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Top 100 Restaurants in Australia

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The inaugural AFR Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants list, as voted by their peers.

Congratulations to you all, and to all the other hardworking restaurants around Australia.

Top 100 restaurants in Australia

  • 1. Sepia NSW
  • 2. Attica  VIC
  • 3. Quay NSW
  • 4. Brae, Birregurra VIC
  • 5. Cutler & Co VIC
  • 6. Vue de Monde VIC
  • 7. Cumulus Inc. VIC
  • 8. Sixpenny NSW
  • 9. Mr Wong NSW
  • 10. Tetsuya’s NSW
  • 11. Flower Drum VIC
  • 12. Rockpool NSW
  • 13. Bentley Restaurant & Bar NSW
  • 14. Ester NSW
  • 15. MoVida VIC
  • 16. Momofuku Seiōbo NSW
  • 17. Garagistes (closed) TAS
  • 18. The Town Mouse VIC
  • 19. Café Paci NSW
  • 20. Café Di Stasio VIC
  • 21. 10 William St  NSW
  • 22. Saint Crispin VIC
  • 23. Porteno NSW
  • 24. Supernormal VIC
  • 25. Est. NSW
  • 26. The Bridge Room NSW
  • 27. Estelle VIC
  • 28. Lee Ho Fook VIC
  • 29. Rockpool Bar & Grill NSW
  • 30. Lake House, Daylesford VIC
  • 31. Biota Dining, Bowral NSW
  • 32. Billy Kwong NSW
  • 33. Marque NSW
  • 34. Franklin  TAS
  • 35. Fratelli Paradiso NSW
  • 36. Esquire QLD
  • 37. Golden Century NSW
  • 38. Monopole NSW
  • 39. Sean’s Panaroma NSW
  • 40. France-Soir VIC
  • 41. Chin Chin VIC
  • 42. Rockpool Bar & Grill VIC
  • 43. Coda VIC
  • 44. Magill Estate Restaurant SA
  • 45. Restaurant Amusé WA
  • 46. Bar Lourinhã VIC
  • 47. Orana SA
  • 48. The Apollo NSW
  • 49. Lau’s Family Kitchen VIC
  • 50. Ezard VIC
  • 51. Pilu at Freshwater NSW
  • 52. Icebergs Dining Room & Bar NSW
  • 53. Wasabi Restaurant & Bar QLD
  • 54. Pei Modern VIC
  • 55. Yoshii NSW
  • 56. Moon Park  NSW
  • 57. Fish Face (closed) NSW
  • 58. Guillaume NSW
  • 59. LuMi NSW
  • 60. Africola SA
  • 61. Spice Temple  NSW
  • 62. Provenance, Beechworth VIC
  • 63. Pendolino NSW
  • 64. Cho Cho San NSW
  • 65. Il Bacaro VIC
  • 66. Hentley Farm, Seppeltsfield SA
  • 67. Ormeggio at the Spit NSW
  • 68. Nomad NSW
  • 69. Tonka VIC
  • 70. Grossi Florentino VIC
  • 71. Urbane QLD
  • 72. Oscillate Wildly NSW
  • 73. Sokyo NSW
  • 74. Gerard’s Bistro QLD
  • 75. ARIA Restaurant NSW
  • 76. Gingerboy VIC
  • 77. Vasse Felix Restaurant, Cowaramup WA
  • 78. Luxembourg  VIC
  • 79. Belle’s Hot Chicken VIC
  • 80. The European VIC
  • 81. Ms G’s NSW
  • 82. Bodega NSW
  • 83. MoVida NSW
  • 84. Moon Under Water VIC
  • 85. Ethos Eat Drink TAS
  • 86. Izakaya Den VIC
  • 87. Print Hall WA
  • 88. ACME NSW
  • 89. Spice Temple  VIC
  • 90. Longrain VIC
  • 91. Epocha VIC
  • 92. Peel St  SA
  • 93. El Publico WA
  • 94. Ten Minutes By Tractor, Main Ridge VIC
  • 95. Aubergine ACT
  • 96. Longrain NSW
  • 97. 4Fourteen NSW
  • 98. Buon Ricordo NSW
  • 99. Da Noi VIC
  • 100. Lalla Rookh WA

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OHAUS Precision Scales

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, May 14, 2015

OHAUS Defender Bench Scales

For more than a century, the OHAUS name has been synonymous with high-quality, durable and reliable mechanical and electronic balances, scales and moisture analyzers that meet the weighing needs of virtually every industry. Ohaus Precision Scales global and long-standing success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to offering a wide range of products that are efficient and simple to use.

OHAUS Defender Bench Scales

Defender™ 2000 - Value Level Bench Scales

Designed for dependability and durability at a practical price!

The OHAUS Defender™ 2000-E Series line of bench scales is designed for durability in commercial and industrial weighing applications. The Defender 2000-E Series features a sturdy, welded steel frame, polished stainless steel pan, and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD display and built-in rechargeable battery operation. Depend on the OHAUS Defender 2000-E Series when you need to maximize your budget for quality weighing equipment.

  • • Defender 2000 supports printing and data collection as a PC or printer can be connected through the built-in RS232.
  • • The polished 430 stainless steel pan with painted carbon steel frame and aluminum alloy IP65 load cell provides strength and durability.
  • • An AC adapter and internal rechargeable lead acid battery provide options for powering your Defender 2000.

Defender™ 3000 - Bases and Bench Scales

The OHAUS Defender™ 3000 Series economy line of dry or wet-use indicators, bases and bench scalesis ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas.

Used in both bench and floor scale configurations, they feature a simple yet rugged tubular-frame base design and indicators with positive feedback keys, high-contrast backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities. The OHAUS Defender 3000 Series is the solution to your weighing applications that require dependability within an affordable budget.

  • • Defender 3000 is OIML approved, NTEP certified, and Measurement Canada approved for use in all legal-for-trade applications.
  • • The durable Defender 3000 has a 304 stainless steel platform, aluminum IP67 load cell, as well as a painted tubular frame, column and indicator bracket.
  • • The ultra-long-lasting internal rechargeable battery provides operation on a single charge for up to 120 hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation for five straight days.


OHAUS Aviator Scales

Aviator 500 - Standard Price Computing Retail Scale

The Aviator 5000 is a modern, ergonomic compact scale available in weight ranges from 5g to 15kg. Coupled with battery operation, the Aviator 5000 is both a stylish and efficient tool for mobile selling.

Rechargeable Battery

For complete mobility, the scale can be run via rechargeable battery with a long-lasting operation time of up to 180 hours.

Ergonomic Grips

Two ergonomic grips on the lower side of the scale combined with its light net weight of only 4.2kg make it extremely easy to transport.

Trade Approval

Approved and certified by National Measurement Institute (NMI), means the Aviator 5000 maintains the highest accuracy and allows quick data signal processing.

Cable Case

With built-in cable storage, the work area is kept tidy, transportation is simple and the risk of mislaying the power cable is eliminated.

Aviator 7000 - Advanced Price Computing Retail Scale

The Aviator 7000 guarantees robustness, operating speed and accuracy whatever the retail environment.

Ethernet Connection

The Aviator 7000 can be connected to an external Point of Sale (POS) device or an electronic cash register via RS232 or USB for easy integration into existing systems.

Two Model Options

The Aviator 7000 is available in a compact or tower model. The compact model is suitable for high bench tops and big boxed items, while the tower model is perfect for lower bench tops and general weighing items.

Multiple Weighing Ranges

The compact model covers weighing range: 3kg/1g, 15kg/5g and 30kg/10g making it suitable for various weighing requirements.

Separate Tare Line

Both the compact and tower models contain a large four line LCD display including a separate tare line which highlights the preset tare weight, making daily tasks more simple.

OHAUS Valor Precision Scales

OHAUS Valor Precision Scales

OHAUS Valor 1000

OHAUS Valor 1000 precision scales are an economical choice for your basic weighing needs. Standard software includes check weighing mode, accumulation mode and multiple units of measure. Valor 1000 scales feature a removable stainless steel weighing platform, and a mid profile ABS plastic housing with levelling adjustment. Each scale also comes standard with a long lasting internal rechargeable battery for ultimate portability and convenience.

Ergonomic design

Compact footprint, large removable stainless pan with a bright, easy to read backlit LCD (models with front or dual front and back of scale displays available) and audible alerts.

Solid performance

Fast response time, levelling capability standard and precision resolutions up to 7,500d.

Friendly operation

Easy to clean and transport. Included long-life internal rechargeable battery with standard AC power adapter and user selectable auto shut off backlight.

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Bromic Refrigeration Products

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bromic Refrigeration supplies a wide range of commercial refrigeration products to several industries across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Our range includes products from the world’s leading manufacturers: Jordao, IARP, Ice Matic, Simag, Silfer, and Zanotti.

Some of the refrigeration products supplied include Glass Door Display Merchandisers, Display Freezers, Ice Machines, Modular Coolroom Systems and many more.

Bromic Commercial Refrigeration supplies multiple commercial sites including large hotel chains, retail chains, independent stores and other businesses.

Bromic Refrigeration products

Vertical Cabinets

Commercial refrigeration equipment to suit any hospitality food-service business. Bromic offers a large range of upright display fridges and refrigerated storage solutions. From underbar to counter fridges, bar freezers to cool rooms, we have the right commercial refrigeration equipment for you. Our commercial refrigeration equipment comes from a variety of leading brands and our own direct-import range.

Countertop Displays

Find the widest range of counter top display fridges & refrigeration equipment, exceptional service & great value deals. With so many to choose from, whether you want a fridge or freezer system for ice cream or beverages, you can be sure that you will find the ideal solution and order it conveniently. The Bromic Curved Countertop Merchandisers combine stylish design with high performance to ensure the optimum point-of-sale promotion for your product.

Adjustable shelving High output bright LED product lighting Adjustable temperature control

Underbar Refrigeration

The Bromic range of high specification underbar storage chillers are ideally suited for professional use in restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs and all high volume food preparation areas.We offer underbar and underbench fridges as well as counter fridges and horizontal bar fridges, in a range of sizes, shapes and styles.

Deli Display

Bromic offer a great range of deli display fridges for all kinds of applications. Whatever your merchandise – fruit and vegetables, dairy products, beverages, impulse small goods or any other refrigerated product – an deli display fridge will let your customers view your stock easily while keeping it cool and fresh.

Ice Machines

Bromic offers a huge range of commercial ice machines. We offer self-contained ice makers that produce solid or flake ice and bundled makers in a variety of production and storage capacities.

"With a small Bromic commercial ice machine, it's great having continuous ice, especially in summer" - Cindy Sargon, Celebrity Chef

Ice Cream/Gelato

Bromic has a large range of ice cream freezers for you to display your ice cream and gelato. We have freezers to assist any hospitality and food-service business with stylish and efficient ice cream display. Our freezers come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Chest Freezers

Bromic has a comprehensive range of chest freezers...We have commercial refrigeration equipment to suit any hospitality food-service business. Our commercial refrigeration equipment comes from a variety of leading brands and our own direct-import range.

Cool/Freezer Rooms

Bromic has a comprehensive range of cool & freezer rooms... With so many to choose from, whether you want a split in motor or drop-in motor system, you can be sure that you will find the ideal solution and order it conveniently.


Bromic offers a range of outdoor LPG and natural gas heaters for purchase. With both outdoor gas and electric heaters available, we are sure to have an outdoor heater buying solution for your entertainment space, café or restaurant.

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Fun Friday 8 May

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, May 08, 2015

Our fun Friday facebook post is

Ombudsman here I come!

  Fun Friday Post 

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Fun Friday 1 May

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, May 01, 2015

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Soup or Guinness, what a choice!

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Pizza and Takeaway Report HISI 2015

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Monday, April 27, 2015

Operating within the fast food sector, Australia’s food franchising market has boomed over the last five years, and better yet, it’s still in its growth phase.

Franchising is incredibly different in structure to other businesses: ‘operators provide branding, marketing, administrative support, training and other services to franchisees in return for annual royalties and marketing fees’.

Pizza & Takeaways Franchises

The industry is highly concentrated, with four major players dominating the Australian pizza market, owning an estimated 95.3% of franchised pizza stores: Domino’s, EBA Pizza Holdings, Retail Food Group and Yum! Restaurants Australia.

This sector displays an inherent knack for first identifying and then capitalising on shifting patterns in consumer behaviour, namely that of health and a growing fascination with premium, quality ingredients.

Franchises that have positioned themselves as healthier alternatives to more traditional options have performed well. Gourmet and speciality pizzas have drawn consumers in, and also encouraged new players to enter the market.

When it comes to consumers of takeaway franchises, there’s one thing that’s always top of mind: convenience.

Technology and social media have become a focus and investment for major industry players.

The way in which businesses and consumers interact is radically changing, and those that capitalise on these opportunities will reap the benefits.

Domino’s Pizza certainly paved the way in this space with clever social media campaigns and smartphone and tablet applications to speed up the purchase process.

Others have since followed suit with similar online platforms. Allowing customers to order, pay and provide feedback online have proven to be major catalysts for industry growth.

This industry segment has always had (and always will) a reasonably high cost of labour. A typical pizza franchisee spends roughly a quarter "of their annual revenue on wages and associated labour costs".

While technology has helped to automate some processes, labour is still an intensive cost to franchisees. Franchising and licensing fees and marketing levies also eat into their profit margins.

Pizza & Takeaways Franchises

This sector can require a substantial level of capital, which reduces the pool of potential franchisees considerably. One of the main capital requirements for a franchise is kitchen equipment, and this cost has grown over the last five years.

Successful franchises such as Domino’s, Crust and Subway have funded their kitchen equipment through Silver Chef to save capital, protect cash flow and avoid having depreciating equipment on their books.

As all franchisors know, business performance hangs on franchisees replicating the original business idea exactly, down to its systems, layout and equipment models.

Franchisees who assume a wellknown brand alone will guarantee a profit are making a significant error in judgement. Finding the right franchisees for your brand is pertinent to your business’ success.

With nearly 30 years of experience and industry knowledge, Silver Chef is Australia’s only dedicated hospitality equipment funder.

Article source: Silver Chef, and the Hospitality Industry Success Index Report 2015.

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Fun Friday 24 April

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, April 24, 2015

Our fun Friday facebook post is

Would you eat at these places?

You may be dining alone!

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How to Succeed in Restaurants and Cafes

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Thursday, April 23, 2015

We hope that you have found this email series to be of great value to your business. Certainly the feed-back we have been getting has been very positive.

However the book is work in progress. As business principles change or we find other areas where our knowledge of the industry could likely be of assistance to you we will update the book.

How to Succeed in Restaurants and Cafe's

Sydney Commercial Kitchens is proud of the role it is playing in the catering equipment industry through our web site and also through the installations that we do. We would love to provide you with a quotation for your new kitchen and bar area.

We will also be continuing to develop the web site to bring you more information on all products. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with all our customers.

Do a friend a favour!

You may have some friends or business acquaintances that would also benefit from what we offer. Please tell them about us or just drop us an email with their name and phone number. We promise to take good care of them and provide the same standard of service as we did for you.

Don’t forget to contact us should you find that now, or in the future, you need some further equipment or just want some advice on some equipment. Please give us the opportunity to discuss this with you.

To maintain our high standards tell us if there is any way you feel we could improve our service. Your comments are most appreciated. In fact, they are very important to us.

We want you to know that we really appreciate your business. We look forward to working with you again!

Previous blog posts in this series are:

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Sous Vide Cooking

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Temperature control is the key to kitchen success. PolyScience places control firmly in your hands.

Consistent, precise and cost effective temperature control has always been our core competency. Building on that foundation, we’re proud to have become the “go to” source for chefs seeking a wide array of precise technical solutions to their kitchen challenges.

Recognizing that temperature control is the key to culinary success, many of the world’s top chefs approached PolyScience seeking solutions. As an inventor and avid home cook, our president Philip Preston began developing products to meet the needs of both professional chefs and home cooks. The result has been an unsurpassed line of temperature control equipment that meets your exact needs and budget. Today many of the world’s most accomplished culinary experts depend on our temperature control equipment. We are constantly addressing all aspects of the culinary arts and sciences to help you consistently and cost effectively create signature dining experiences, anytime you want.

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide is simply a precise temperature control cooking method. Food is usually vacuum sealed in a non-reactive pouch and heated in a water bath at a gentle temperature until the desired degree of doneness is achieved. Virtually no other method provides more control, allowing you to consistently deliver exactly the same results, time after time.

Sous Vide may seem like a new concept but it’s been part of our culinary heritage for a long time. Wrapping meat in leaves and burying it in a fire pit to cook "low and slow" to develop outstanding flavours, aroma and texture is just one example of how our collective ancestors may have begun evolving the technique. The principles have remained largely unchanged.

Today’s Sous Vide, which simply translates to “under vacuum,” allows you to easily apply those same principles in your kitchen, but with the benefits of incredible precision and ease. Combined with searing, roasting and other cooking methods, Sous Vide produces truly amazing results that can’t be replicated any other way.

Just as importantly, Sous Vide cooking enhances food safety by allowing chefs to make informed decisions about temperature and cook time without compromising flavor, texture, aroma or color. It’s easy, for example, to deliver perfectly poached eggs that have been held at precise temperatures long enough to achieve pasteurization for safe consumption. Consequently, many of the world’s most respected chefs depend on Sous Vide to turn their culinary visions into realities.

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Fun Friday 17 April

Posted by: Sydney Commercial Kitchens |  Friday, April 17, 2015

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What does your dream kitchen look like?

Perhaps this?

  Fun Friday Post 

or maybe this?

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