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Skope Cashback Offer

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Skope Cashback Bonus promotional offer runs from 2 March 2015 to 29 May 2015

Skope Cashback Offer

Total MAXIMUM $2,000 CASHBACK BONUS (GST Inclusive)

  • Buy 3 eligible SKOPE units and receive $300
  • Buy 4 eligible SKOPE units and receive $600
  • Buy 5 eligible SKOPE units and receive $1,000
  • Buy 6 eligible SKOPE units and receive $1,200
  • Buy 7 eligible SKOPE units and receive $1,400
  • Buy 8 eligible SKOPE units and receive $1,600
  • Buy 9 eligible SKOPE units and receive $1,800
  • Buy 10 eligible SKOPE units and receive $2,000

1. Promotion Description

a. When 3 or more *eligible SKOPE models are purchased, invoiced and paid for at one time from a participating authorised SKOPE dealer, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria below and correctly lodging a claim form, you will receive a cashback payment in the amount set out in the table below.

b. The cashback payment values are as follows ("Cashback Bonus"):

Number of eligible
SKOPE models
Cashback Bonus
per Eligible Model
Total customer
Cashback Bonus
(GST Inclusive)
3 $100 $300
4 $150 $600
5 $200 $1,000
6 $200 $1,200
7 $200 $1,400
8 $200 $1,600
9 $200 $1,800
10 $200 $2,000

c. The maximum amount of Cashback Bonus payable per customer is $2,000.

d. The Cashback Bonus promotional offer runs from 2 March 2015 to 29 May 2015 ("Promotional Period").

e. The promoter is SKOPE Industries Limited ("SKOPE"), PO Box 1091, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand, 0800 947 5673.

2. Eligible Models

a. *Eligible SKOPE models ("Eligible Models") are:

B Series

  • B550
  • B900
  • B1350

Backbar Series

  • BB380
  • BB580
  • BB780

Counterline Series

  • CC300
  • CC500
  • CC700
  • CL400
  • CL600
  • CL800

Pegasus 1/1 Series

  • PG100HC-2
  • PG100HF-2
  • PG250HC-2
  • PG250HF-2
  • PG400HC-2
  • PG400HF-2
  • PG550HC-2

Pegasus 2/1 Series

  • PG200HC
  • PG200HF
  • PG500HC
  • PG500HF
  • PG800HC

Pegasus Uprights

  • PG600VC
  • PG600VF
  • PG1300VC
  • PG1300VF

SK-3 Series

  • SK500-3
  • SK650-3
  • SK1000-3

SK-2 Series

  • SK650
  • SK1000
  • SK1300
  • SK1500

VF Vertical Freezer

  • VF650
  • VF1000
  • VF1300
  • VF1500

b. The Cashback Bonus offer applies only to standard model specifications for Eligible Models. Where any Eligible Model is ordered with a variation or modification of any kind (including remotes and pecification options), it will only qualify towards a Cashback Bonus if expressly agreed to in writing by SKOPE (at SKOPE's sole discretion).

c. To qualify for a Cashback Bonus, the Eligible Models must be:

i. purchased and invoiced together in a single transaction;
ii. purchased from an authorised SKOPE dealer who is participating in this Cashback Bonus offer. Any purchase of SKOPE product from a non-authorised retailer or dealer will not be eligible for the Cashback Bonus offer. It is the responsibility of the participant to check with the retailer or dealer whether they are participating in this Cashback Bonus offer; and
iii. delivered and paid for in full prior to submitting a Cashback claim form

Complete the Cashback Form

Read the full Skope Cashback Terms and Conditions

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Arneg Oscartielle Vertical Reach In Displays

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, March 16, 2015


Refrigerated wall cabinet, designed for the display of packaged fresh food. Thanks to years of experience in this product sector, Arneg and Oscartielle realized a "plug-in" wall cabinet just 35cm above the floor with the possibility of adding a 5th shelf.

The result is a handsome looking cabinet with a high display volume. The Argus cabinet can be multiplexed and has panoramic end walls as standard equipment. It can be supplied with incorporated or remote compressor unit.

Arneg Argus Displays


Multi-deck case with fan assisted refrigeration system designed for the display of packaged fresh products such as deli meats, dairy products, meat, vegetables, prepared dishes and beverages. Thanks to its compact size and the availability of four different lengths and two heights, GENIUS can be installed in outlets of any size without difficulty. The scaled and tiltable shelves maximize product exposure ensuring the maximum visibility.

The main feature of the Genius Open Deck cabinet is its versatility, expressed in the different versions in which it can be supplied. To accentuate the promotional character, the decorative trimming on front and side panels can be customized.

Arneg Genius Displays


Refrigerated wall cabinet, designed for the display of packaged fresh foods. Thanks to years of experience in this product sector, Oscartielle realized a "plug-in" wall cabinet just 35 cm above the floor.

The result is a handsome looking cabinet with a high display volume. The Phoenix Semi Vertical Display cabinet can be multiplexed and has panoramic end walls as standard equipment. It can be supplied with incorporated or remote compressor unit.

All models are equipped with sliding doors in low-emissivity glass. This allows a positive saving of energy costs and the consequent reduction of operating costs and environmental impact.

Arneg Phoenix Displays


Showcase with ventilated or static refrigeration, expressly designed for the display and sale of fresh products in small to medium sized shops.

Zara presents an aesthetic "old-style" looking, with straight glasses. The particular design satisfies the demand of the architects and the designers of the commercial areas which need very marked looking of the cabinet.

A further personalisation of the cabinet can be realised by integrating it in the existing structures studied by the architects to give a unique looking to the shop.

Arneg Zara Displays

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Coffee Shop Industry Still Growing

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, March 09, 2015

While some parts of the world are still playing catch up, Australia is miles ahead in the quality coffee stakes!

We can thank our European counterparts for their influence on our nation’s coffee culture.

$10k coffee setup your today for approx 5 cups of coffee per day

Australians’ penchant for quality has filtered (pardon the pun) down to the coffee we drink. According to Roy Morgan research, Aussies are showing no signs of kicking caffeine to the curb, with the average coffee drinker consuming a whopping 478.4 cups a year! Backed by our industry’s love of quality coffee, this industry segment was better supported during the GFC. This is because coffee is perceived as an affordable luxury, which means that even when times are tough and consumers have less discretionary income to spend, they’re still highly likely to keep buying it.

Two-hatted Sydney chef, Giovanni Pilu was once quoted as saying: "There is nothing worse than bad coffee. If you finish a sensational meal with bad coffee, what do you remember? The bad coffee. Life is too short for bad coffee." And as a society of self-proclaimed coffee snobs, we can relate.

Coffee Shops in Australia are still in a growing industry

This industry segment is still in its growth phase, however with a low level of capital required for set up, and minimal barriers for entry, competition is intense between market players – and there are a lot of them! With this in mind, it’s more critical than ever to keep your customers front of mind and understand what they want.

Intense competition also tends to drive prices down as operators compete for customers, forcing business owners to focus on other areas to increase their profit margins. Typically, most operators focus on reducing wastage and staff wages (trending towards casual work arrangements), and increasing operating efficiency by replacing faulty, old or outdated equipment.

Testimonial for Silver Chef

Using a funding option that specialises in flexibility at its core, such as Silver Chef, allows operators to protect cash flow and keep capital in their name.

Article source: Silver Chef, and the Hospitality Industry Success Index Report 2015.

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Convotherm4 Mini Combi Oven with easyTouch

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The world of mini

The mini series gives you the ability to install a professional combi-steamer oven in a confined space – with minimal energy consumption and maximum performance. With a width of only 51.5cm, it fits into any commercial kitchen.

The Space Saver

Minimum space, maximum performance – that’s the ethos behind the Convotherm Mini range, a series designed to deliver incredible functionality while occupying an extremely compact footprint.

Convotherm4 Mini Combi

Now all mini range Convotherm combi oven’s come with an easyTouch control panel, three cooking programs (convection, super-heated steam and steam) and a Press&Go seal on the oven chamber door!

Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi-steamer oven knows how our pioneering catering equipment inspire better food preparation. "Your meal. Our mission." is our philosophy born out of our passion and commitment to provide the best combi-steamer oven solution that answer the varied needs of our customers.

The new Convotherm 4 range of combi-steamer ovens brings style into the professional commercial kitchen. From first glance, this oven combines world-class technology with user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design. All models share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the often hectic daily life of food service.

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Convotherm4 easyDial Combi Oven

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, March 02, 2015

Convotherm4 - designed around you

The new Convotherm4 combi oven design is ideal for "front-of-house cooking". Developed in strict adherence to the principle of "form follows function", clear aesthetics are combined with a new dimension in intuitive operation and straight forward servicing.

easyDial - a new standard in operation

EasyDial is the new standard in manual operation. Thanks to the clever design of the easyDial controls you can quickly configure your own cooking profiles.

Convotherm4 easyDial

Anyone whohas ever worked with a Convotherm4 combi-steamer oven knows how our pioneering catering equipment inspire better food preparation. "Your meal. Our mission." is our philosophy born out of our passion and commitment to provide the best combi-steamer oven solution that answer the varied needs of our customers.

The new Convotherm4 range of combi-steamer ovens brings style into the professional commercial kitchen. From first glance, this oven combines world-class technology with user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design. All models share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the often hectic daily life of food service.

Our new combi-steamer ovens include 7 sizes of ovens, each with six different model options. The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this product category.

Redefined: Clear design meets functionality

The new standard in flexible, reliable cleaning

ConvoClean+ and ConvoClean have been developed to deliver maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. And strictly fully-automatic cleaning means you avoid any contact with chemicals. With a new range of operating functions and a single-measure dispensing option, these cleaning systems can satisfy absolutely every user profile.

Commercial kitchen equipment cooking results in focus

The legend lives on! The Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) offers perfection in the 3rd generation. It delivers the ultimate in even cooking, with results always optimised to your requirements.

Convotherm4 – the user interface

Because we listen to you, the customer, the Convotherm4 4 range has been developed around your needs in the everyday busy commercial kitchen. The two control-panel designs – easyTouch and easyDial – give you the degree of control you need: from full automation to maximum customisation. The aim of both is to deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design.

For creative chefs! Convotherm4 easyDial sets new standards in manual operation: all settings and extra functions can be selected and adjusted in one operating level and are visible at all times.

EasyDial is the new standard in manual operation. Thanks to the clever design of the easyDial controls you can quickly configure your own cooking profiles. All the functions are available in one level. You can see everything at a glance at all times – even from a distance – on the large brightly-lit digital display with the central Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) controls.

The TriColor indicator ring indicates the current operating status:
yellow for "in preparation",
red for "in progress",
green for "ready".

ACS+ including perfectly harmonised extra functions:

 Crisp&Tasty– 5 moisture removal settings
 BakePro– 5 levels of traditional baking
 HumidityPro– 5 humidity settings
 Controllable fan – 5 speed settings
 ConvoClean: the fully automated cleaning system with regular mode, with optional single-measure dispensing
 easyDial regenerating function: regenerate products to their peak level
 99 cooking profiles
 C-Dial and TriColor: our new operating philosophy

All Convotherm4 appliances come with optimum features as standard

 Ground-breaking combi oven design, also ideal for front-of-house cooking
 ACS+: perfection in the third generation
 Space-saving footprint for a perfect fit in any kitchen, however small
 Doors with sure-shut function (table-top appliances only)
 HygienicCare: antibacterial surfaces in operating areas, door handles and recoil hand shower, the new concept that promotes food safety
 USB port integrated in the control panel
 The"made-in-Germany" seal of quality: our own demanding standard

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Hospitality Industry Tradeshows

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, February 23, 2015

Everyone loves a good tradeshow. Whether you are a customer, a supplier or a manufacturer/importer they are often the high point of the calendar year.

hospitality industry tradeshows

Now you can find out where your nearest or perhaps the biggest tradeshows are located from the one place.

This years hospitality industry tradeshows.

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Menumaster JETWAVE accelerated combination ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Menumaster is a global leader and trusted name in commercial microwave ovens manufactured to the highest specifications. Offering a comprehensive range of commercial ovens including accelerated microwaves, convection and infra-red ovens that delivers speed with precise and even heat distribution. Menumaster products also offer strength and durability for year of dependable use - making it the oven of choice for food service outlets Australia wide.

Accelerated cooking combination ovens deliver on a variety of levels. They are more compact and more efficient than using a separate microwave and convection oven. They not only give you quicker cook times, they are designed for ideal browning, toasting and crisping, resulting in better food quality.

Jetmaster accelerated cooking made easy

High Speed Combination | Jetwave™ Ovens

2 models JET514 & JET5192


The Menumaster JETWAVE JET514 accelerated cooking microwave & convection evenly and consistently bakes, browns and toasts food up to four times faster than traditional methods.

The Menumaster JETWAVE JET5192 accelerated cooking microwave & convection evenly and consistently bakes, browns and toasts food up to four times faster than traditional methods.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

 Bakes 4 times faster than a conventional oven
Increased speed of service
Increased sales and profit

 100 programmable menu items, 4 stage cooking and 11 microwave power levels
Provides easy "one-touch" cooking
Flexible high speed baking reduces training time, saves energy and provides consistent results

 EZCard Menu Management System
Updates menu programs in seconds
Eliminates programming mistakes for multiple locations

 Uses metal cookware
No special cookware needed
No added expense

 On demand cooking
Prepare food only when needed
Eliminate food waste

 Compact footprint
Accepts a 309 mm (12") pizza
Ideal for kitchens with minimal space and cafe setting

 90° plus door opening with coated steel hinge
Safe and efficient in busy kitchens
Easy oven access and avoid spills

 Flexible cooking platform
Use any combination of microwave or convection
Easily offers a variety of menu items

 Front removable, cleanable air filter with reminder
Easy to maintain and clean
Extends oven life

Combines two cooking energies


  1400 W
  Heats quickly, shortens cooking time


  2700 W
 65°-250°C temperature range
  Enhanced toasting and browning

Ideal Applications:

  Country clubs
  Convenience stores
  Pubs and wine bars

High Speed Combination | MXP522 Oven

A powerful combination oven that uses forced convection, microwave and infra-red radiant technology to provide super speed cooking and heating. Cooks up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven so you can turn tables faster, increase output and maximises sales and profits.


Stores up to 360 programmable menu items to provide an extensive menu option and easy to use 'One-touch' cooking provides ensure consistent result, every time.

The MXP522 also saves you money as it eliminates need for costly ventilation hood and uses less energy than conventional ovens.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

 Cooks 15 times faster than a conventional oven
Turn tables faster, increase throughput
Maximizes sales and profits

 Ventless installation
No costly hood
Economical installation, no increased HVAC

  Up to 360 programmable menu items
3 menu levels
Expansive menu options
Expand and vary menu offerings for increased sales

 NEW! USB Port
Compatible with standard USB flash drives
Perfect programming solution for multiple locations

 Uses metal cookware
No special cookware needed
No added expense

 On demand cooking
Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture
Cook food when it’s ordered

 Compact exterior, large interior
Uses less counter space than competitive ovens, accepts a 356mm (14") pizza
Improve kitchen flow and increase output

 Door uniquely opens below rack
Provides full access to the cavity
Easier and safer to load

 Flexible cooking platform
Use any combination of microwave, convection or infra-red radiant heat
Cooks a variety of menu items effortlessly

  Two cleanable air filters with a "clean filter" reminder
Removes easily and cleans in sink or dishmachine
Promotes proper oven operation
*Catalytic convertor filters grease and odors from the air. This product conforms to the Ventless Operation

Combines three cooking energies

Forced convection

  2000 W
  95°-270°C temperature range cooks a variety of items
  Better toasting and browning


  2200 W
  Fast heating, reduces cooking time
  Dual feed heats foods evenly

Infra-red radiant

  3000 W   Enhances toasting, browning and crisping

Cooking Times

  Skewered shrimp cook in 1:10
  Frozen 356 mm (14" ) pizza bakes in 2:30

Ideal Applications:

 Convenience stores
 Quick service restaurants
 Hotel room service

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Garland Master Series Heavy Duty Equipment

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Master The Art of Cooking

Create a custom workflow that fits your space, and your menu

Chefs around the world are already familiar with the performance, flexibility, and enduring prestige that comes with Garland’s Master Series.

Garland Master Series Heavy Duty

Featuring a full compliment of range-top and range-base configurations, along with fryers, broilers, and more, the Master Series modular approach combines the convenience of custom kitchen design with proven, premium-quality components to deliver world-class functionality.

The Master-equipped kitchen is a cooking environment where efficiency and safety are optimized without compromising freedom of culinary expression. That freedom is what transforms food into art. With Garland, you’ll Master the Art of Cooking.


Master Series simply meets or beats your needs and expectations. Any time. Every time.


The control to boil, saute, simmer, fry, roast, bake, or broil with predicatable results for satisfying dining.


Searing heat when technique demands it, and high-output speed when great service is important.


Day in and day out, your staff will have the tools they need to serve up top-quality dishes without guesswork.


Master’s modular design allows you to put the right operation in the right place for optimized workflow.


With uncompromised durability in design and components, Master is always ready when the rush is on.


One construction-matched line of products that does it all. Convenient planning. Convenient operation.


Thoughtful, ergonomic design and stay-cool touch points minimize mishaps and fatique.


Lasting good looks with smooth surfaces and clean lines become the basis of your state-of-the-art kitchen.

Garland Master Series Heavy Duty

1 Spectro-heat Tops

Spectro-heat tops help you target heat for greater control from rapid boil to simmer. Four stock pots can be accommodated at one time and can be maneuvered easily on the flat, even surface.

2 FDO Control and Piezo Spark Ignition

The FDO control allows you to achieve a consistent 150º holding temperature and a lowroasting capability at the turn of a dial. For easy start-ups, a piezo spark ignition system comes standard on all Master Series ovens.

3 Continuous Plate Rail

The deepest in the industry, the 7 1/2" continuous plate rail (up to 102" in length) has been engineered to provide a smooth, level work surface for even plating and less spillage when removing product from heat.

4 Two-piece Lift-off Sunfire Burners

Two-piece 35K (10.2 kW) lift-off Starfire burners are among the most powerful available. More heat means better technique and greater speed during high-demand periods.

5 Durable Tubular High Shelves

Tubular high shelves are contemporary in design and extremely strong and durable. Unlike closed-style shelves, they allow grease-laden vapors to escape, making cleaning easy.

6 Easy Cleaning Underneath

On multiple banked systems we’ve removed the double legs and casters between units for easier floor cleaning.

7 Cast-iron Oven Burner

A cast-iron oven burner at 40K BTUs (11.7kW) delivers powerful heat and lasts longer than traditional steel burners for increased performance and long-term reliability. Garland range-base ovens feature a natural, no-fan convection pattern for even browning.

8 Fryers

Garland fryers feature an infra-red "jet" burner and stainless steel pot warranted for life. The centerline thermostat is accurate within 1° F.

9 Quick and Safe Wipe-down

With a minimum of exposed fasteners, (many pieces have none!), the entire series is designed for safe and easy wipe-down.

10 Maximum Flexibility

Adapt your design to the available space easily using available 12" wide and/or 17" wide "attachment" models. 12" models available with (2) 24k open burners, griddle, or equa-therm hot top. 17" models available with (2) 35k open burners, griddle, equa-therm hot top, spectroheat hot top, or char-broiler. Non-cooking "spreaders" are also available in different standard and custom sizes.

11 Grooved Griddle Option

For appetizing branding of grilled meats, fish, and vegetables..

12 Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomically designed control knobs are always "cool to the touch" and are recessed under the front rail, keeping them cool to the touch and out of way for protection against inadvertent mis-setting and bump-damage.

13 Charbroilers

Charbroilers generate up to 90,000 BTUs of cooking power and are ideally suited for both production line and à la carte cooking.

14 Storage

Full-width cabinet with left-and-right-swing stainless steel doors gives you a large, convenient storage area.

15 Safe Handles

Broiling rack salamander and warming oven control handles are easy to grab and located in the "cool zone" for added operator safety.

16 Clean-line Oven Door Handles

Clean-line handles have been engineered to dissipate heat. They also feature solid ends for easier cleaning.

17 Quick Access

Hinged lower panel gives you quick access to internal components without tools.

Master Series Ranges

High-Performance features that set the standard for heavy-duty cooking machines

At the heart of every Master Series Range is the Starfire Burner

The unique Garland Starfire burner is the standard by which other burners are measured, and it outperforms higher rated ring burners in precision, productivity, and fuel efficiency.

Its innovative design produces the most effective heat impingement pattern in the industry. This means less energy is used to transfer more heat.

Master Series Broilers

The Essence of Broiling

For the quality a great steak or chop deserves with a consistently produced juicy, succulent flavour, texture and appearance, only infra-red broiling is good enough.

Invisible, infra-red rays create super heated energy that quickly sears the outside of the meat, sealing in natural juices, and leaving the interior at just the perfect degree of doneness.

But as new age menus evolve, the essence of delicious broiled food has grown to include poultry, seafood, and even vegetables, and requires flexibility and control.

Powerful performance for high volume kitchens

Master Series charbroilers and salamanders have been designed for quick and efficient cooking operations suited for both production line and à la carte broiling.

Flexibility has been built in from the optional mounts, to the grill, to the fully adjustable grates that enable you to broil a wider variety of foods than ever before.

Reliable flexibility

 Overfired broilers deliver potent heat and are offered with your choice of infrared or ceramic heating systems.

 For added convenience and flexibility, salamanders come with dual controls, located out of the "hot zone."

 Salamanders are available for range mount, wall mount or with an optional leg kit for countertop operation.

 A full selection of cheesemelters is also available.

 Choose between the optional diamond pattern for cooking delicate products or half round broad brand for other products.

Efficient convenience

 Finishing ovens are efficiently housed over burners to capture the lost heat.

 Standard durable stainless steel front with double-access doors for convenient access. Large chrome-plated, spring-loaded grids make loading and cleaning simple.

High-performance Infra-Red Broilers

Infra-red broilers heat instantly (broiling within 2 minutes), and burn very efficiently. When compared to conventional broilers, studies show that fuel costs are reduced by up to 50%.

Master Series Fryers

Quality, consistent results time and time again

High performance fryers with instant temperature recovery provides your customers with less greasy, better-tasting products. The Master Series fryers are designed for high-volume use and quickly drive off water and steam to give fried foods a desired texture and enhanced appearance. Better-tasting, consistent results and increased shortening life are the Master Series advantages.

Precision results

 The centerline thermostat is located in the center of the cooking area and monitors oil temperature in precise 1 degree increments.

 Multiple burner orifices with ceramic targets produce even heat, and Garland offers a life-time warranty on the fryer tank.

Extended life

 Deep "cold zones" allow breathing and small food particles to settle without continuing to fry which extends shortening life.

 Open vat design is easy to clean, and a clean vat reduces flavour transfer from food to food and extends oil life.

We’ve Mastered Convenience and Safety So that all you have to do is cook.

Easy to clean

 Stays cleaner, longer – Tubular high shelves allow heat and grease-laden vapours to escape.

 Safe wipe-downs – Smooth, finished surfaces are free from welds, screwheads, and fasteners, for fast and safe wipe-downs after use.

 Easy cleaning between units – We’ve also eliminated double legs between units so it’s more convenient to clean.

Observed Creativity

 Plating made easier – The 7 1/2"-deep plate rail provides a smooth, level, and seam-free working area and efficient use of valuable prep time.

 Clean, contemporary visual lines – The design of the recessed knobs and controls compliments any kitchen while also providing easy access and reducing the risk of accidental damage.

 Various range-top configurations – By increasing flexibility, you can now choose to sauté on the front and use the back for bain-marie or simmering.

 Effective use of available space – All Master Series components can be used in single, multi-unit, and full battery configurations in sizes down to 12", to help you make the most of available kitchen space.

Considered Safety

 International safety ratings – The Master Series is a world-class cooking system that meets international safety ratings with optional Sentry safety protection for all open burners.

 Monitored and controlled – Hi/Low valves monitor and control the lowest heat setting, preventing burners from going out under griddles.

 "Cool to the touch" – All handles have this feature and salamander controls are located out of the "hot zone," making the Master Series safer for you to use.

 Easy-to-grab door handles – Handles are finished with solid ends to reduce the chance of slippage from debris buildup.

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Garland Restaurant Series

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today, Chefs around the world are familiar with the performance, flexibility and enduring prestige that comes with Garland’s range of commercial cooking equipment.

With extra heavy duty, heavy duty and electric options, you can count on Garland to deliver a solution for any food service business.


Garland Restaurant Series

Perfect choice for all purpose cooking!

The state-of-the-art Garland Heavy Duty Restaurant Series is a commercial range that has been engineered for unmatched performance and durability.

Garland’s exclusive cast-iron Starfire Pro® burners combine speed with precision with even heat distribution to improve efficiency and control. All of the burners in the range are made of cast-iron for better heat retention and lasting durability.


 Available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm widths
 Flame failure protection (all burners), spark ignition on all concealed burners (open top burners manual ignition)
 Large 692mm deep work top surface
 Stainless steel front and sides, stainless steel 127mm plate rail
 Stainless steel low profile backguard, 300mm section stamped driptrays with dimpled bottom
 152mm adjustable stainless steel legs
 15mm thick machine polished steel grill or hot top option standard to right hand side, can be specified to left hand side
 27.4MJ 2 piece cast iron Starfire Pro® open top Burners
 Cast iron “H” oven burner - 33MJ for space saver oven & 40MJ for standard oven
 Space saver oven: 508W x 660D x 330H(mm)
 Standard oven: 667W x 660D x 330H(mm)


At 692mm deep, the Heavy Duty Restaurant Range has the largest usable cooking surface in the industry.

The new grate design allows pots to slide easily across the surface from burner to burner. Fits six by 300mm pots easily.


Garland’s exclusive two piece 27.4MJ Starfire Pro® Burner combines concentrated power with precise even heat for improved efficiency and heat control.


The fully porcelain interior, ribbed door and hearth and a 40MJ cast iron "H" Burner combine to generate and distribute heat faster and more evenly.


Garland’s chef oven is so large it holds standard full size sheet pans in either direction.

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Hatco Decorative Heat Lamps

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, January 22, 2015

Decorative Heat Lamps

Hatco Decorative Lamps are versatile enough for any location, from pick-up station to buffet lines, the range of lights are available with a selection of personalizing choices ...

Hatco Decorative Lamps

Now you can have the two-fold benefits of foodwarming and attractive presentation with Hatco Decorative Lamps.

Versatile enough for any location, from pick-up station to buffet lines, the range of lights are available with a selection of personalizing choices – shade styles, colors, switch locations and mounting arrangements.

There’s no need to choose between aesthetics and function when it comes to equipping your location with Hatco Decorative Lamps.

These trendy display lights are designed to serve you two different ways: To hold food warm in serving areas, or to stylishly complement your décor in lighting applications.

One cost-effective product, two flexible functions. The choice is yours.

Infrared Food Warmers

Hatco Glo-Ray® Infrared Foodwarmers safely keep all hot foods at optimum serving temperatures longer.

Foods do not dry out or become discolored; even the most delicate dishes hold that "just-prepared" look.

The Glo-Ray pre-focused heat pattern directs heat from a tubular element to bathe the entire holding surface.

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