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Hand washing

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hand hygiene contributes significantly to keeping food safe.

It is a simple, low-cost strategy to prevent the spread of many of the microbes that cause associated infections. While hand hygiene is not the only measure it can dramatically enhance food safety.

Our hands may look clean, but many germs may be still present which could transmit disease.

Clean Hands

Appropriate facilities for hand washing may include:

  warm running water
  soap from a soap dispenser
  single use towels
  designated hand washing sink.

It is also a great idea to have a laminated poster with hand washing instructions in a prominent position near your hand basin facilities. While your staff may know how to wash their hands properly, it also serves to let your local health inspector know that you take this issue seriously.

You can download a hand washing instruction poster

Hand washing facilities must be provided to enable workers to maintain good standards of personal hygiene. Workers may need to wash their hands at different times (for example, after visiting the toilet, before and after eating meals, after preparing different meat products, fish etc).

Design of hand washing facilities should:

  be accessible at all times to work areas, eating areas and the toilets
  be separate from troughs or sinks used in connection with the work process
  contain both hot and cold water taps or temperature mixers
  be protected from the weather
  be supplied with non-irritating soap (preferably from a soap dispenser)
  contain hygienic hand drying facilities, for example automatic air dryers or paper towels.

Where a business engages in activities such as food preparation, there are also duties under health legislation in relation to hand washing facilities.

Hand washing facilities

Exerpt from Standard 3.2.2 (Food Safety Practices and General Requirements).

(1) Subject to subclause (4), food premises must have hand washing facilities that are located where they can be easily accessed by food handlers:
(a) within areas where food handlers work if their hands are likely to be a source of contamination of food; and
(b) if there are toilets on the food premises — immediately adjacent to the toilets or toilet cubicles.

(2) Subject to the following subclauses, hand washing facilities must be:
(a) permanent fixtures;
(b) connected to, or otherwise provided with, a supply of warm running potable water;
(c) of a size that allows easy and effective hand washing; and
(d) clearly designated for the sole purpose of washing hands, arms and face.

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Irinox Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SKOPE are now the exclusive Australasian distributors of the world leading Irinox Multi Fresh range of Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers, Holding Cabinets and the specialist Bakery Day System.

Since 1989 Irinox continues to lead the world in Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer technology. The range is suitable for all food service and food preparation industries including restaurants, caterers, bakeries and patisseries and is ideal for confectionary, gelato, ice cream and chocolate.

The advantages of using an Irinox system:

Pre-prepare meals without compromising food texture, flavour and freshness
Cool and freeze food with speed and delicacy
Continuously serve high quality food
Reduce production costs
Reduce food wastage
Limit food weight loss
Preserve food for longer


The results:

Greater food management
Maximum food quality, freshness and consistency
Expand food menu options
Better organisation
Quicker customer service
Improved safety standards
Significant ongoing savings
Ability to work smarter and boost profits

Who would benefit from using an Irinox system:

Commercial kitchens
Restaurants and cafes
Ice cream manufacturers
Any commercial operation that needs to preserve and store food

Eight reasons why Irinox technology will transform your food management

1. Food tastes better

Dishes chilled or frozen incorrectly can destroy their texture, flavour and appearance. Irinox preserves premium quality, so you can charge premium prices.

2. Improved food safety

Maintain freshness over time with superior food safety and comply with HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points - cold chain management). Irinox removes the need to have food cooling on benches or having warm food sitting alongside cooler food in a conventional chiller.

3. Labour cost savings

Save up to 30% on labour costs through reduced overtime and being well prepared for peak demand periods in advance.

4. Lower input costs

Produce can be purchased in bulk when prices are seasonally lower, then blast chilled and frozen for use at a much later date.

5. Prepare foods faster

Improve workflow and speed up preparation times. Irinox technology allows you to take food straight from the oven or off the cook top and rapidly chill or freeze it.

6. Batch prepare ahead of time

Large quantities of food can be pre-prepared days or weeks in advance, then blast chilled or shock frozen to allow for rostered days off and demand spikes.

7. Less waste

In a commercial kitchen, up to 40% of food can be thrown out. Irinox blast chilling technology reduces waste dramatically, by allowing better planning and significantly longer preservation of fresh and pre-prepared food.

8. Longer shelf life

With bacteria formation being eliminated during blast chilling and shock freezing, food can be preserved in pristine condition for up to three times longer.

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Washtech Warewashers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From glasswashers to rack conveyor dishwashers, the Washtech range has been developed to meet the requirements of a diverse client base. With simple controls these machines are easy to use. They wash extremely well and are highly energy efficient. Robust and easy to service, they also last an incredibly long time. It’s not simply a matter of ensuring the ‘big picture’ details are right however.

Quality from the inside out

Washtech machines are handemade, fully-welded and offer consistently thick and durable stainless steel tank construction. The unique copper rinse tanks are designed to withstand even the harshest water conditions. Look past the surface and you'll find a host of unique strengths that only Washtech can provide your business.

High performance

The range of Washtech commercial dishwashers define the warewashing machines of today, typically containing the most powerful wash pumps in their category to ensure high performance. Bigger pumps deliver higher volumes of wash water via computer designed and positioned wash jets ensuring faster clean up times and minimises rewash.

Many Washtech models are also one touch multi-cycle, to provide longer cycle options for more highly soiled washware without using anymore water per cycle.

Built to last

Copper rinse boilers are another example of their commitment to quality and long machine life. While copper tanks are more expensive than stainless (and have to be handcrafted), they're far more durable in hard water conditions.

Extra strong doors; the undercounter machines take a beating in the daily grind of the kitchen. In passthrough models like the M2 the hoods are legendary. They're the lightest in the industry with perfectly balanced with no stress placed on the hoods when being lifted. This makes them especially easy to use, particularly in corner situations where one-hand operation is vital hence making them last far, far longer.

Easy to clean

Most of Washtech machines have multiple filtration systems for superior wash performance and to make internal cleaning so much easier and quicker. The L-shape tank is designed with curved corners and scrap trays allowing waste to collect where it's easier to reach and remove.

Most machines also include a number of other Fast-Clean features for the easiest ongoing cleaning work.

The importance of sustainable design

There are a number of different reasons why reducing water consumption is crucial to efficiency. All of the water used must be heated to temperatures adequate to wash well and sanitise effectively during the final hot rinse. Chemicals, such as detergent and rinse aid are vital to overall performance, and the consumption of these depends on water volumes. Washtech offers all the latest technical innovations and meet the strictest hygiene requirements with low water consumption – the GM recirculating glasswasher only uses 2 litres of water per cycle even on long cycles.

5-2-1 promise

Washtech back their products with the best warranty in the business. That's 5 years on the cabinet, 2 years on the wash pump, and a comprehensive parts and labour warranty for the first 12 months.

Regulatory standards

Washtech ensure all technology is produced to cover all the compliance standards and regulations with different markets to comply with local electrical and hygiene regulations and is Watermark certified. This makes all Washtech machines quick and easy to install without the need to for further approval or backflow prevention devices needed.

1. Washtech A-Type Premium - The greatest capability

For the very best in fast, energy-efficient washing the A-type Premium range can’t be beaten. With a higher performance level and extended functionality this range delivers easier operation and reduced operating costs. Thanks to a clever design and construction process the technology now provides even quieter, cooler operation.


The advanced new filtration systems accumulate food waste and remove much of it from the machine during operation. Hot fresh rinse water is all retained instead of cooler soiled water – which is pumped from the machine. It’s a process that ensures both fresher wash water and reduces energy and chemical use.

Peace of mind is also a vital factor in the appeal of these machines thanks to the assured rinse system. Performance is now guaranteed regardless of the supply temperature or pressure. Increased practicality is another key strength with the range ideally suited for connection to reverse osmosis water supply.

The powerful pumps of the A-type range deliver high performance with a smooth, soft start – a process that minimises disruption to washware. With this level of brawn and brains the range provides the last word in commercial wash performance.



We’ve developed full acoustic and thermal insulation to both reduce operational noise and provide a cooler operating environment.

Smooth action door

This undercounter range now has a spring assisted drop-down door to ensure a soft, fluid action when opening or closing.

Assured rinse

Rinse performance is assured regardless of water supply pressure with the 316 grade break tank and rinse booster pump. Additional heating is also available when using reverse osmosis water.

Hot rinse retention

Our system ensures fresh clean hot rinse water is retained within the wash tank instead of cooler soiled water, resulting in a reduction in the overall energy consumption. Enhanced filtration Filtration systems have been enhanced throughout the range to separate food soil from wash water and improve wash performance – the A-type actively removes filtered waste during the machine cycle.

Intuitive controls

A clear electronic control display provides just the right amount of status information.


We’ve developed full acoustic and thermal insulation to both reduce operational noise and provide a cooler operating environment.

Smooth action door

This undercounter range now has a spring assisted drop-down door to ensure a soft, fluid action when opening or closing.

Assured rinse

Rinse performance is assured regardless of water supply pressure with the 316 grade break tank and rinse booster pump. Additional heating is also available when using reverse osmosis water.

Hot rinse retention

Our system ensures fresh clean hot rinse water is retained within the wash tank instead of cooler soiled water, resulting in a reduction in the overall energy consumption.

Enhanced filtration

Filtration systems have been enhanced throughout the range to separate food soil from wash water and improve wash performance – the A-type actively removes filtered waste during the machine cycle.

Intuitive controls

A clear electronic control display provides just the right amount of status information.

Washtech GL

The GL is a fully featured compact machine with powerful upper and lower wash systems and assured final rinse with break tank. A Fully Insulated Premium Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher

The GL is not just a superb glasswasher – it’s a high specification compact undercounter machine that accepts all racks up to 450mm square. With upper and lower rotating wash arms, multiple cycles and enhanced filtration it is a highly effective dishwasher that’s ideal for when space is limited (particularly so when large plates are not being used). Operators appreciate that the significantly lower weight of loaded racks making them much easier to lift onto the bench. And they enjoy the cooler, quieter work environment that advanced thermal and acoustic insulation delivers.

Washtech UL

Fully Insulated Premium Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher

The Washtech UL model delivers cool, quiet efficient washing in a fully-featured 500mm rack format. The powerful wash with soft start and advanced filtration ensures great results and the rinse break tank / booster pump deliver highly efficient performance regardless of water supply rinse performance. Along with the thermal and acoustic insulation the carefully sprung and balanced door makes this unit a pleasure to use.

Washtech AL

Fully Insulated Premium Passthrough Dishwasher

As one of the most powerful machines on the market the AL unit is famous for high capacity passthrough performance. Now, with enhanced filtration and active waste management, the bar has been lifted even higher. Also of note – the high efficiency rinse performance is assured with rinse break tank / booster pump. Application of thermal and acoustic insulation delivers a much nicer work environment. The electronic controls provide improved vastly improved functionality and the unit is even easier to install now that all the service connections are supplied externally.

2. M Type Professional - Renowned Performance

The M-type professional range includes our biggest selling models.

The M type professional range rises to the challenge, exuding robust reliability and performance. All M type models offer electronic controls as standard, the GM and UD have a cool machine front / sound dampened door.




GM and UD models include an operator friendly cool machine front with thermal insulation and sound dampened door.

Assured rinse

The M2 is fitted standard with a 316 stainless steel rinse break tank and rinse booster pump. It is shipped with a 15 amp plugset for fast, easy installation utilising 3kW rinse heating. An additional 3kW rinse heating is fitted and easily connected when 3-phase supply is available, and this is the recommended configuration for rapid recovery between cycles.

Hot rinse retention

The GM and UD models now include additional systems that not only filter both wash and drain water, but also facilitate the flushing of cooler soiled wash water from the machine while retaining fresh hot rinse water.


Filtration systems in the UD & M2 models have been enhanced to ensure better filtration of both wash /drain water, and a quick-clean, contoured wash tank stores water below the easily removable scrap trays.

Intuitive controls

Well-designed electronic controls clearly communicate the machine status and provide comprehensive functionality. With clear numerical and icon indication a selection can be made from multiple cycle options, including light medium or heavy soil levels, filling and draining the machine, a manual cycle for extended washing and service diagnostics.

Stainless steel wash arms

The M-type range is equipped with independent stainless steel wash and rinse arms with removable cleaning caps, and a robust stainless steel internal wash distribution.

Clean Perspective

Dual chemical injectors and a drain pump are fitted as standard on all models in this range.

Quick Connection

All service connections are now accessible externally for fast simple installation. In the M2 model additional rinse heating is fitted and easily activated for 3-phase supply (to ensure rapid recovery between cycles).

Washtech GM

Professional Undercounter Glasswasher and Light Duty Dishwasher, Smart Watermark certified, high efficiency, high performance multi-cycle machine is suitable for busy bars and coffee shops.

The GM model is well recognised as the industry standard for glasswashers. Now, with the latest and greatest version, the standard has been raised once more. There’s a higher level of performance from the upper rotating wash arms and a cooler, quieter operation thanks to the new insulated door. With multiple cycles and improved filtration the GM improves its effectiveness as a compact dishwasher, without compromising its ability to accept all glass racks up to 450mm square.

Washtech UD

Professional Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher

The UD has earned its place as the biggest selling undercounter dishwasher in Australasia – the high performance multi-cycle 500mm rack machine is perfectly suited for cafes and small restaurants. But that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels, and the latest evolution delivers further capabilities. Now with a more compact design and intuitive, user-friendly electronic controls there’s additional functionality and, with an insulated front, greater operator comfort. The ecopower and rinse retention features deliver further efficiency and energy savings.

Washtech GLV

High Performance Undercounter Dishwasher, the GLV is a fully featured compact machine with powerful upper and lower wash systems, now supplied with 450mm all-plastic racks.

Washtech M2

Professional Passthrough Dishwasher

Our M2 model enjoys a stellar reputation of excellence with medium sized restaurants throughout Australasia. The powerful wash capabilities have always been popular, as has the 60-second wash time of the fastest cycle, a feature that allows the M2 to wash up to a 1000 plates in an hour. There’s also the flexibility during installation – it can be installed into either a 600 or 640mm bench gap, making it a great replacement machine when the need arises.

3. X Type Economy - Refined Value

Whether a small start-up business or a larger operation needing additional support for high demand, sometimes simple and cost-effective technology provides the very best solution.

Our economy range has been meticulously developed to meet these requirements, while at the same time surpassing the common expectations of what entry-level products deliver.


With a robust, proven passthrough machine, a simple, high-performance under-counter dishwasher and an extremely efficient glasswasher this range delivers both exemplary performance and, with our industry-leading commitment to post-sale support, ongoing peace of mind.

Key Features

Electromechanical Controls

With our classic electromechanical controls the X-type units can be both easily operated and, if necessary, easily repaired. We use many common components throughout our range, so your service provider is likely to have the part required.

Quick-start cycle

These machines start immediately regardless of rinse temperature. If necessary the wash cycle is then prolonged while the rinse temperature reaches the minimum required for effective sanitisation and compliance.

Cleaning power

Dual chemical injectors - for both detergent and rinse fluid - are fitted standard, and the XG and XU models are fitted with drain pumps.

Quick Connection

All service connections are now accessible externally for fast and simple installation (with the exception of the fixed drain connection on the XP).

Rinse capabilities

While the XP model is shipped with a 15amp plugset for fast, easy installation with 3kW rinse heating there is an additional 3kW rinse heating fitted and easily connected when 3-phase supply is available. This is the recommended configuration: 6 kW rinse heating for rapid recovery between cycles.

Washtech XG

High Efficiency Economy Undercounter Glasswasher Compact Smart Watermark Certified Recirculating Glasswasher.

Efficiency and power lay at the heart of the XG appeal. The excellent water consumption figure of only 1.5 litres per cycle has earned this highly efficient glasswasher Smart Watermark certification. And the recirculating wash system delivers superb wash performance in turn-your-back-and-it’s-done one-minute cycle. The unit also delivers the convenience of compactness, easily fitting under most bars. Installation is a piece of cake too – and it is supplied standard with dual chemical pumps and a drain pump. Last, but not least, the simple electromechanical controls provide day-to-day no fuss operation and year-after-year reliable service.

Washtech XU

Economy Undercounter Dishwasher

The newly developed XU model provides all the capabilities expected from a full-height 500mm rack undercounter dishwasher, and then some. It’s fitted with an insulated door for operator comfort and simple electromechanical controls for easy operation. The powerful pump delivers excellent wash performance in the two-minute wash cycle and the machine comes fitted with dual chemical pumps and a drain pump. And with all service connections external for fast and easy connection you’ll be able to get it in and up and running in next to no time

Washtech XP

Economy market leading passthrough dishwasher that delivers robust performance. With 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles you can be assured that all types of washware can be handled quickly and confidently. The long-lasting electromechanical controls offer both ease of use and peace of mind too. And everything is backed by the acclaimed Washtech warranty. For big results from a small investment, the choice is easy

4. Compact Models

Washtech GE

High speed sanitising glasswasher with a fast one minute complete cycle which includes operator selectable cold final rinse.

Washtech GA

Non-Recirculating high speed sanitising glasswasher with break tank and booster pump to ensure good wash and rinse pressure even when water supply pressure is low.

Washtech GLV

High Performance Undercounter Dishwasher

The GLV is a fully featured compact machine with powerful upper and lower wash systems, now supplied with 450mm all-plastic racks.

Washtech M1

Compact Passthrough Dishwasher

The popular choice in medium volume kitchens where space is limited. Suits economical 600mm bench depth for in-line or corner installation, now supplied with all-plastic 450mm racks.

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Fun Friday 12 September

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, September 15, 2014

Our fun Friday facebook post is

  Fun Friday Post 

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Fine Food Australia Melbourne 2014

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, September 11, 2014

Connecting the food industry for 30 years.

Held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over four big days, Fine Food Australia is Australia’s largest annual food industry trade expo. And this year they celebrate 30 years, so they are making the show bigger and better than ever.

Fine Food Melbourne 2014


With over 24,000 visitors and more than 1,000 exhibitors under the one roof, Fine Food Australia is a mecca for food service, retail and hospitality professionals hungry for inspiration from the industry’s latest products, trends and innovations.

You’ll get the chance to connect with key industry figures, take in live demonstrations and masterclasses and participate in industry-recognised competitions.

So mark your calendar, register your entry and join them for this year’s Fine Food Australia expo from 15-18 September!

Fine Food Australia is celebrating its 30th year of connecting buyers and sellers within the food industry. This year, Australia’s leading trade show will present new and innovative products from around Australia and from over 45 countries internationally.

2014 will see the introduction of more theatres, live demonstrations, masterclasses and industry recognised competitions.

Don’t want to go to Melbourne?

Don’t worry if you miss your chance to visit the largest trade show in the southern hemisphere.

Here at Sydney Commercial Kitchens we have access to all the great show specials and without the costs of setting up a stand at the show we can pass these savings straight on to you, our customers. And without leaving your home or office!

So while it is great to actually see the equipment up close, if you already know what you need why not give us a call on 1300 881119. Just tell us what you are looking for and see what we can do for you!

Now that is really saving you time & money!

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Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machines

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No one knows ice better than Manitowoc.

Building the perfect ice machine wasn’t easy, but inside-of-the box thinking is just what you’ve come to expect from Manitowoc® Ice. We’ve combined intuition and innovation for the perfect ice machine. We call it Indigo,™ you’ll call it “ice assurance” because you’ll never have to worry about ice again.

The Indigo uncomplicates everything about the ice making process. State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality, and quickly display up-to-date service information.

Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machines

All you need to know is that with the Indigo, great-tasting ice will be waiting for you when you need it the most.

Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business, the Indigo™ Series ice machine's preventative diagnostics continually monitor itself for reliable ice production. Improvements in cleanability and programmability make your ice machine easy to own and less expensive to operate.

Ideal for restricted ceiling heights or built in applications.

Product Features

  •   EasyRead Display: Communicates operating status, cleaning reminders, and asset information through a blue illuminated display.
  •   Programmable Ice Production: By On/Off Time, Ice Volume or Bin Level (with accessory bin level control) further improves energy efficiency and savings.
  •   Easy to Clean Foodzone: Hinged front door swings out for easy access. Removable water-trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes for fast and efficient cleaning. Select components made with AlphaSan® antimicrobial.
  •   Intelligent Diagnostics: Provide 24 hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble free operation.
  •   Space-Saving Design: Up to 310 lbs. (141 kgs.) daily ice production and only 30" (76.20 cm) wide.
  •   Acoustical Ice Sensing Probe: For reliable operation in challenging water conditions.
  •   DuraTech Exterior: Provides superior corrosion resistance. Stainless finish with innovative clear-coat resists fingerprints and dirt.
  •   Available Lumlnlce Growth Inhibitor: Controls the growth of bacteria and yeast within the foodzone.

A complete line of Manitowoc Ice Air-Cooled ice machines: there's a reason why Manitowoc Ice has been named overall best in class 10 years running.

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Fun Friday 5 September

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, September 08, 2014

Our fun Friday facebook post is

Does your food have soul?

  Fun Friday Post 

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Hygiene Standards in Your Foodservice Kitchen

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, September 04, 2014

Regulations of local councils and state health authorities regarding food service must be followed.

These regulations are quite similar in every council, although there may be some local rules to abide by. Most council’s will provide you with a booklet or pamphlet outlining their regulations for little or no cost. It is worth checking out.

When we opened our restaurant in busy Crows Nest we were visited by the local council health inspector. Immediately we were on his good books as he could see that we were steam cleaning what had been a previously filthy kitchen. Then we always maintained a high level of hygiene and cleanliness, so that on his regular future visits he would see that there were no hygiene issues.

Restaurant Health Check

In maintaining hygiene standards it is always better to err on the side of cleanliness. As implementation of sanitary practices depends on you and your employees, constant vigilance is required.

The main points of hygiene are:

  • Equipment and layout should be set up to allow good sanitary practices.
  • Food should be handled, stored and refrigerated so as to prevent spoilage and contamination.
  • Food should be safe guarded in distribution and service.
  • Never accept frozen or refrigerated products that arrive at an unacceptable temperature.
  • Washing of dishes, glasses, utensils and equipment should always be to the highest of standards.
  • Floors, wall, ceilings, counters, tables and chairs should be cleaned regularly.
  • Hair bands, hair nets or caps are recommended for all kitchen staff.
  • Hands and finger nails must be clean at all times. Hand washing basins must be provided in all work areas.
  • Chef Knives and cutting boards should be washed thoroughly prior to working with different meats to prevent cross contamination.
  • Kitchen exhaust hood and filters to be cleaned regularly.

All of these regulations can be enforced by strict surveillance, but the task is easier if your staff have an understanding of the dangers of food contamination.

Previous blog posts in this series are:

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Anets GoldenFRY and SilverLINE Deep Fryers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fast Recovery. Sure-Fire Quality.

When great food and on-the-ball service are your top draws, you have to have an ANETS GoldenFRY™ Fryer in your kitchen lineup. Every durable model is built to conserve shortening and perform at optimum energy-efficiency, so you save more money day after day, year after year. Plus, the simple, straightforward design minimizes cleanup and reduces maintenance expenses.

Anets SilverLINE and GoldenFRY Fryers

The Dependable Anets GoldenFRY™ Series of Fryers.

GoldenFRY Gas Fryers.

Only ANETS fryers are studded with row upon row of high-performance, copper-flashed heat exchangers to maintain direct heat transfer to the frypot. You get superior heat recovery... batch after batch. For fast, crispy golden fried foods that look and taste great, make it an ANETS!

GoldenFRY Electric Fryers.

For installations requiring an electric fryer, the low-watt density design of the heating elements not only extends the life of the heating elements themselves, but the life of your shortening. Plus, they provide maximum energy transfer to heat up the frypot quickly.

ANETS SilverLINE Series Fryer

It's quality you can afford and the value you expect. ANETS SilverLINE™ Series is built to ANETS standards, and priced for today's market.
SLG40 Gas Fryers 14"
SLG100 Gas Fryers 18"

ANETS SilverLine 14" and 18" gas fryers provide the highest value in frying.

Check out our full lineup of gas fryers and electric fryers available in a wide range of capacity sizes, as well as our assortment of unique filtration systems and fryer accessories.

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Fun Friday 29 August

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, September 01, 2014

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Life is short - eat dessert first!

  Fun Friday Post 

This was my dessert at " the Penthouse at The Huntley" in Santa Monica CA. While I didn't eat it first I did eat it all! In fact the whole meal was yummy!

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