refrigerator available in solid or glass door. A one door static refrigeration freezer model is also available.
  • Emerald: Wide entry gastronorm (Gn 2/1) foodservice counter, available in one, two or three door fridge and freezer formats. Also available in remote.
  • Opal: High performance gastronorm (Gn 1/1) foodservice counter available in one, two, three and four door fridge and freezer models. Also available in remote.

Front of House Display

Williams high quality Front of House display range can be tailored to suit your footprint and applicaiton.

Williams Front of House displays

Display range includes:

  • Beverage Display: Williams Backbar combines maximum visual impact with heavy duty storage
  • Wine Display: Refrigerated wine display is essential for today’s fine dining areas.
  • Cake Display: Williams Cake Display features double layered glass with 45° cut glass to perfectly blend form and function.
  • Ice Cream Display: Increase your product display with all round visibility, and rear loading doors for ease of use.
  • Sushi: Williams Sushi Display showcase has a stylish sleek design combined with excellent cooling performance.
  • Chocolate Display: Taking inspiration from jewellery shops Williams Chocolate Display is perfect for when presentation matters.

Williams is at the forefront of new refrigeration technologies – and has been for decades. Innovation is a key factor in Williams’ success, providing the edge when it comes to manufacturing expertise and addressing industry, economic and environmental challenges.

We’ve pioneered a raft of greener technologies, ranging from energy-saving Cool Smart Controllers to refrigeration systems using eco-friendly refrigerants such as hydrocarbon and glycol.

All new products undergo extensive trials in our state of the art test centre – so when we launch innovative concepts you know they will meet your expectations and any exacting requirements. Meanwhile our ongoing development programme ensures current products are continuously improved. For example, recently the popular Boronia range has been totally redesigned.

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Our suppliers Roband Australia

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, October 12, 2015

The Australian-made range of Roband counter-line products are renowned for their outstanding quality and reliability. From cafes, restaurants, franchises and independently owned food service outlets, 5 star hotels, airlines and institutions, a Roband product is usually not far away.

Roband Australia also manufactures the Austheat range of freestanding floor fryers at their Sydney based factory, with the commercial electric deep fryers making an impression with food service vendors.

Roband Toaster Griddles Salamanders & Austheat Deep Fryers

Proudly Australian owned, Roband Australia also imports a complementary range of food service brands such as world-renowned Vita-Mix commercial blenders, Robatherm hot water units, Robalec rice cookers, warmers and soup kettles, Dipo Induction Cookers, Förje cookware, Noaw food slicers and Robinox kitchenware and tableware.

Roband® Australia is a leading supplier of food service equipment. This Australian owned company combines over five decades of engineering excellence and market experience to provide consumers with highly regarded, quality products.

Roband Grill Stations & Noaw Slicers

The product range manufactured locally by Roband Australia extends from the flagship Roband® range of countertop food service equipment and includes:

Bain Maries & Chocolate Tempering Equipment

Hold food at serving temperature with the convenience and style of a Roband counter top bain marie. With a comprehensive range of sizes and pan combinations, there is a counter top unit to suit every situation.

Roband Choc Tempering Bain Maries are designed specifically for tempering chocolate and holding chocolate at a predetermined temperature for food coating operations.

Carving Stations

Heat from above and below combines with steam from the pan, the Roband Carving Station will keep carved meats warm, illuminated and moist.

Chip Warmer

Enhance productivity and presentation by creating an area to hold, serve and display cooked chips. Heating from above and below, the Roband chip warmer maintains cooked chips at the correct serving temperature and allows the basket to be immediately returned to the fryer for the next batch. At the same time, the heat lamps serve to throw a yellow light onto the cooked chips to enhance presentation.

Deep Fryers

Countertop frying at its simplest! With all the power and efficiency of the larger models, your Roband deep fryer will provide high performance whilst freeing up valuable countertop space.


Roband Griddles are the perfect machine for precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers. The plates are thermostatically controlled to deliver fast and precise temperature. The compact G400 Griddle is perfect for small outlets or where space is at a premium, whilst the G700 Griddle is a larger, dual control machine designed for busy kitchens.

Griddle Toasters

Imagine having the flexibility to be able to prepare a wide range of foods - from steaks, eggs, bacon and hamburgers and simultaneously produce a variety of toasted food - on a single machine! The new Roband Griddle Toasters lead the market in Functionality and Performance.

Smartly designed and cleverly engineered Roband’s new range of Griddle Toasters features two separate elements which allows for the independent operation of the cooking plate and toaster.

Grill Stations

The modern, stylish Roband Grill Station is available in six or eight slice size models and sets the benchmark for commercial contact grills. The versatile unit rapidly toasts sandwiches, paninis and focaccias, in addition to producing beautifully seared and grilled tender meat, poultry and fish.

Featuring elements embedded directly into smooth, high pressure die-cast aluminium plates, the cooking surface produces an even, extremely efficient heat transfer ensuring food is cooked rapidly with even colouration. The Roband Grill Station truly is a must-have for cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops or anywhere that toasting and/or grilling is required.

Heat Lamps

The stylish and functional Roband quartz heat lamp assemblies provide a balance of heat and light to front or back of house applications. They are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium, with a number of different sizes and options available to suit various requirements.

The Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies now also feature Easy Fit globes which have a protective quartz outer layer that encapsulates the inner globe allowing for easier handling, and are easily replaceable without the need for an electrician.

Boiling Hot Plates

Portable power at its best. Whether you are on the move or simply need additional power in the kitchen, Roband boiling hot plates are the ideal solution. Totally portable, these units have the power and versatility to simmer, boil or fry in any location.

Hot Water Urns

These Robatherm Hot Water Urns feature a unique mode selector switch that allows either variable or pre-set temperature control, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

With the mode set to variable, the temperature can be controlled across a wide range via the graduated knob. Variable mode will suit those users who require warm or boiling water for their special application.

Switching the mode selector to pre-set will fix the temperature at 95 ºC, the optimal temperature for most applications involving tea and coffee. Using pre-set mode offers a fast and easy setup, achieving consistent temperatures every time. Adjustment of the knob in pre-set mode has no effect on the temperature setting of the urn - it remains constant at nominal 95 ºC. This prevents continuous boiling and excessive consumption of energy.

Hot Dog & Bun Warmers

Treat your customers to delicious, steaming hot dogs, with the Roband hot dog and bun warmer. The see through glass tank presents the hot dogs appealingly and the optional spikes heat the buns for a perfect combination.

Milkshake Mixers

Roband Milkshake Mixers are the ideal machine for making perfect thickshakes or milkshakes every time. The new Saturn Beater produces extra fluffy shakes using minimal ingredients, time after time. Merging style, power and performance these mixers are a must for cafes and fast food outlets.

Pasta Cooker

From fridge to table in moments. The Roband pasta master will return pre-prepared pasta dishes such as spaghetti, fettucini and tortellini to serving temperature quickly and efficiently. This machine can also be used for blanching vegetables.


The Robatherm Percolator, arguably best in its class, has been cleverly designed to deliver outstanding percolated coffee or tea in a simple to use fashion and with minimal parts to clean.

Whilst the taste of the finished beverage speaks for itself, it’s the elegant style, double skin construction with quality components such as a brass tap, twist lock lid and sturdy handles coupled with the simple and effective coffee/tea basket design that sets this percolator apart from the competition.

Pie Warmers & Hot Food Displays

These compact, functional units display and maintain foods at the desired serving temperature. Attractive, with full view glass, The Roband pie warmers can be placed on front or rear counters with access optional from one side or both.

Rice Cookers

Available in two sizes providing 30 or 55 cooked rice portions, the simple one touch operation of the Robalec rice cookers make them the ideal tool for rice production in busy establishments.


The \ has the capacity to cook up to ten size 18 chickens at once and is the ideal solution for small to medium sized chicken outlets. The spit type rotisserie action ensures an evenly cooked product with minimum shrinkage and weight loss.


The Roband Salamander is ideal for grilling, top toasting and finishing off ingredients such as cheese, mornays and toppings. Fast, economical and versatile, the Roband Salamander will quickly become an integral part of your busy kitchen.

Soup Kettles

Promote your soup offering appealingly in the Robalec Soup Kettle. With a large 10.8 litre capacity and power saving design, the Robalec Soup Kettle is right at home in any commercial situation.

Vertical Toasters

These Roband vertical toasters can accommodate up to five (TC55) or six (TC66) slices with a reduced slice selection switch for economy in quieter periods. They both utilise an automatic element timer for consistent results. Once cooked, the toast can remain warm in the machine before being manually ejected. Note that the units are designed for continuous use. A change in selection to the number of slices toasted will require a period for element temperatures to equalise. Uneven toasting may result during these transitional periods.

Conveyor Toasters

When it comes to serving large quantities of toasted bread, crumpets or muffins in a hurry, Roband conveyor toasters are the answer. With the capacity to toast up to 500 slices per hour*, this toaster can handle the heaviest demands. Add the convenience of the front load/front return feature and you have an unbeatable combination.

Sycloid Toasters

New product

Elegantly designed and crafted, the revolutionary Roband Sycloid® toaster sets a new standard for high speed toast production. The Sycloid's stylish exterior houses a cleverly engineered machine that provides truly functional energy efficient operation and an outstanding toasting result time after time.

Other Brands

Additionally, Roband Australia sources complementary product lines to enhance the product portfolio available to the Australian market, including world-renowned Vitamix® blenders, Noaw® food slicers and Förje® cookware and Robinox kitchenware & tableware.

Dipo Induction Cookers

Designed and manufactured in Korea, the high-quality Dipo induction machines are made to withstand the demands of busy commercial kitchens and deliver precise fast heat settings with true energy efficiency and reliability.

NOAW Slicers

A range of meat slicers for almost every occasion.

Three medium-duty, NOAW manual gravity-feed slicers are available featuring a compact one-piece anodized aluminium body and built in sharpening head and blade ring-guard. The slicer disassembles quickly without the need of tools for easy cleaning.

This series is designed for smaller shops, deli’s, cafes and restaurants with shorter runs and will slice a variety of product with ease and offer many years dependable service.

Three heavy-duty, manual-feed, belt-driven machines are available. With a large one-piece anodized aluminium base and the use of more robust components, the machines are designed for handling larger volumes. Featuring a built in sharpening head and blade ring-guard, the machines are also easy to disassemble without tools for thorough cleaning.

This series is designed for larger delis, restaurants and supermarkets and will slice all types of meat for long periods with ease and offer many years of dependable service.

Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix blenders will change the way you blend.

Drink Machine - Ideal for blending fresh fruit, liquid smoothie and coffee mixes and ice or ice cream.

Precision engineering and robust construction allows these blenders to homogenise the ingredients. The result is creamier, smoother frozen drinks with ice crystals so fine and so thoroughly blended, that they do not separate or lose their flavour. With a two-speed switch, the operation can be tailored to suit the various methods used to mix different types of drinks.

Drink Machine Advanced - Designed for blending frozen and fresh fruit, ice, powder or liquid smoothie or coffee mixes, protein mixes and hard ice cream.

The Drink Machine Advance® has a heavy-duty motor designed to deliver the power and performance required to produce perfectly smooth beverages. Dense ingredients such as frozen fruit and hard ice cream prove no challenge for the Drink Machine Advance. The 6 programs accessible with the dial switch combine the right speed and timing for easy operation and produces consistent beverages at the touch of a button.

Bar Boss Advance - For Professional Bartenders to blend alcohol, ice, frozen and fresh fruit, powder or liquid smoothie drinks as well as coffee mixes and hard ice cream.

The BarBoss® Advance®, with its super quiet operation, is perfect for the most intimate of bars. It offers six optimised programs to suit a wide range of drink mixes and incorporates an automatic shut-off so you can leave the machine unattended. The easy to use pulse control and heavy duty motor is designed for demanding bar operations and allows professional Bartenders to combine the most difficult to blend ingredients with ease and speed.

The T&G™ 2 Blending Station® is designed to consistently mix the most popular drinks, unattended, every time.

It has thirty four different mixing programs that allow you to blend almost any drink at the touch of a button. Each program combines the right speed and timing to produce perfectly blended and homogenised drinks with no icy chunks. The blender comes complete with a perspex sound-reducing cover and the body casing around the motor is specially designed to ensure that the blender runs quieter than the level of normal conversation.

A powerful, premium blender, The Quiet One® provides unparalleled sound reduction, exceptional beverage blends for a consistently superior product, and significantly improved speed of service.

Specifically created for coffee shops and high-end bars, its ideal for any front-of-the-house environment thanks to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities.

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Fun Friday 2 October

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, October 02, 2015

Our fun Friday facebook post is

Happy Birthday to Us

Fun Friday Post 

Sydney Commercial Kitchens has turned 17!

Join the fun on our facebook page


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Our suppliers International Catering Equipment

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, October 01, 2015

About ICE

ICE was founded in September 1997 as an importer and wholesale distributor of the ANVIL brand of commercial counter-top catering equipment. Our aim was to offer the market an economical and reliable alternative to what was being offered by local manufacturers and other importers. Following the growth and success of the ANVIL brand, ICE expanded the range to include other brands of equipment as well as commercial refrigeration. We now offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration including counter-top, freestanding, upright displays, upright storage as well as a range of under-bench models.

The International Catering Equipment brands

Sydney Commercial Kitchens has been selling the International Catering Equipment products since our beginning in September 1998.

Their range now also includes ORVED vacuum packing machines and bags, a full range of Hamilton Beach specialty and bar blenders, as well as equipment for the Pizza industry.

They continue to strive to offer the market value for money products, available ex stock, which we back with our one year parts and labor warranty.

ICE brands include:


The Anvil brand has now expanded into several sub brands.


The Anvil Axis range includes the original Anvil products, which are the sandwich press, bench top griddle plates, deep fryers and the stove top boiling units. Many of these original Anvil products have stood the test of time and ICE have now added a Gold Star warranty of 2 years parts and 1 year labour.

The Anvil Axis range now includes panini presses, waffle bakers, convection ovens, proving cabinets, pizza ovens, salamanders and chicken rotisseries.

The Anvil range is variously sourced from South Africa, Brazil and China.


The Anvil Alto range of products includes planetary mixers, induction cookers and warmers, a food processor and a heavy duty mincer.


The Anvil Aire range of products is mostly ICE's refrigerated range of products but also includes the hot food displays.

While other manufacturers often build their refrigerated cabinets to order ICE mostly carries stock of the entire range of products. This means that if your fridge has broken down and is unrepairable then you can replace it almost immediately.

Rheninhaus Slicers

Made in Italy

Rheninghaus Professional food slicers for every need of cut: meat, vegetable, fish, cheese, frozen food.

Our variety of professional food slicers is the most assorted and complete one. Our range of slicers includes models suitable for professional use in coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, laboratories, catering, and includes belt or gear driven versions, manual or automatic slicers,different solutions for specific products (meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, fish and frozen products), high resistance to humidity.


Italian innovation and quality.

Mecnosud create powerful machines, giving extraordinary performance and excellent results.

Mecnosud manufacture equipment for pizza, bakery and pastry businesses.


NEMCO innovates countertop foodservice equipment solutions that bring your signature menu ideas to life, maximize your operation efficiency, and boost your sales and profits!

You'll find more than 100 examples right here on this site. But if you're still looking for something else, call us. Our engineers thrive on new challenges.

Everything you need to build your brand: a myriad of quality equipment choices, bend- over-backward support, custom merchandising, trouble-free performance and responsive service; things only NEMCO can promise you.


Made in Brazil and incorporating food standards from around the world, the Skymsen Tilting Food Blender is suitable for all types of foods: soups, sauces, ice cream and juices.

Hamilton Beach

Good Thinking!

Hamilton Beach Commercial is committed to serving your business in a manner that will increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction. How do we do this?

Smart Solutions - engineer solutions that save time and enhance your customers' experience.

Reliable Technology - build products to stand the test of time, day in and day out.

Partners In Your Business - We put ourselves in your shoes, as well as your customers' shoes.

Now that's Good Thinking.


ORVED has always offered products characterized by the highest level of quality and extremely advanced and innovative technological solutions. ORVED machines are renowned for their reliability and strength; they have become recognized and established after the company’s 25 years of experience in the market worldwide.

Each ORVED machine is built in compliance with the strictest international regulations, is CE certified and the company is ISO 9001:2000 certified both for the production of packing machines and vacuum bags.

All machines come with a warranty and ORVED offers quick and professional support through its international presence and importers and distributors.

ORVED products are characterized by completely stainless steel structures as well as vacuum vessels and all other features, even the smallest screw, constructed in metal, thus ensuring the solidity of the machines.

Four rounded angles on chamber vacuum machines and easy and secure removal of welded bars guarantee simple and safe cleaning. Some models include exclusive features protected by international patents that ORVED obtains for its most important innovations. ORVED boasts a range of vacuum packaging machines and prices that can be defined as the most complete in the market sector.

Other brands

Previous posts about our suppliers include:


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Our suppliers Comcater Foodservice Equipment

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, September 22, 2015

About Comcater

For over 30 years Comcater has been providing commercial kitchen equipment solutions to most major fast food chains, restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, clubs, sporting venues and supermarkets around Australia. We also work with Government, Semi Government and Healthcare institutions in providing HACCP compliant kitchen equipment solutions.

Comcater’s team of experts include; qualified Chefs, equipment specialists, sales & marketing, qualified service technicians just to name a few. Our team of experienced staff can provide direct support to Comcater’s Dealer network as well as our customers Australia wide. Their practical experience and extensive product knowledge is used to demonstrate equipment features, identifying specific customer requirements and tailoring solutions to meet those needs. They also spend time with customers’ fine tuning systems and recipes to meet daily demands of the business.

Comcater brands

Comcater brands

With demonstration kitchens, showrooms, offices, warehousing facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland plus our 24 hour Australia wide Service Support, Comcater is one of Australia’s leading importer and distributor of commercial kitchen equipment.

Whether you are considering updating equipment or planning a new kitchen, Comcater has the network, the people, and the skills to advise you of the best equipment to suit your specific needs.

Alto Shaam

Alto-Shaam has been at the forefront of providing foodservice equipment solutions for over 50 years. Since Alto-Shaam first introduced Halo Heat® in 1968, thousands of foodservice operations throughout the world have enthusiastically welcomed this concept for both cooking and maintaining foods at optimum serving temperatures.


Loved for simplicity and ease of use.

Brema Ice Making machines are essential to making the most of your drinks offering. Being 100% electro-mechanical means no printed circuit boards, and that means better reliability. Choose Brema for unbeatable ease of use and 5 choices of stylish ice design.

Better, Best, Brema.

Brema Ice Machines


Store your food without compromising taste or safety.

Cambro are the storage company that takes HACCP compliance seriously. All products are food grade, which never rust, smell or stain, to make sure food is kept as fresh and safe as when it comes out of the oven or into the kitchen.

Its quality and claims are audited by the National Sanitation Foundation and backed by OEM warranties and insurance. With Cambro, purchase once, use for years and have peace of mind when the health inspector drops in.

Cambro: keeping your best at its best.


Consistently voted Best in Class for their innovative design, Cleveland’s range of steam cooking equipment is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding foodservice operations, ensuring minimum kitchen space for maximum output. Cleveland’s steam cooking technology uses gentle uniform cooking; the food is cooked quickly and evenly without sticking, burning or scorching. Accurate temperature controls eliminate staff costs as there is no need to stand over to monitor the cooking process.

No other steam equipment manufacturer offers as many options, models and ways to delight diners with juicy, flavourful food prepared using the power of steam. With on-going investment in high quality construction, energy efficiency, reliability and easy to use controls, Cleveland continues to be the leading designer and manufacturer of steam cooking equipment worldwide.


The Comenda warewasher that does more on less.

When you add up the costs of water, power, chemicals and breakdowns, warewashers can be a huge operating expense. At Comenda, all products from small pub glass washers to 6,000 plate per hour hospital tunnel washers, are geared to reduce water usage resulting in less chemicals and power at the end of the day; just take the AC3 series which has the world’s lowest water usage by up to 50%.

Comenda offers less impact on your wallet, and the environment without compromising the clean.


Dean offers an affordable range of gas and electric deep fryers that are reliable and perfect for medium production sites and the budget conscious operator. All fryers come complete with stainless steel fry pots for ease of cleaning. These quality fryers are manufactured by Frymaster and feature the unique Thermo Tube design which improves oil heat recovery.


World class frying reliability - nothing is faster or more powerful than a Frymaster Deep Fryer.

The premium thermostat is accurate to one degree, giving better temperature control, which leads to better oil life and reduced operating costs. Frymaster’s open pot design makes it easier to clean and maintain. And, as a specialist product from a specialist company with 80 years of frying experience, it’s comforting to know there’s nothing better out there.

Australia’s number 1 fryer for 30 years, Best in Class for the last 14 years in a row and with a fryer to suit any operator needs, you can’t go wrong with Fymaster.

Frymaster, cleaning up the way you fry.


Respected for heavy duty design and long lasting performance.

Others claim to be heavy duty but, when the heat’s on, they just don’t stand-up. And some don’t even have flame failure as standard. Its industrial grade cast-iron trivets and burners are as tough as they come, as well as are more efficient for heat radiation and transfer. So look for the Garland patented star fire burners that focus the heat in vs donut burners that let the heat out.

Garland really is the tank of the ranges world.


The conveyor oven that’s more than a pizza oven, from steaks to bakes.

The patented direct drive conveyor technology combines with a dual blast air system to cook 2-4 times faster than traditional methods. The Lincoln allows you to increase kitchen capacity, save energy, reduce staff costs and decrease bake times.

When it comes to speed, versatility and consistency the Lincoln really is king.


When dramatic style meets unmatched performance.

The Mareno range offers the perfect blend of sophisticated European design and powerful performance to provide the ultimate cooking experience. Offering total flexibility with its ergonomic design and modular dimensions, Mareno enables Chefs to obtain the maximum performance out of every product.

Available in 70 Restaurant Series and 90 Heavy Duty Series to satisfy every requirement for performance, power, function and modular design.


The combination express oven that cooks 15x faster than a traditional oven.

Combining microwave, infrared and convected air heating, the Menumaster is the answer for when a microwave can’t produce the quality you need and a convection oven is simply too slow. Unlock a quick to cook, quality menu with serious food that requires baking, toasting or just top-off heating.

Menumaster: hat-worthy express cooking.


Manufactured in Holland from the highest quality stainless steel and components, PureVac vacuum packaging machines are built with the user in mind. Simple controls, multiple functions and self-maintenance capabilities make PureVac the best choice in vacuum sealers. With the addition of PureVac to Rational and Tecnomac, Comcater now offers a total cook-chill and package solution with the best technology available.

All PureVac machines are equipped with Busch vacuum pumps which are world leaders in vacuum pump technology, plus every machine has a built-in pump conditioning program and also comes with a service kit to perform preventative maintenance.


Rational is the undisputed world #1 in combi-ovens.

Rational Self Cooking Centre

It’s a SelfCookingCenter® that’s so intelligent it monitors heat and moisture every second to deliver the perfect result guaranteed. It’s smart enough to cook up to 10 different dishes at once and even cleans itself. It’s flexibility meets efficiency - steam, bake and roast all in one cooking technology.

Rational: buy one to cook it all.


Tecnomac - Puts the "chill" in cook-chill.

For optimum food safety and integrity the Tecnomac chills and freezes rapidly. Up to 99 user defined programs allows for tailored chilling and freezing to suit any food or usage combination. Automated HACCP downloads by USB are just another example of Tecnomacs forward thinking and ease of use. Backed with a market leading warranty, it’s a smart choice for the smarter kitchen.

Tecnomac: the best way to stay chilled.


Designed with Australian commercial kitchens in mind, Trueheat’s all-purpose gas cooking equipment features quality stainless steel construction and a modular design to offer total flexibility. Presenting mix-n-match range top with burner or grill combinations plus the convenience of matching fryer and salamander, Trueheat equipment is versatile enough for any commercial cooking needs.

Featuring powerful 24mj open burners for consistent heat transfer, cast iron Euro look ’matt’ finish trivets for lasting durability, plus flame failure cut-off devices as standard across the range - Trueheat combines power, performance and safety.


For over 70 years, Vitamix has been the choice in blending equipment for kitchens worldwide. American made quality, Vitamix is a global leader offering the most advanced container and blade technology with a comprehensive range of food and beverage blending solutions suitable for all foodservice operations.

From chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées and smoothies, Vitamix products are designed to reduce prep-time, improve efficiency and expand menu offerings.

Built to last and incorporating heavy duty motors, Vitamix blenders are capable of cutting through any combination of ingredients swiftly and effortlessly. The range is also backed by a 3 years parts and 1 year labour warranty - proving Vitamix is the clear choice for commercial blending use.

Other brands

  • Frima
  • GreaseShield
  • Hupfer
  • Roundup
  • Truewash

Previous posts about our suppliers include:


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