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Silverchef celebrates 30 years

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Silverchef are celebrating their 30th Birthday with a bang!

Silverchef celebrates 30 years

They have permanently reduced the upfront costs, making the most flexible funding solution in the hospitality industry more accessible to customers than ever before.

If you are funding equipment for a business that you have owned for over two years, you can now enjoy zero upfront costs.

For all other applicants, they have removed the application fee and more than halved the security bond from 13 weeks to just 6!

Find out more about Silverchef


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Happy New Year 2016

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, January 01, 2016

A happy & prosperous New Year to all our customers and suppliers.

Happy New Year


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Celebrate 2016

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, December 31, 2015

SCK hopes you all enjoy your celebrations tonight.

Stay safe and see you next year!



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Santa Claus is coming to town 2015

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa is coming to town


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Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, December 21, 2015


Competition is integral to the business of food and beverages.

Hospitality has, and always will be, a fast-moving race of winning over your customers, constantly seeking innovation, and maintaining your reputation as one of the best - if not the best - in your field.

But, as with any industry, there are benefits to knowing who your competition are. Who shares your market? How do your costs compare? Is your business in a highly condensed area?

With the demand for take-away food and restaurant dining on the climb, the Australian food and drink landscape is looking to become more competitive than ever - are you prepared?



A large proportion of those in the hospitality industry are old hands at the game (trading for longer than four years). Yet despite the somewhat congested market, our findings show that new players on the scene (1 in 4 cafes and 1 in 5 restaurants) are confident of their future success, entering with eyes wide open.


The general attitude is one of awareness, but not concern - 69% of cafés/coffee shops, and 65% of take-away outlets are not concerned with nearby competitors. Cool, calm, and collected - that’s what we like to see.


Large clusters of restaurants are a great convenience to the consumer, but a concern to restaurant owners trying to mark their territory. 41% of restaurants surveyed felt the pinch, saying they felt there are too many competitors within close proximity.


Although competition in the industry is fierce, 1 in 5 operators (20%) say it doesn’t matter because they have a niche product. The lesson here? Make sure your product is unique and high quality, and always be informed of what your competition are doing.


Restaurants have traditionally owned the food market, but with the rise of high-quality, healthy take-away food available, we asked: are they scared of losing their relevance? Not so. 67% of restaurant owners say they aren’t concerned about the competition from nearby cafes, pubs and other venues selling meals




Gain an edge over your competition by creating a fuss-free and modern environment for your customer with the latest in consumer technology.

These include:

• Online booking systems

• Contactless EFTPOS systems, such as Paypass or Paywave

• Electronic ordering, like iPads, or touch screens

• Automated marketing via email to your loyalty database


Now, more than ever, new pathways have been opened up between yourself and your consumer. Use these to get up to- date responses, and create direct conversations. You can use the variety of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; or EDM (electronically distributed mail) to communicate new offers, news, surveys, answer product queries, or other important information.


Did you know 85% of Australians use a Smartphone?

And 92% of all households have Internet access.3 The demographic is shifting to an online forum - make sure you’re catering for their needs.

Food preferences are changing quickly, too. The sprawling Baby Boomer population is getting older, and investing in healthy food options. In turn, the growing Gen Y demographic provide more diverse food requirements than previous generations, with a rising demand for vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, and allergy-specific options.

Your new audience is better educated than ever before on health and smart food options. Fast food will always have its place in Australian food culture, but ensuring you provide a diverse and interesting menu will ensure you remain relevant and popular.


With a slick and modern kitchen, you will be able to increase both the quantity and quality of food being produced. Don’t be left behind as your competition moves ahead - make sure your kitchen is performing at the best rate it can.



Having a great kitchen is nothing without a solid team working in it. But finding reliable, long term staff in the hospitality industry can be difficult. To build a great team, make sure you:

• Take your time to select the right staff: look for enthusiastic, committed, and passionate people who are honest and experienced in their field.

• Correctly handle onboarding staff, training, complaints, holidays, and outgoing staff.

• Take your time: food is only part of the picture when it comes to a successful restaurant, cafe, or take-away shop – great service is crucial too. So take your time in the interview process to make sure you’re choosing someone who fits your work culture.

• Find out their skills: people often have more to offer than meets the eye. Maybe your new waiter also happens to be a talent in online coding to help you with your website. Ask the right questions, and you can build a multi-disciplinary team.



It comes as no surprise that the sentiment of optimism and excitement in new hospitality business is clustered in our nation’s urban centres.

In the city, a huge 92% of publicans are feeling very confident for their futures, with A-grade investments in equipment, menus, marketing, and decor raising both volume and spending from their consumers. In comparison, with only 69% of regional pubs feeling confident about the future, is Australia’s famous pub culture being replaced with its modern successor, the urban gastro-pub?

Hospitality in rural Australia is suffering, with their dwindling consumers opting for multinational fast-food take away like McDonald’s, and ageing owners resistant to investing in the updates they need to ensure their future.


As the old saying goes - a business owner must always make time to work ON their business, not IN their business. Branching out into new technology or online platforms is a pie-in-the-sky dream unless you dedicate time to the cause.

Get your online profile started by:

1. Making sure your website is up-to-date so customers can find you easily online

2. Setting up social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

3. Making sure your business is on business directory listings like Zomato

If you don’t have these skills personally, seek out help from online consultants, or engage your staff - who knows what skills they can offer!


As with any retail business, you must spend money, to make money.

In order to raise your prices for consumers (and therefore increasing your revenue) you must first work to significantly increase your value perception. Consumers in the current industry climate are prepared to spend big on take-away or eat-in food - but first you must convince them of its worth.

Here are our top tips to increasing your value perception.



Positive testaments of your product will be the best sale point possible. Advertise positive customer feedback at every touchpoint possible - on your website, on your menu, even on your shopfront.


Preaching value is only powerful when backed with confidence. Make sure you make firm and assertive statements regarding the quality of your food and service - it will create an environment of trust for your consumer.


Satisfy growing consumer curiosity about their meal by creating a narrative around the produce or product - is your salad using ‘farm fresh’ ingredients? Why did you choose that brand of coffee? Tell a story, and connect the consumer to their meal.

Start with this: what is it that makes your restaurant or cafe different to everyone else? Is there a story behind your name? Is your family from the Mediterranean and you have incorporated traditional elements into your venue as a homage to your heritage? It will make a huge difference in a congested and highly competitive market.


Food advertising has long been considered an art: using just a few choice words, you can convince your viewer to choose you over the competition. Creative copy is everywhere, so pay attention to the language you are using, on everything from your menu descriptions to your window advertising.


They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach - well, the way to someone’s stomach is through their eyes! Invest in high-quality photography of your dishes, interior, kitchen, and ingredients. A picture does indeed, after all, tell a thousand words.


A simple fact dropped by your staff to a customer at the point of sale, or whilst ordering, can shift food choices or brand awareness significantly. For example, requesting that your staff strive to make your consumers aware that you’ve actually switched to a premium ingredient, is a great way to upsell a product and increase your value perception.


There’s something special about country cafes. With the unique personality and home-made freshness that only a small business can provide, The Red Velvet Lounge welcomes you from first sight.

Nestled into the lush countryside of Cygnet, around 55 km from Hobart, The Red Velvet Lounge sits snugly between the picturesque mountain ranges and quiet streets of the small town. Famous for its cakes, biscuits, and sourdough bread, The Red Velvet Lounge is famous among locals and visitors alike - which, considering its recent turn of events is nothing short of remarkable.

In November of 2014, the historic 100-year old building tragically caught fire, and was burnt to the ground. Believed to have started in the kitchen and spreading quickly to their famous dining area, both investigators and insurance companies couldn’t offer much further explanation for the fire than this: it was just damn unlucky.

Owner Steve Cumper was devastated. The kitchen – the heart of his iconic restaurant and cafe - was destroyed.

His dining area was unusable. He was losing money by the day as his bills ticked over. But worst of all, his insurance policy didn’t even come close to covering the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage the fire had caused. to pull up“. At this point, I thought the fire was a sign stumps,” says Steve, a hospitality veteran of over 30 years.

“But we had such an overwhelming response from the broader community who organised a fundraiser.

“Attending were a whole lot of industry people and organisations who banded together to raise $35,000. And that really steeled our resolve to get up and keep trying.”

Among the people to hoist Steve and his staff back into business were Silver Chef. Already a loyal customer of the Silver Chef brand, the equipment lost in the fire had only just been paid off for full ownership by Steve a short time earlier.

“I contacted Silver Chef,” remembers Steve, “with a ‘Wish List’ and a ‘Reality List’. Luckily, they were able to help me with both.”

Indeed, the existing relationship between Silver Chef and Steve meant that replacing his kitchen was as easy as a phone call.

With an incredible $75,000 loan from the government, Steve had only a small gap to cover when it came to setting up a new and renovated kitchen.

To preserve his cash flow, Mr Cumper decided to rentto- buy nearly $90,000 worth of kitchen equipment and stainless steel benches through Silver Chef, rather than buying it outright.

“I was working to an incredibly tight budget and didn’t want to tie up what cash I did have in expensive kitchen equipment,” says Mr Cumper, whose wages bill alone is about $300,000 a year.

“The ability to get the equipment you want immediately without having to outlay a shed-load of cash is very attractive; renting-to-buy the equipment was a no-brainer.”

Silver Chef’s willingness to fund new and used equipment also helped The Red Velvet Lounge keep its costs down. On Saturday evenings, The Red Velvet Lounge transformed from a cafe into a fully-fledged restaurant, and the kitchen reflected this versatility. Almost everything prior to the fire was from brand ‘Simply Stainless’ - four work benches, dishwasher, sink benches and gantry.

Following the fire, The Red Velvet Lounge saw a whole new kitchen installed. The combination of new and second hand equipment now included exciting new options like a Robot Coupe ice cream machine and Henkleman vac packer. In addition to restocking the essentials, Steve also chose to add in a new Expobar coffee machine and versatile Mecnosud spiral mixer. His new kitchen was complete.

Steve Cumper is no stranger to the perils of the hospitality industry. Starting out at the tender age of 16, Steve overcame many hurdles to win the successful name he currently has in the Australian food and beverage industry.

He was the winner of Country Style magazine’s first ever National Country Chef of the Year award, and the iconic Red Velvet Lounge was even included in a 2014 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

When asked what ‘Plan B’ was if the cafe could not be rebuilt, Steve laughs.

He cheekily adds, “The only real back up plan was for me to go back to male modelling.”

And it was this determination and passion for his work that has seen Steve rise from strength to strength since the reopening of The Red Velvet Lounge earlier this year.

One cannot help but marvel at the highly responsive and innovative era businesses are lucky enough to operate in these days. It was not long ago that losing your business meant, well, losing your business. To watch your building burn to the ground spelt the end of the road for many, as raising the cash to rebuild would have taken years.

In 2015, however, response time is the basis on which so many companies are growing their offering.

Steve Cumper agrees. “The nature of lending money has changed over the years. Quite frankly, people could not have found the spaces in between established commercial markets to find, purchase and create a new market.”

As Steve has shown, by having the right equipment, at the right time, everyone is a contender - regardless of difficult circumstances.

So, we asked - how would you describe the new and improved Red Velvet Lounge? Steve says the refurbishment has allowed him to replace an “idiosyncratic space that had patinas of interest layered over the years” with a more appealing one.

“It’s a beautiful space—it’s lofty, airy, light, warm and the same bonhomie we were noted for is still in the bricks— that’s going nowhere.”

Also unchanged will be the “frocked-up yet unpretentious” country food for which The Red Velvet Lounge is famous, including its Nanna-style cakes—“think upside down quince cake with custard”.


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Our supplier Robot Coupe

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, December 01, 2015

It is in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a well-known region for its gastronomy, that Robot-coupe has created more than 40 years ago the Robot-Coupe food processor.

As precursor and uncontested leader, Robot-coupe, manufacturer of food preparation equipment, offers a wide range of machines adapted to each professional needs (restaurants, institutions, delicatessens, caterers.

Robot Coupe Possibilities

Food Processors: Cutters and Vegetable Slicers

The Product Benefits:

  • 2 Machines in 1! A cutter bowl and a vegetable preparation attachment on the same motor base.
  • Indispensable: They easily chop, grind, knead, mix and thanks to their complete selection of stainless steel discs, grate, slice, julienne and for R402 and bigger models, dice and make French fries to perfection. They can perform any number of tasks, which you will gradually discover as you use them.
  • High performance: Less than 2 minutes are needed to make a bowl of mayonnaise, a steak tartare, a carrot puree or a fruit compote.
  • Robust: Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.

Number of covers: 10 to 400

Users: Restaurants, Institutions, Caterers.

In brief: Efficient, robust and fast, the range of Robot-Coupe Food processors (13 models) will satisfy all the Professional requirements for establishments serving from 10 to 400 covers. It will be a reliable and time saving investment.

Discs Collection

Today, we are encouraged to eat at least 5 fresh fruits and vegetables each day. As variety is the spice of life, your Robot-Coupe vegetable preparation machine can be fitted with no less than 48 different discs for slicing, grating and dicing any fruit or vegetable you wish. They can even turn vegetables such as carrots, courgettes and celeriac into 2x10 mm ribbon pasta for steaming, shred vegetables for terrines, cut cucumber into 5x5x5 mm dice for taboullehs or cut fruit salad ingredients or couscous vegetables into 25x25x25 mm dice. Let your imagination and creativity go.

Vegetable preparation machines

The Product Benefits:

  • Processing capacity: Large hopper allowing bulky vegetables, such as lettuces and cabbages, to be processed.
  • Wide variety of cuts: Comprehensive range of 48 discs for slicing, ripplecutting, grating and cutting into sticks, strips or dice (from 5x5x5 mm to 25x25x25 mm) with optimum quality and precision every time. 375 rpm single-speed appliance ideal for processing delicate foodstuffs, dicing or making french fries, as well as guaranteeing a wide variety of slicing, grating and julienne cuts. 375/750 rpm two-speed appliances successfully reconciling speed and cutting precision.
  • Simple, sturdy design: All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Induction motor for intensive use.

Number of covers: up to 400 covers

Target: Institutions, Delicatessens, Caterers, Restaurateurs.

In brief: Immensely strong, durable, Robot Coupe Vegetable Cutters are also easy to clean, and you will find no other machines to meet your specific day to day needs so precisely or with such apparent ease and efficiency.

Table-top cutters

The Product Benefits:

  • High Performance: They have been designed to process all types of food and will mix, grind, chop, knead and puree with speed and efficiency, giving consistent high quality end-products in a few minutes for the longest preparation. The 3000 rpm speed is recommended for mousses and smooth-textured mousses.
  • Precision: Pulse control allows you to maintain the precise cut that you require.
  • Variable speeds: Some models in the range are equipped with a speed variator giving flexibility for a wider range of tasks.
  • Power and durability: Industrial induction motor designed for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.

Number of covers: 10 to 100

Target: Restaurants, Institutions, Delicatessens, Caterers

In brief: As inventors and market leaders, Robot-Coupe offers the most complete range of Table-Top Cutter Mixers, a choice of 12 models, with capacities ranging from 2.9 litres to 11.0 litres.

Vertical Cutter Mixers

The Products Benefits:

  • High Performance: Vertical Cutter Mixers have been designed for processing both large and small quantities. The cutter allows the processing of meat, vegetables and smooth textured mousses, as well as for grinding and kneading foodstuffs in a minimum of time. Less than 5 minutes are needed to realise even the longest preparation such as smooth-textured mousses.
  • Cut quality: New patented blade for an optimum cut quality. To guarantee perfect cutting quality and perfect homogeneity of products even in small quantities.
  • Ease of use: All stainless steel machine for space saving, built with a removable bowl and tilting seal for easier cleaning and to empty the bowl easily. Control panel designed for a simple and reliable use and equipped with a timer for a better preparation control.

Number of covers: 100 to 3000 +

Capacity: from 4 to 35 kg

In brief: New generation of stainless steel Vertical Cutter Mixers with high capacity removable bowl and tilting seal (from 23 to 60 litres according to the model) satisfying all the professional requirements.

Target: Institutions, Delicatessens, Caterers, Restaurants, Confectionners.


The Product Benefits:

  • 2 functions in 1! The Blixers® combine the features of two well-known appliances: the cutter and the blender/mixer. The Blixers® will easily realise your pureed, raw or cooked, semi-liquid, liquid or pasty meals.
  • Efficient: With their large capacity and leak proof lid with built in scraper, these models make it simple to prepare all types of mixed and liquidized food, even for tube feeding.
  • Reliable: A safety device fitted to the lid prevents access to moving blades and an integral motor braking device ensures operator safety.
  • Perfect hygiene: Any parts which come into contact with food can be easily removed and cleaned, in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards (NSF).

Number of covers: 10 to 100

Users: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Crèches, Restaurants

In brief: Robot Coupe Blixers® are quick, efficient, simple to use and robust. Add to this a guarantee of a perfectly finished end-product that contains all the goodness and flavour of the pre-liquidised food.

Robot Cook®

You can emulsify, grind, blend, chop, mix and knead to perfection with the new Robot Cook®, the only professional cooking cutter blender on the market. It is the ideal appliance, whether the recipes you are making are hot or cold, sweet or savoury. Chefs will love its combination of high speed and enviable cutting quality, plus its ability to heat ingredients to a temperature of 140°C, especially since it is accurate to within one degree. Its generously sized 3.7-litre stainless-steel bowl is perfect for the need of professionals. Bowl and lid scrapers, unique on the market. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Power Mixers

The Products Benefits:

  • Perfect hygiene: Foot, knife, bell and whisk fully removable, a Robot-Coupe exclusive.
  • Robust machine: The design of the machines and the materials used in their construction guarantee a sturdy machine.
  • Large processing capacity: Powerful motor for fast processing and an optimum quality end-product.
  • Easy maintenance: All stainless steel tube, bell, knife and whisk.
  • Compact models: Space saving and easy to use. 5 models to process small quantities.

Pan capacity: Between 2 and 400 litres according to the model.

Target: Restaurants, Caterers, Delicatessens, Day Nurseries.

In brief: Robot Coupe Power Mixers the performance in terms of hygiene, ease of use, multiple functions, longer life, and profitability...


The Product Benefits

  • Automatic: The unique design of the feed tube does away with the need for a pusher! You can now process high volumes of top-quality juice quickly and effortlessly!
  • High power, low noise levels: The powerful, resilient commercial-grade motor operates at a speed of 3.000 rpm, meaning that the juice oxidizes less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour. The noise levels of the J80 Ultra are so low that it can be used right in front of the customer.
  • Large-capacity pulp container!: The 6.5-litre container slots neatly under the ejector to avoid pulp splashing onto the worktop
  • Centrifugal juicer basket: The basket can be removed for easy cleaning without using a special tool.

Robot Coupe Centrifugal Juicers

Automatic sieves

The Product Benefits:

  • Versatility: The machine produces juice, fruit purees, vegetable mousses, sauce bases, bisques and fish soups.
  • Simple and Sturdy: All parts are made of stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and durability. Continuous feed hopper for ease of use and time saving. All parts in contact with food are easily removed and are dishwasher safe.

Target: Restaurants, caterers, confectioners, fishmongers

In brief: Strain soups, bisques or sauces, extract fruit pulp or separate fibres from vegetables.

Planetary Mixers


The Most Powerful Mixers on the Planet. Robot Coupe Planetary mixers are the ideal general purpose machine. They are great for mixing, beating, whipping batters, cake mixes and the occasional dough or pastry. They were designed to answer to the needs of restaurants, bakeries and institutions. Thanks to their multiple functions they are the best partner for professional cooks.

If you would like to find out more about how Robot Coupe Products could enhance your food business then please give us a call on 1300 881119.

Previous posts about our suppliers include:


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Our suppliers Franchise Fitout Services

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, November 23, 2015

Franchise Fitout Services was established in 1999 and is located on the south-side of Brisbane, Queensland.

FFS are the sole Australian Importer and Distributor for Blendtec commercial and domestic Blendtec Blender range. Blendtec Blenders are used world wide and highly recommended in the hospitality trade as well as the domestic market.

About Blendtec®

Long before the Will It Blend? series exploded on YouTube, Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec®, was blending planks of wood with his blenders to determine their capability. Not surprising for this engineer and inventor, who grew up putting big engines in little things.

Back in 1975, Tom’s curiosity peaked when he used a vacuum cleaner to clean up some spilled wheat kernels. His innate inquisitiveness drove him to revolutionise the home wheat milling industry, taking it from stone grinding to his patented stainless steel milling heads. Like most inventors, Tom didn’t stop there. He envisioned the perfect mixer, using the freshly milled flour from his mill to make wholesome bread in minutes. When back in the lab, Tom developed an auto knead feature, enabling the mixer to knead the dough, develop the gluten and turn off automatically when finished. Tom continued to improve the mixer and decided to add a blender with a square jar, rather than the conventional round jar. As Tom expanded his mill and mixer business, new ideas developed. He enhanced the blender and began developing commercial blending machines just as the smoothie era began.

The award winning web video series called "Will It Blend?" features Blendtec’s® C.E.O., Tom Dickson, blending an iPhone, marbles, rake handles, and all sorts of crazy things. The videos show the strength and durability of the entry level home blender. The same durability and strength is found in all our commercial blenders.

Tom is still inventing and the company is still growing! Walking into the world of Blendtec®, you’ll find the innovative engineering team and their "torture chamber", you’ll see the international team preparing for where their travels will take them next, and you’ll glimpse Tom scooting off to blend up his next invention.

Today, people all around the world use Blendtec® blenders in their homes, restaurants, smoothie shops, coffee shops and more. We continue to keep dreaming of new and better ways to build machines that improve the lives of others. It all began with one man and his curiosity. He has shared that vision with others, and with his team, the dream continues to unfold.

Blendtec Australia Pty Ltd, is the Australian Blendtec® Distributor of the world famous Blendtec® Blenders. All Blendtec® blenders are imported into Australia direct from USA, and are built with parts specifically designed and manufactured for use within the Australian market.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

The Stealth blender is Blendtec’s top of the range commercial blender.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Winner of the National Restaurant Association’s prestigious 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award, the Blendtec Stealth Blender combines durability, power, and a wealth of exciting features. Simply put, it’s the quietest, most advanced commercial blender on the market.

The Ultimate, Quiet Commercial Blender

Features include:

  • Motor: 3.8 peak horsepower, 1875 watts, 15 amps
  • Recommended daily blends: 200+
  • Program cycles: 42 preprogrammed cycles, Pulse, Manual Speed
  • Colors: Black, Cappuccino, Pomegranate
  • 3-year warranty

Stealth Technology

The Stealth includes a sleek sound enclosure, proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations. These features allow it to operate at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation without compromising the power Blendtec®is famous for, proving you can still have industrial strength power without industrial strength noise.

Customizable Preprogrammed Cycles

The Stealth comes equipped with 42 preprogrammed cycles and a USB port. For the ultimate in customization, users can create custom drink programs with the online BlendWizard™. This tool can create an unlimited number of blend cycles, and up to 14 can be stored on the blender.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Advanced Design and Functionality

The Stealth cutting-edge design and functionality deliver an advanced yet user-friendly blending experience. The 11-speed capacitive touch slider provides precision speed control, and the pulse button adds a burst of power. For customers who prefer a lower profile, an in-counter model is also available.


  • H: 43.9 cm
  • D: 22.9 cm
  • W: 21.8 cm


7.2 kg

Why Blendtec® Home Blenders?

Blendtec® have blended everything from rake handles to golf balls and glow sticks in their test lab – so you can experience years of trouble free blending.

Blendtec HP3A home Blender

Powerful Motor

Tired of not being able to crush ice? The Blendtec® HP3A Home Blender has so much power (1560 watts / 6.5amps) it turns ice to snow.

The higher the Amps or Watts rating, the more power the blender can safely deliver. Compare the Amps or Watts rating of Blendtec® to other blenders.

One Jar for Wet or Dry Ingredients

The versatile Home Blender and BPA-Free Jar allow you to perform both wet or dry blends in one unique jar. Other brands may require you to purchase 2 jars, one for wet blends and one for dry blends.

Easy to Use, Smart Touch Technology

Blendtec® blenders allow you to push a button and move onto other food preparation while the blender completes the blend cycle. This blender unlike others will automatically shut off when the cycle or the pulse is complete.


The patented jar design flows ingredients toward the blade, eliminating the need for a tamper/plunger.

Uniquely Blunt, Safety Jar Blade

Completely safe to use and clean, plus 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors blades.

Easy to Clean

The sleek blender design with a flat, sealed touchpad eliminates cumbersome knobs and buttons which allow the machine to be wiped clean in seconds and doesn’t harbour mould and bacteria like old fashioned knob-and-dial blenders.

Cleaning the jar is fast and easy too – just add warm water, a drop of soap, press pulse a few times, rinse and the jar is ready for your next recipe.

Compact Size

At only 39.3 cm tall, the HP3A fits on the counter and under most standard cabinets! (Footprint – Width 17.7cm x Depth 20.4cm)

Hardened Metal Drive Socket

Never needs to be replaced, unlike other blenders with plastic drive sockets which break under pressure. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Versatile, All-In-One Appliance at a Fraction of the Cost

This all-in-one appliance makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to find out more about how Blendtec Blenders could enhance your food business then please give us a call on 1300 881119.

Previous posts about our suppliers include:


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King Edward potato ovens

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The only way to cook and present baked potatoes.

King Edward potato ovens are the benchmark in quality. They have been produced in England for more than 30 years and have stood the test of time.

King Edward potato ovens not only cook potatoes perfectly, they also merchandise them in an attractive and appealing way enabling your King Edward Potato oven to sit front of house.

King Edward Potato Ovens

King Edward makes preparing and presenting potatoes simple!

  • Appeal to every taste and every business.
  • Design ensures a perfect baked potato every time.
  • Traditional and contemporary designs in a range of sizes to suit all business needs
  • Tailor your toppings to suit all tastes
  • Accessories make preparation and storage simple - Bain maries, cold storage and accessories to your chosen oven design.

Why Baked Potatoes?

Benefits of Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are highly nutritious and appeal to all age groups. Their versatility is unrivalled - with a wide range of both hot and cold toppings allowing for multiple menu options.

  • Yields very high margins and profits with very low costs
  • Are quick and easy to serve (can be served quicker than a sandwich and you make more money)
  • Can be served with hot or cold fillings to satisfy any appetite in any season
  • Offers a healthy alternative
  • Satisfies vegetarians and diet conscious customers
  • Delicious smell entices customers to purchase
  • Baked potatoes are one of the safest and cheapest foods to handle
  • Baked potatoes have a high nutritional value.

Features of the King Edward Potato Bakers

The King Edward Potato Baker is the ultimate means of cooking and displaying delicious hot baked potatoes. Our bakers use a fan-assisted convection oven to ensure the most efficient cooking method possible, while the illuminated display area entices your customers to purchase a baked potato. These flagship Potato Bakers are still hand finished in the UK to exacting standards.

  • Machines are user-friendly, there is no effort or skill required from the operator
  • Stainless steel interior with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Fully removable wire shelves allows use for the entire oven cavity
  • Thermostatically operated with a 90 minute audible timer
  • Vitreous enamel or stainless steel exterior for unrivalled durability and a perfect finish
  • Require very little bench space – increase sales per square metre (the small oven takes up the space of a cash register)
  • No installation costs just plug in and operate
  • No exhaust fan or canopy required
  • All electric
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Easy to operate and clean needs little or no maintenance
  • Fully imported – hand built by English craftsmen
  • They are attractive and self promotional (it sells what is cooking in the oven)
  • The ovens are fan forced and can be used to cook and heat up other foods
  • Available in various colours and 3 sizes
  • Feature Illuminated display cabinets
  • Baked potatoes are cooked in the lower oven and transferred to the heated illuminated top display oven ready for serving
  • Easy Rent-Purchase finance available as well as other methods of payment.

King Edward Potato Ovens


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Our suppliers Fagor Australasia

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, November 09, 2015

A Culture Of Excellence

The Fagor brand represents over 50 years of personal service, relentless innovation and a commitment to consistent research and development. These values have shaped the culture of the brand, keeping them relevant in the ever evolving commercial catering equipment industry.

Fagor Catering Equipment, one brand one solution

Fagor Australasia is a segment of the MCC group, a leading corporation in Europe with a strong international presence. Over its rich history, Fagor has become a leader in the food service industry, meeting equipment needs of restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes all around the world. Their one brand, one solution ideology offers a comprehensive range of products and dedicated support, ensuring lasting satisfaction and enduring functionality.

Having undertaken a pioneering role with an all-rounded approach to commercial kitchen equipment design, Fagor has distinguished itself as a market leader in Spain with a broad international presence. We are the perfect partner for professionals requiring quality products and comprehensive pre- and post-sales service.

Corporate Culture

Fagor has set itself apart as a premium manufacturer of commercial cooking and restaurant equipment by continuing to push the boundaries of user experience and intelligent product design.

Employing more than 1600 people worldwide with eleven company owned manufacturing plants and thirty commercial offices, Fagor offer a personal service with a global reach.

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment

Fagor commercial cooking and catering equipment has been developed for professionals who are looking to invest in quality products that combine skilled craftsmanship with technical perfection. Fagor’s food service equipment is designed with meticulous attention to improving the user experience and ensuring consistency.

Learn more about Fagor commercial dishwashers, combi ovens, 700 series modular cooking equipment, the 900 series modular cooking equipment and commercial refrigeration solutions.

Sustainable Design

Fagor is deeply committed to the protection and sustainable development of the environment. Fagor were officially granted the Environmental Certificate ISO-1400 in July 2006, illustrating their commitment to the environment within the framework of sustainable development established by the MCC.

Ongoing Commitment to Our Customers

They are dedicated to establishing long term relationships with each of their clients and offer comprehensive after care service that combines the benefits of personalised, local service with our international knowledge and experience. With a factory office located in Sydney and Fagor-approved technicians across Australia, they are able to offer integrated and personal sales and support service.

Their experienced staff will work to understand your unique kitchen needs. We add value to our customers’ kitchens with design input and advice when appropriate and pride ourselves on reacting to our customers’ individual needs and requirements.

If you would like to find out more about how Fagor Catering Equipment could enhance your food business or how Fagor can serve your unique kitchen needs, then please give us a call on 1300 881119.

Previous posts about our suppliers include:


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Skope ActiveCore

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A new glass door chiller range of 1 and 2 door top and bottom mount models combining SKOPE’s revolutionary new ActiveCore™ technology with a modern frameless aesthetic design. These models provide market leading energy savings along with new features to deliver optimal performance, efficiency and reliability. SKOPE's new ActiveCore™ is a revolution in refrigeration technology.

As one of our most significant developments in over 25 years, the new ActiveCore™ technology took over 18 months and a design team of 35 to develop. It is the ultimate in innovation, and a major leap forward for our industry. By delivering market leading energy savings, optimal cooling performance, greater serviceability and a future-proofed system, our sophisticated ActiveCore™ technology will be meeting our clients' needs for years to come.

Skope Activecore

The Benefits

  • Designed for long-life, reliability and performance.
  • The interchangeable ActiveCore™ unit is used across all 1 and 2 door models.
  • Redesigned airflow throughout the cabinet ensures optimal and efficient cooling of product.
  • Quick and easy servicing and maintenance, minimises downtime and disruptions.
  • New controller with manual lightswitch and built in Energy Management Device
  • Designed to be future proof, ready when regulations change around refrigerants and natural gases are implemented.
  • Maximises energy efficiency for significant savings over the life of the cabinet.

The development of the Range has reinforced our reputation for proven quality, durability and reliability. With improved cooling performance, optimised airflow and redesigned components, the ActiveCore™ provides optimal performance and energy efficiency for years to come. Each and every component of the ActiveCore™ unit has been designed with efficiency in mind. It has reduced energy costs by 55% compared to our biggest selling TME model. The ActiveCore™ Range now with a quicker rate of return and considerable finanical svaings over the life of the cabinet.

See this short video series by Skope to find out more.


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