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Skope Bottom Mounted B Series

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, August 28, 2014

When you’re working within confined or awkward spaces, the Skope B Series makes servicing and maintenance a dream. Reduced condensation through hot air circulation promotes excellent product display at a great price.

B Series Specifcations

  • Operating temperature adjustable from +1°C to +4°C in 43°C ambient
  • Consistent temperatures maintained by fan-forced ducted air fow
  • Electronic controller with digital temperature display
  • Exterior: galvanised steel (powder coated white) or natural finish stainless steel (excluding galvanised steel back and top)
  • Interior: galvanised steel (powder coated white) or natural finish stainless steel
  • Self-closing, double-glazed, toughened safety-glass doors with silver anodised aluminium frames and vertical full height ergonomic handles
  • Easy plug-in, 10 Amp power supply (230-240V, 50Hz), via mains fex
  • 5 adjustable plastic coated shelves as standard Energy efficient, interior vertical side lights
  • Replaceable, long-life magnetic door gaskets
  • Bottom mounted removable SKOPE Cyclone™ refrigeration system
  • Insulation: 50mm thick, high density cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam (CFC, HCFC & HFC free)
  • R134a refrigerant (CFC & HCFC free)
  • Optional 200mm high, illuminated sign panel

Models B550, B900 & B1350

Versatile, energy efficient bottom mounted chillers, designed to fit into spaces where height is restricted.

The Skope Bottom mounted series is available in 1 door, 2 door and 3 door models. Finish can be in either stainless steel or powder coated white.

Models B600-2 & B1200-2

This bottom mounted series is designed to fit into confined spaces. The easy to access refrigeration unit makes servicing and maintenance a breeze, and the hot air from the condenser unit is blown up the glass doors to reduce condensation.

These 2 models feature an innovative, self-learning electronic controller, gathers and automatically updates data of store closing times and quiet periods, ensuring optimal energy efficiency at all times.

Finish can be in either stainless steel or powder coated white.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Fagor 700 Range Cooking Line

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Planning and sourcing the most appropriate Fagor cooking equipment for a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or cafe seating 40 people.

For the chef, the most important aspect is that their equipment offers the best performance possible while optimising on space. The Fagor 700 range cooking block is the most used in this type of installation, thanks to its capacity and the possibilities it has to offer.

In kitchens with a small surface area the best solution is to design a wall cooking block (that reduces the depth of the machines), and complementing the equipment with a combi oven. It is advisable to install the block and the combi oven in line so that the same extraction hood, when fitted can be used for the whole line of equipment. It is also a good idea to use the lower zones of the block for storing pots, pans, etc.

The kitchen block equipment should be installed depending on the dishes to be offered in the menu. Consequently, different options may be suggested when mounting the block:

The 700 Range from Fagor Industrial offers excellent features and obtains high levels of performance in more reduced spaces. It is the perfect solution for businesses with more limited space.

The modular gas cookers in the Fagor 700 Series may be fitted with open burners, ovens, fry-tops, hotplates, pasta cookers, barbecues, cooking pots, fryers, bain-marie and Bratt pans, combined in different ways to meet the needs of each customer. Made of stainless steel, the cookers in this range have tilted control panels to provide better access to the buttons and controls on the front of the machine, in addition to built-in handles and grease collection trays. The equipment in the 700 Series is formed by machines with the highest operating powers on the market, with excellent performance and recovery ratios.

1. Cooker with 4 burners


This unit is highly versatile as it offers the possibility of preparing soup, sauces, stews and pulses in pots and casseroles, having them ready for serving at a later stage, as well as allowing the preparation of scrambled eggs and fried food ready for immediate serving. The size of the burner grills permits the use of cooking pots and pans of up to 32 cm in diameter, with capacities of up to 24 litres:

Guideline Capacity

  • A 5.25 kW Fagor burner brings 13 litres of water to boil in 32 minutes.
  • It produces 40 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 1 hour.

  • A 6.90 kW Fagor burner brings an 18 litres pot of water to boil in 28 minutes.
  • It produces 54 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in 50 minutes.

2. Cooker with 4 burners and oven


In addition to the features offered by a four-burner hob, we have a static oven, with a capacity for GN-2/1 trays and with thermostatic control. The oven enables the preparation of roasts, fish, pastries, etc.

Guideline Capacity

  • A GN-2/1 tray has capacity for 12 chickens, so that 12 whole chickens (48 portions) can be roasted in the oven in this kitchen in one hour.

3. Fry-top


The fry-top roasting plate can be made with a flat surface, or a half-grooved surface to give a special finish to roast meats and fish. The plate from one module from the 700 range has an area of 38 dm2 (69 x 55 cm) with a heating-up time (roasting temperature of 300 °C) of 40 minutes.

The 700 Series fry-tops have stainless steel burners with an ignition pilot light, and include a “Maximum-Mínimum” type valve to control the burner flame and have thermostatic control of the plate temperature: 120°C - 310°C.

Guideline Capacity

  • 24 fillet steaks or hamburgers weighing 200 grams each in 7.5 minutes.

4. Barbecue Char Grills


One option in many restaurants is to substitute the grooved plate with a barbecue for roasting braised meat. The half module grill from the 700 range has a surface area of 32 x 55 cm.

The grill can be made from cast iron, for those who like traditional roasting, or in stainless steel, with grooves to collect the roasting fats and to prevent them dripping onto the embers.

In the 700 Series barbecues, the volcanic stones are heated using stainless steel tubular pipes. This range also has a removable grease collection tray and roasting grill with handles to allow it to be raised.

Guideline Capacity

  • 12 x 200 g fillet steaks or hamburgers in 7.5 minutes.

5. Pasta cooker


The pasta cooker is a highly popular piece of equipment in many regions or countries. The tub takes different sized baskets (1/1, 1/2, 1/6) for cooking different types of pasta (macaroni, cannelloni, spaghetti...). The tub is filled with water through a valve, and the cooking temperature is controlled by thermostat.

6. Deep Fryer


A 15 litre fryer, with one basket for the whole vat or two half baskets, allows the quick preparation of various fried foods, which may form part of the starter dishes on the menu. Each vat from the 700 range has a capacity of 15 litres of oil and the baskets can hold 3 kg of product (large basket) or 1.5 kg (small basket).

The 700 Series pasta cookers consist of an AISI-316 stainless steel vat. Available with tubular burner, the cookers have a pilot light ignition system and a safety thermocouple, thermostatic temperature control and a tap for filling the vat.

Guideline Capacity

20 kg of chips in one hour

7. Bain Marie


This element, equipped with small Gastronorm serving containers can be used to keep previously prepared sauces and garnishes warm ready for serving with the main course meat and fish dishes

The 700 Series bain-marie has a vat designed to take 100 mm deep GN trays, built-in supporting crossbars, perforated base divider, water inlet solenoid valve and overflow drainage system.

8. Direct flame pan


This machine is installed when the same dish is cooked for a large number of diners: soups, stews, purées, etc. The direct or indirect heating (over bain marie) versions are selected depending on the usual requirements of the business. The cooking pot in the 700 range contains 80 litres of water, taking approximately 50 minutes to reach the boil and with a cooking time of 10 minutes.

The cooking pots in the 700 Series have a counterbalanced hinged lid, a stainless steel burner controlled by a safety valve, a water inlet solenoid valve, hot or cold water selector switch and a pot drainage tap. This range is available in various models to suit the requirements of each customer.

Guideline Capacity

  • 240 portions of soup (330 ml/portion) in one hour.

9. Tilting Bratt Pan


As with the cooking pot, this appliance is intended for use when preparing the same meal for a large number of diners. The tilting Bratt pan in the 700 range has a water inlet tap and a thermostatic temperature control up to 315°C.

It can also hold up to 50 litres of water and can be used as a normal cooking pot as the surface area of the pot is 38 dm2 (the same size as the fry-top).

The 700 Series Bratt pans have a counterbalanced hinged lid and include a thermostat for the control of the temperature between 50°C and 315°C. The vat is designed in stainless steel, is raised by a lever and filled by the action of a solenoid valve.

Guideline Capacity

  • 280 fried eggs in one hour.

10. Combi Ovens


The combined oven is the perfect accessory for the cooking block. It allows different foods to be cooked in short time periods at the same time. It can be used for all types of meat and fish, pulses, vegetables and potatoes, roasted or steamed, and for preparing desserts.

In some cases it may be advisable to complement the oven with a chill blaster (Cook & Chill equipment) to prepare the weekend’s menus in advance and to have dishes already prepared.

Guideline Capacity

  • 72 portions of chicken in 40 minutes, using 3 trays with 6 chickens on each one (1 chicken = 4 meals).

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Grow your Business and Save your Capital

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Think you’ve got what it takes to run your own business?

Maybe you need more working capital to grow your business or perhaps you want to know what the next big trend is in your industry.

Well whatever your idea for your business is, Silver Chef is the best solution to help make your hospitality dreams a true success!

SilverChef Instant approval up to $25k

From small family restaurants to large corporate catering services, the right funding is essential if you want to keep your options open!

If one thing is certain, it’s your business will grow and change and so will your equipment needs. It’s important to think about what you might need in a year’s time, not just for the immediate future. This is where the critical importance of equipment flexibility comes into play.

With the Rent-Try-Buy® Solution, you aren’t locked into a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a 12-month agreement, so your business can be PURRE and flexible:

  • Purchase at any time during the 12 month period and receive 75% of the net rent you have paid.
  • Upgrade at any time during the 12 month period to something BIGGER and BETTER, so you are not paying for the equipment you don’t need or use!
  • Return the equipment after the 12 month period.
  • Rent – continue to rent the equipment without being tied into any contract, meaning you can return the equipment anytime!
  • Easy Own – rent for another 3 years after your first year is up, which offers you a decreased weekly rent by 30% and by the end of the 3 years you can buy out the whole contract for $1.

A clear vision alone doesn’t make dreams of owning a hospitality business a reality – start up costs are often underestimated, putting more pressure on the bottom line. Having sufficient cash flow is good risk management and a key to achieving success.

Call Silver Chef today on 1800 337 153 to start your hospitality dream!

Start shopping now then use the following calculator to work out your weekly repayment amounts.

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ANVIL commercial counter-top catering equipment

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, August 15, 2014

Anvil is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of commercial kitchen and food service equipment. The equipment is made in South Africa.

The Anvil range of products is sold worldwide, with distributors and back up service on every continent.

Continual improvement over 20 years has made Anvil the top selling range in South Africa. With a quality product and an international support system, every chef will experience the Anvil advantage.

The ANVIL brand of commercial counter-top catering equipment was introduced to Australia in September 1997. The aim was to offer the Australian market an economical and reliable alternative to what was being offered by local manufacturers and other importers.

Anvil Counter Top Equipment

Anvil have 3 brands within their benchtop equipment range, Anvil Axis, Anvil Alto & Anvil Apex

The Anvil Axis range consists of

Sandwich Press

Anvil’s Sandwich Press is designed to grill sandwiches uniformly on both sides. This unit is designed to operate consistently

Panini Press

Anvil’s Panini Style Contact Grill is designed for constant and robust use - The more you throw at it the harder it will work. Perfect for Cuban, English or Italian sandwich cuisine. Options are ribbed top & flat bottom plates or flat top & bottom plates.

Griddle Plates

Anvil’s griddles serve up the best steaks, chops and burgers, mixed grills, seafood and pancakes. They are ideal for breakfast - eggs, tomatoes, bacon - the possibilities are endless. Available as 400mm & 600mm models.

Deep Fryers

Anvil’s Deep Fat Fryers are designed to create a delicious variety of crisp fried food with minimum fuss. Delight your customers with french fries, chicken, fish, seafood, etc

Waffle Bakers

Anvil’s Belgian style waffle baker is ideal for use in kitchens, coffee shops, outdoor markets and ice cream parlours. They have rotating plates for ease of use.

Convection Ovens

Anvil’s Prima range of convection ovens are especially designed for baking breads, muffins, pastries, biscuits, etc. They are also especially useful with par-baked products. There are 3 models.

Proving Cabinet

Anvil’s proofing cabinet is designed for use with our range of Anvil convection ovens or as a stand alone unit. Ideally suited for smaller bakeries and establishments that produce fresh bread, buns or pastries. Features include Stainless Steel outer and inner construction for easy cleaning and full view front glass door.

Pizza Ovens

Anvil’s Pizza Oven is designed for easy cooking of pizza, subs, baked dishes and much more. They are ideal for restaurants, small clubs, coffee shops and caterers.

Chicken Rotisserie Ovens

Anvil’s Rotisserie produces 8 delicious chickens at a time. This unit is perfect for small supermarkets selling rotisserie style grilled chickens as well as Ideal for Restaurants, Take aways & Canteens.

Stove Tops

Anvil’s Stove Tops are designed for heavy duty commercial use and can be used for cooking, holding and warming. Available with both single or double elements.


Anvil’s Adjustable Height Salamanders are ideal for gratinating, melting cheese and toasting sandwiches. They are also useful for defrosting ready-made dishes, reheating pizza’s, croissants, sausage rolls, etc.

Chip Warmer and Carvery Station

The warmer is ideal for small to medium sized food serving operations. It keeps French Fries crisp and ready made dishes warm. Can also be used as a carving station or dry heat Bain Marie.

Anvil Alto

Food Processor

Designed to maximize its efficiency and simple operation. It is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen. Base made of stainless steel. Aluminum cover and chute. Discs are cast aluminum with stainless steel knives. Unit comes standard with a plastic ejection disc. The design follows strict security and hygiene standards. It is useful for Commercial Kitchens, Hotels, Hospitals & Restaurants

Planetary Mixers

The Anvil 10 & 20 Litre mixers are designed specifically for small commercial mixing applications. Ideal for restaurants, cafe's, caterers, small bakeries and home based businesses.

The Anvil 40 quart mixer is for heavy duty mixing applications for hospitality businesses requiring a quiet and efficient operation.

Anvil Apex Range

Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Anvil’s Digital Pizza Conveyor Oven is a robust, well engineered product ideally suited for many food making applications. They can be used for pizzas, defrosting ready-made food, reheating, etc.

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VITO Oil Filter Systems

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Save up to 50 % of your frying oil costs with VITO®

Vito Oil Filter Systems are available from SCK. Models sold include Vito 30, Vito 50 and Vito 80, plus the Vit Oil Tester and boxes of spare filter papers.

Save up to 50% in oil costs for deep frying with VITO

  •   reduced oil consumption
  •   less oil changes
  •   lower cleaning effort
  •   lower storage costs
  •   up to 50% savings
  •   VITO® gives you fast return of your investment
  •   VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments
  •   This can double the lifetime of your frying medium

VITO® oil filter system

  •   You will serve optimal fried products with a better taste.
  •   You will get much better profit by significantly increasing the lifetime of your frying oil.
  •   You decide the highest safety standards and secure handling

VITO® prolongs the lifetime of frying oil!

Vito prolongs the life of deep frying oil

Depending on the the fried goods, e.g. potatoes, meat or fish, the oil is stressed differently.

Generally, the basic rules of frying should be considered.

An expertise by Prof. Dr. Wurster, Labor Biotechnik-Umwelttechnik, Konstanz (laboratory for bio- and environmental engineering) dated May 18, 2005 proves:

The use of VITO®:

  •   affects critical parameters positively, like Polar Compounds (TPC), Acids and the accumulation of Acrylamids and Polymere Triglyceride.
  •   achieves even better results outside than shown under laboratory conditions.
  •   effects a significantly longer lifetime of the frying medium.

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Robatherm Variable Pre-set Hot Water Urns

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Robatherm Hot Water Urns are stylishly finished and designed for commercial use. The Urns feature a unique mode selector switch that allows either variable or pre-set temperature control, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

With the mode set to variable, the temperature can be controlled across a wide range via the graduated knob. Variable mode will suit those users who require warm or boiling water for their special application. Switching the mode selector to pre-set will fix the temperature at 95 °C, the optimal temperature for most applications involving tea and coffee.


Using pre-set mode offers a fast and easy setup, achieving consistent temperatures every time. Adjustment of the knob in pre-set mode has no effect on the temperature setting of the urn - it remains constant at nominal 95 °C. This prevents continuous boiling and excessive consumption of energy.


Mode selector switch for either variable or pre-set 95 °C temperature control
Available in 10, 20 or 30 litre sizes
Stylish brushed finish stainless steel exterior
High grade 304 stainless steel inner tank
Long life concealed elements allowing easy cleaning inside the urn
Double skinned tank construction for safe side temperatures, less than 50 °C
Sturdy brass non-drip tap
Twist-lock lid with steam vent
Sight-glass with cup capacity graduations
Boil dry protection

Cups (160ml)
dia x h (mm)
UDS10VP 50 2300 240 x 480
UDS20VP 120 2300 330 x 550
UDS30VP 160 2300 330 x 645

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Brema CB Ice Makers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ice‐making is Brema’s passion.

Founded near Milan, Italy, in 1985, Brema has been specialising in ice production for over 27 years. Brema has developed into a global leader in high quality ice making equipment, manufacturing over 50,000 units per year and exporting its machines to countries all over the world.

Brema understands that each customer is unique in some way, so the company continues to undertake research and develop a wide range of specialist products that best fit differing market segments.

SCK is offering a special promotional price on the Brema CB ice maker range until the end of September. Click the link to take advantage of this promotion.

Brema Ice Machines Offer:

Free external water filter with PLV with every machine purchase (value up to $200)
Electromechanical machines – no PC boards
Ease of use, cleaning and maintenance
Two years parts and labour warranty
Cutting edge Italian design and manufacturing
Tailored solutions for any space and volume specifications

Brema CB series ice makers

The ice cube for connoisseurs.


The CB Series of ice cube makers with an internal storage bin are Brema’s top selling models. The ice is not only elegant in appearance, it is high performance ‐ adapting to any shape of drinking glass, crystalline, compact and cools drinks without diluting.

Quality cone shape ice cubes weighing 13 grams, with the trunk sides slightly squashed. The small size and pleasant appearance make this ice suitable for hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

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Comenda Dishwashers & Glasswashers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, July 25, 2014

Comenda is Italy’s number one manufacturer of high performance commercial ware washing systems.

Comenda has ALL Ranges – Redline, Blueline, Platinum. The “Platinum” cycle machines were launched at “Fine Food” Melbourne 2012 and includes a glasswasher, undercounter and pass through dishwasher.

SCK has a great promotion on pricing on Comenda Glasswashers & Dishwashers

Platinum - top of the range, standard options included.

Blueline - middle range. From a price perspective, it is very competitive and with standard options.

Redline – value end. From a price perspective, it is very, very competitive.

Comenda Offers:

Tailored solutions for any space and workload specifications
Efficient energy, water and chemical consumption
High performance, exceptional reliability and minimal maintenance
Affordable European design and engineering
Ease of cleaning and operation
Environmentally friendly systems
Maximum reliability, minimum maintenance
Advanced technologies to make all units flexible and versatile


Red Line

A reliable, affordable and effective glasswasher, the RB215 has a single wash cycle and is stunning in its simplicity. Providing low energy consumption and using only 2 litres of water per wash cycle, this machine will save you money and time.

Blue Line

A heavy duty glasswasher that is ergonomically designed and comes complete with detergent & rinse aid dispensers for total control of chemical usage.

The LB275 has a single cycle wash and durable double skinned stainless steel doors.


The innovative BCE is designed for washing glasses of any size or made of material prone to cloudiness, chipping or scoring. These machines are equipped with state of the art systems that guarantee perfect hygiene together with a delicate cleaning process and energy savings.

Constructed in 304 stainless steel with double skinned cabinet makes operation extremely quiet.

An electronic control panel shows the stages of operation—heating, standby and running—and a digital display shows the temperatures.

The wash pump features a soft start system that also calibrates the pressure to protect the glasses during the wash cycle.

Thanks to their versatility, easy operation and reliability, the BCE glasswashers are ideal for use in cafes, restaurants and wine bars where large numbers of glasses have to be washed.

Front Loading Dishwashers

Red Line

A reliable, affordable and effective undercounter dishwasher, the RF321 has a single wash cycle and is stunning in its simplicity. Providing low energy consumption, long lasting double skinned stainless steel doors and the convenience of front service access to all key components.

Blue Line

A heavy duty dishwasher that is ergonomically designed and comes complete with detergent & rinse aid dispensers for total control of chemical usage.

The LF322 has two wash cycles with durable stainless steel wash arms and double skinned stainless steel doors.


The F4EHRRCD front loading dishwasher feature innovative systems and meet the highest standards in terms of performance, hygiene, dependability and consumptions and noise reduction.

Constructed in 304 stainless steel with double wall construction and a large 400mm clearance.

To ensure maximum hygiene and avoid build of dirt, the F4EHRRCD features rounded inside edges, moulded basket guides, self draining wash pumps and automatic self cleaning cycle.

Digital temperature displays and user control panel with backlit program buttons that change color according to the machine status (heating, ready and in operation) are standard features on this model

Pass Through Dishwashers

Red Line

A class above, the RC411 offers 2 wash cycles, automatic wash and rinse, also providing low energy consumption, a counterbalanced hood with 3 springs to deliver lightweight handling and a deep drain system for the toughest of washes, the RC411 will save you money and time.

With corner or straight through positioning, this dishwasher delivers efficiency on all levels.

Blue Line

A heavy duty hood type (pass through) dishwasher that is ergonomically designed and has 4 wash cycles. Wash water and rinse water temperature displays. With durable stainless steel wash arms and stainless steel doors, this high quality unit uses only 3.5 litres of water per wash cycle, saving you money and time.


The CE800EHRDPRCD pass through dishwashers guarantee excellent performance, hygiene, reliability and low energy use.

The electronic control panel with backlit button displays the operating status along with digital display showing wash and rinse temperatures as well as information from the “self diagnosis” mode.

ECO cycle is standard with reduced water, electricity and detergent consumptions available for moderately dirty dishes.

The vertically installed wash pump is self draining to prevent dirty water building up. Double skin thermal and acoustic insulated hood, drain pump, rinse booster pump and detergent and rinse aid dispensers.

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Pots Pans Utensils Chefs Uniforms Crockery Cutlery Glassware

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, July 18, 2014

Sydney Commercial Kitchens is always looking for ways to improve our service and SAVE you money.

Click here to SAVE money

While we don't normally supply our customers with smallwares and kitchen accessories we do love to help. Especially when we know that we can save you money. Click here to purchase from Australia's largest supplier of pots, pans, utensils, crockery, cutlery, glassware, chef uniforms and knife sets.

Current Promotion Codes

Use the following codes to SAVE even more money.

Promo code: CHEFS10 (10% off Chefs Clothing), valid until 31/08/2014

Promo code: 2WINTER10 (10% off Cookware and Chefs Knives), valid until 31/08/2014

Pots & Pans

A large selection of cookware essentials for professional kitchens, including aluminium and stainless steel pots and pans, non-stick frying pans and cast iron cookware. Also features pizza equipment, colanders, baking trays and much more.

Pots, Pans & Cookware


Our large selection of premium quality cooking utensils offer everything for the professional and amateur chef alike. This section includes everything you need to guide you right through from preparation to presentation, so whether you're baking, roasting, straining or portioning, our large choice of utensils is certain to offer exactly the right tool for the job. Including a huge number of chopping boards, scoops, scales and thermometers from leading brands like Vogue, Matfer and Bonzer, our utensils cater for all needs.


Chefs Uniforms

Stay safe and protected in the kitchen with our selection of high quality professional chef uniforms, from top brands including Whites and Le Chef. Our range includes all workwear, which are required in a professional kitchen and other catering establishments.

Choose from a selection of chefs jackets and tunics, chef pants and chefs hats which can be matched to new or existing work uniforms. Neckerchiefs, waiters white gloves and protective coats are also available in this range. We've even bundled together the complete chef uniform and staff uniform kits too, which includes the essential Whites based on your profession.

Chefs Uniforms

Chefs Knives

An extensive range of professional kitchen knives from Victorinox, Dick, Tsuki and Hygiplas, including a vast variety of cooks, paring, fillet and boning knives to name but a few. This large selection of kitchen and catering knives includes specialist knife sets, colour coded knives for hygiene purposes and knife sharpeners to keep your knives razor sharp at all times. We also stock magnetic knife racks for easy storage, as well as knife blocks and wallets and cases for safe and easy manoeuvring.


Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware

For a great choice of cutlery, crockery and glassware browse our extensive range of dinnerware and you will find fine dinner sets, kitchenware, mugs and cups, glasses and luxury cutlery ideal for every kind of restaurant, bar, hotel or celebration. From fine china, stainless steel cutlery, hotelware and a huge range of glasses to choose from our high-quality tableware gives you the perfect opportunity to really show off your kitchen and hosting skills. All from trusted brands like Olympia, Churchill, Athena, Kristallon and Lumina, you can be confident your cutlery, crockery and glassware will surpass all the demands of the private and professional dining room.

Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware

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Skope Refrigeration TME Series

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Skope TME series is the single biggest selling multi-purpose storage cabinet series around, enabling you to increase your refrigeration capacity without spending a fortune.


There are 3 models in the TME range:

Skope TME650 single door 610 litres capacity
Skope TME1000 2 door 980 litres capacity
Skope TME1500 3 door 1526 litres capacity

Generic Specifcations

  • Operating temperature adjustable from +1°C to +4°C in 40°C ambient
  • Consistent temperatures maintained by fan-forced ducted air fow
  • Thermometer fitted on chiller
  • Exterior: galvanised steel (powder coated white, excluding top)
  • Or natural finish stainless steel (excluding galvanised black powder coated top and back)
  • Interior: galvanised steel (powder coated white) or natural finish stainless steel
  • SKOPE Removable Cyclone™ integral refrigeration system
  • Easy plug-in, 10 Amp power supply (230-240V, 50Hz), via mains flex
  • Five adjustable shelves per door as standard
  • Self-closing, double-glazed, toughened safety-glass doors with silver anodised aluminium frames
  • Solid doors available as an optional extra
  • Long life, replaceable magnetic door gaskets
  • Illuminated interior with full length vertical fuorescent lights
  • Long-life LED lighting standard on TME650 and TME1000
  • Insulation: 50mm thick, high density cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam (CFC, HCFC & HFC free)
  • R134a refrigerant (CFC & HCFC free)
  • Plumbing free design
  • Front lockable, swivel castors make installation, positioning and relocation easy
  • Plain fascia panel in matching finish as standard

TME Promotion

SCK currently has a promotion running offering a third year warranty on the Skope TME series and our pricing is still ultra competitive.

Remote Specifcations

  • Thermostatic expansion valve fitted as standard (to suit R134a or R404A, please specify when ordering)
  • Other refrigerants available if supported by suitable expansion valve
  • See Remote Refrigeration System Specifications on page 124 for more information

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