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Save your Money with Silver Chef

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Future is Bright with Silver Chef Equipment Funding!

Silver Chef Promo Reduced Bond

With nearly 30 years of experience and industry knowledge, Silver Chef is Australia’s only dedicated hospitality equipment funder.

Any new or existing customer that applies for finance from 1st October – 28th November 2014 is eligible for the reduced bond.

With Silver Chef as your equipment funding partner, there’s no limit to where your business can go!

Get started today, simply call 1800 191 684 or APPLY NOW

*Standard terms and conditions apply and are subject to clear credit conditions

Work Smarter and Save your Money with Silver Chef

We are all busy thinking of what we can claim on this year’s tax return as well how can you continue to grow your business whilst saving money as well.

The vast majority of business owners agree that starting up a venture costs more than expected. You have to consider rent, electricity, marketing costs, staff wages, fit out costs and equipment costs. But what happens if you get an unexpected pipe leak, or a piece of your equipment breaks?

You’ll need cash immediately, and what better way to combat these expenses than to have the cash quite literally sitting in your bank account?

Silver Chef’s funding models free up your capital, preserves your cash and lets you get on with your dream.

With the Rent-Try-Buy® Solution, you aren’t locked into a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a 12-month agreement, so your business can be PURRE and flexible:

  Purchase at any time during the 12 month period and receive 75% of the net rent you have paid.
  Upgrade at any time during the 12 month period to something BIGGER and BETTER, so you are not paying for the equipment you don’t need or use!
  Return the equipment after the 12 month period.
  Rent – continue to rent the equipment without being tied into any contract, meaning you can return the equipment anytime!
  Easy Own – rent for another 3 years after your first year is up, which offers you a decreased weekly rent by 30% and by the end of the 3 years you can buy out the whole contract for $1.

Call Silver Chef today on 1800 337 153 to get started!

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Brema Ice Machines

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ice-making since 1985.

Brema ice machine range

Since 1985 Brema have been making ice with constant care and attention to detail. Ice-making is their passion. It is also a commitment to their customers, who must always be provided with optimal, timely solutions for all their needs.

Brema design and manufacture machines according to the highest standards. So, they use the best materials and the most advanced technologies. A crucial factor, however, is their highly qualified team, whose members constantly upgrade their skills and know-how.

Brema ice machine range

This means constant effort and research, in order to more fully understand and anticipate the developments of the market and produce constantly upgraded product ranges by adding new products year after year.

Quality with no compromises

Every machine represents a challenge – quality without compromise and full customer satisfaction, even beyond his own expectations. Customer input is vitally important for Brema and they monitor feedback daily by means of the most modern communication systems.

They also organise in-house training courses for our customers at our Villa Cortese offices. These meetings are an occasion for them to get to know their customers and compare notes on respective experiences and tasks.

Quality cut in the ice

The machines manufactured by Brema Ice Makers are extremely reliable, functional and safe. International certification of Brema Ice Makers products includes the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and the CE mark.

Following IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità) conformity mark approval, the entire range of ice-makers has received approval from all European and non-European certifications bodies.

As proof of Brema’s quality across the world, its products have also obtained the following approvals: NSF, ETL Listed Mark, ETL Sanitation Mark, GOST, KTL, IRAM, the Swiss Safety Mark, HACCP e C-TICK. Brema’s attestations also include BSI (OHSAS) 18001:1999 workplace and workforce safety certification.

The ice test

All Brema products, from concept through to the finished product, are manufactured for efficiency. Efficiency criteria include energy and water saving performance ratings and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Materials and components are selected in full conformity with project specifications. The later stages are monitored by means of a computerised system that records the results and frequency of all intermediate machine tests.

The data is included in the control document accompanying the machine right up to the final inspection certification stage.

Ice in all shapes and sizes

Brema ice shapes

Ice Cube: the cold taste of flavour

With its simple, elegant form and crystalline purity Ice Cube is the most frequently requested ice. You’ll find Ice Cube fans all over the world.

Ice Cube is a sophisticated product that makes every drink special, while its discreet cooling action enhances the flavour of the drink.

Ice Cube machines are equipped with broad-section metal sprayers designed for ease of disassembly, providing a liberal flow capable of dealing with very hard waters.

The production cycles are regulated by a thermostat and internal timer.


CB series
Fresh Maker, IW45 & DSS42

Fast-ice: for all enjoyable breaks

Fast-ice is instant cool. It‘s small, and its light structure means it‘s quick to make, and quick-acting too. It‘s perfect for fizzy drinks – a must for bars and fast-food outlets.

Fast-ice makers are equipped with a vertical evaporator. One by one, the cubes fall off, perfectly separate from each other and of equal size.

Fast-acting, the machine is double-mode (“full” and “economy”) for optimal consumption levels and energy saving efficiency.



Ice finger: a touch of freshness

The very special, fascinating form of Ice Finger is more than just looks – the broad surface of this highly functional ice format is designed to cool drinks thoroughly and for a long time. Flavoursome, right down to the last drop!

Ice Finger is produced by means of refrigerating stalks immersed in a water vessel.

Ice Flakes: or exibition ice...

For fruit and fresh foods, Ice Flakes makes all the difference. It looks good, thanks to its versatility, and tastes good, thanks to its freshness.

As a practical cooling medium, Ice Flakes also has great potential for use in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific labs in general.

The flakes are produced by machines that can be installed anywhere. The mechanism is simple. Costs are low. The machine is also designed for speedy maintenance operations.


GB series

Pebbles Ice – Multi purpose ice

The main characteristic is its shape: a compromise between the cube and granular ice, with a low consumption, both electrical and in water. This is the ideal ice throughout the day, from the daylight up to night time!

Great for breakfast: makes cheeses, fruits and yogurt look more welcoming.

At midmorning it is served with fruit juices and beverages.

At lunch and dinner, it is together crustaceans, fish and salads.

During the Happy Hour it appears between the appetizers, cools wine & champagne bottles.

Finally, all night long, it will attend you through bars, discos cooling your cocktails.


TB series

Extruded Ice

Brema have also realised machines for the production of pebbles ice, obtained through a simple coupling between the screw and extruder, all installed on a strong structure stainless steel made. This simplicity ensures low costs and very fast maintenance. Always attentive to the needs of their customers, they have created these machines in both modular and self-contained versions, making them suitable for installation in any environment.

Cold flakes: long term cold.

Cold Flakes ice sets at -5°C and -10°C. Flake thickness ranges from 1.5 mm to 3 mm. The flakes are very cold, with considerable staying power.

Cold Flakes is ideal for the food industry (fish, dairy products, meat cutting, baking firms, etc.) and for the chemicals industry.

The machines are flexible and can be put to various uses. The flexible format makes for efficiency at all times, even in high ambient temperature conditions. The compressor is airtight (for the larger machines, semi-airtight).

The designers of Brema Ice Makers, using high-tech instruments, find the ‘made-to-measure’ solution, while observing all the relevent international standards while ensuring lower electricity and water consumption.

And who wouldn't want that?

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Fun Friday 17 October

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, October 20, 2014

Our fun Friday facebook post is

  Fun Friday Post 

Join the fun on our facebook page

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Keeping Accurate Records for your Business

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, October 16, 2014

As with any advice on book and record keeping it is important to check with your professional accountant to clarify what system they prefer.

From day one it is important to keep proper records for your business. The reasons for this are:
1. Accurate records are the best way to clearly understand if your business is succeeding, or failing.
2. You are required by law to keep accurate records so that your business can pay the correct GST component by the due date.

The best time to do the books is when everything is fresh in your mind. If you delay book keeping until you have time it will always cost you money. You are likely you will forget some important legitimate deductions which would have reduced your business’ taxable income.

The more self reliant you are with your book keeping, the greater the understanding of how your business is doing. In my various businesses I have always kept my own books, though I always use a professional accountant for lodging of business and personal income data. For the last 20 years I have been using MYOB, although there are many other software packages that you can use.


When I run my business I always have a simple weekly summary sheet I can use and print out so that I instantly know where my business is at financially.


The cost of an accountant completing your BAS statement will be crippling to most small businesses. My recommendation is learn to do it yourself.

There are two ways of paying GST, either Cash or Accrual. Your accountant will tell you which method best suits your style of business.

In Australia many of your purchases in the food industry will be GST exempt, yet everything that you sell will have a GST component. This means that you will have few tax imputs to offset your GST collected.

Because of this it is important to keep your GST liabilities in a separate bank account from your business trading account. At the very least you should keep track of GST as it really isn’t your money to spend. You are just holding the funds for the government until it is time to hand it over.

If you don’t have your GST liability when it is due the government will go to extraordinary lengths to collect it, not to mention giving you a substantial fine.

You must ensure that what GST you have paid out of your business is offset against the GST that you have collected. It is your right to do this and to slip up here is like stealing money out of your own pocket.

Since the introduction of GST I have always upgraded my MYOB to the latest version. This allows me to enter all my expenses GST inclusive into the accounts. However I still use a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to give me the individual totals that enables me to easily enter the details into MYOB and ensure that I claim all that I am entitled to for GST. I use this for both my monthly cash expenditure and also my visa payments that are business related.

Breakeven point

It is important to know your business breakeven point. In real terms it is when your income equals your expenses. This is all the more reason therefore to complete a Weekly Profit Sheet. When your income exceeds your expenses then you get paid. If you increase your staffing levels it also tells you how much extra business you will require just to cover costs.

To determine your breakeven point, simply add all of your expenses for the month, multiply by 12 to give you a yearly figure then divide by 52 to bring it back to a weekly figure.

Previous blog posts in this series are:

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Frymaster MJ45 Series Gas Deep Fryers

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unsurpassed in their versatility, proven worldwide performance and low maintenance needs

The Frymaster commercial deep fryers are unsurpassed in their versatility, controlled performance and low maintenance needs. Whether it is a single fryer or a fryer with a built-in filtration system, the MJ45 fryers offer options that accommodate a wide range of frying needs -- everything from French fries, pre-breaded products to specialty foods.

Perfect for Golden Fried Foods

The Frymaster Master Jet burner system distributes heat evenly around the frypot, generating a large heat-transfer area for efficient exchange and quick recovery. They have earned a legendary reputation for durability and reliability. The MJ burners require no burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment. The reliable centerline fast-action temperature probe assures accurate temperatures for efficient heat-up, cooking and recovery.

Frymaster Deep Fryers

The large cold zone and forward sloping bottom help collect and remove sediment from the frypot to safeguard oil quality and support routine frypot cleaning. The standard front flush feature deflects oil out from the back of the frypot, moving sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal.

Built-in filtration is available with up to six fryers batteried together into a single system, or with single MJ45G or E model fryers and a spreader cabinet. The spreader can include an optional heat lamp and holding station. The holding station can use either cafeteria-style or scoop-type pan. The heat lamp and pans are integrated into the cabinet, making a complete warming station.

Frymaster Digital Controls

Technical Specifications

MJ45 Series Gas Fryers Without Basket Lifts

MJ45 Gas Fryer models are specifically designed for high-volume frying and controlled performance.

  •  Capacity: Full frypot = 25 Litres oil capacity
  •  Capacity: Split frypot = 12 Litres oil capacity
  •  Dimensions: 397 x 800 x 1168 mm)
  •  Weight: 92kg
  •  Power Input Type: Gas
  •  Power Output: 122000 BTUs; 35.8 kw
  •  Certifications: CSA NSF AGA CE

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Rational awarded the Lean & Green Management Award 2014

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Press Release:

Landsberg am Lech, Germany, 7 August 2014

Rational has been awarded the "Lean & Green Management Award 2014". Rational won the award in the manufacturing industry SME category.

"Impressive green successes in the energy, water, waste and sewage consumption figures," certified the Lean & Green consultants for the cooking appliance manufacturer and market leader Rational from southern Germany.

"Customer-orientation and entrepreneurial-minded employees are the values Rational lives by," according to the same experts. Ergonomy is defined as ‘a clear focus and environmentally-friendly manufacturing’, which is a fixed objective in the Rational production line, said the award panel.

Lean and Green Awards 2014

These results once again made Rational the winner of the "Lean & Green Management Award 2014". The company had previously received the award in 2010 for energy management, energy-efficient buildings and processes.

39 European companies took part in the current study on resource efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

For Rational this means sustainable development and environmental aspects are on an equal footing with social and economic perspectives. Across all corporate processes, the manufacturer attaches special importance to responsible and efficient use of resources.

Rational is committed to looking at the whole life-cycle of catering equipment and developing energy-efficient cooking technologies that minimise the consumption of resources. The estimated lifetime savings of using a Rational is $8,000 to $10,000 for an electric model, based on a 12-year life, although actual savings will vary depending on use.

Whatever method you use, a Rational combi steamer can quickly pay for itself.

The latest Rational SelfCookingCenter model is the only cooking system with 5 senses

5 Senses

The 5 Senses cuts energy consumption by up to 20%, compared to previous models, and up to 70% compared to a traditional kitchen without a combi steamer. It can roast, poach, bake, toast, braise and even pan fry fish and cook chips – all at the touch of a button and with consistently perfect results. This means it can replace 40 to 50% of standard appliances, reducing the kitchen footprint by at least 30%.

Is there a cooking system that always prepares your food exactly the way you want it?

That inspires you and relieves you of tiresome routines? That supports you perfectly because it works and only works how you want it to?


With the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses that's just the cooking system we've created for you: The first cooking system with 5 senses.


It senses the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.


It recognises the size, load quantity and product condition and calculates the browning.


Thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired result while cooking.


It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them.


It communicates with you and shows you what your RATIONAL is doing to implement your specifications.

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Fun Friday 10 October

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Monday, October 13, 2014

Our fun Friday facebook post is

  Fun Friday Post 

Join the fun on our facebook page

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Electrolux EM Compact Restaurant Line

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Friday, October 10, 2014

High productivity in minimal space

A complete modular line offering a wide range of functions for maximum flexibility.

Electrolux EM Compact series

The Electrolux EM Compact Line includes a variety of models to satisfy the needs of your daily kitchen routine while providing the maximum output per square meter.

This includes restaurants series with heavy-duty features to cook every kind of pasta, rice, vegetables, and soups.

Special heavy-duty chrome plated knobs are designed for durability, and large round edges make cleaning operations easy while maintaining high levels of hygienic standards.

The Compact Line is designed ergonomically, so that you don’t need to lift pans while moving from one appliance to another.

Gas Burner Tops and Ranges

The heart of the kitchen. Available in 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” top versions or 24” and 36” range versions with oven.

  •  Highly efficient flower flame burners 32,500 Btu/hr (9.8kW each) diameter 2.8” (diameter 70mm)-with or without flame failure device
  •  Removable pan supports facilitate cleaning and provide easy access to burner components
  •  Heavy duty cast iron pan supports 12” x 12” (305mm x 305mm)
  •  Full width crumb tray captures overflow and debris and is easily extracted for cleaning

Gas Ovens

Even cooking throughout for perfect browning and excellent results.

  •  Heavy duty chrome plated knobs for added durability and ease of cleaning
  •  Temperature controlled by thermostat: static - from 158°F to 590°F (70°C to 310°C) convection - from 150°F to 600°F (65°C to 315°C)
  •  Flame failure device protects against accidental extinguishing of the flame
  •  Bi-functional fan works either continuously or synchronized with the burner (convection)
  •  Even cooking throughout entire pan surface
  •  Perfect browning results
  •  Vitreous enamelled oven cavity fits two (static) or three (convection) full size sheet pans lengthwise 18” x 26” (660mm x 457mm)

Gas French Top

Maximum versatility. Heat multiple pots and pans of different sizes at the same time.

Electrolux EM Compact series

  •  Large cooking surface 23.3” x 27.2” (590 x 690mm)
  •  Recessed 1.2” (30mm) heavy duty cast iron plate
  •  Powerful central burner beneath the cooking surface

Gas Pasta Cooker

The ideal solution to prepare noodles, pasta, rice, vegetables and soups in large or small servings.

To create the perfect Pasta Station pair the Gas Pasta Cooker with Bain Marie and Induction Top on Refrigerated/freezer base, for symmetry and efficient work flow.

 One piece pressed well with a capacity of 6.5 gal. (24.5 l) in AISI 316 stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion

Gas Charbroiler Tops

Grill fresh fish, meat and vegetables to perfection.

Electrolux EM Compact series

  •  Large cooking surface - each grate is 6” (153mm) wide for easy removal
  •  One highly efficient, independently controlled burner 33,000 Btu/hr (9.6 kW) for each 12” (305mm)section
  •  Large removable ½ gal. (2 l) grease collection drawer, full depth of charbroiler (one per burner); can be filled with water to aid cleaning
  •  Highly efficient heating system: the flame heats the radiant shield bringing the temperature above 1290°F (700°C). The heat is then radiated towards the heat deflectors and onto the cooking grate, thus guaranteeing an even temperature throughout for excellent grilling results across the entire cooking surface

Gas Griddle Tops

An essential component for direct cooking. Sear proteins and griddle cook your favorite foods to perfection, on the energy efficient, even heated and durable EM griddle.

  •  1” (25mm) thick heavy duty mild steel cooking surface
  •  3.2” (81.5mm) wide, full length, grease drainage channel
  •  Large grease drainage hole diameter 2.4” (diameter 60mm)
  •  Large capacity ½ gal. (2 l) grease collection container

Gas Fryer

Serve your customers crisp and delicious fried foods.

  •  Sturdy stainless steel construction
  •  Oil drains through a 11/4” tap
  •  High efficiency 85,000 Btu/hr (25 kW) tubular burners in stainless stee
  •  "V" shaped deep drawn well with external heating elements to facilitate cleaning operations

Neutral work tops / Open bases

To complete kitchen layouts with additional work area or storage space.

  •  Sturdy stainless steel construction with Scotch Brite finish
  •  Neutral worktops can be used as spacers between units
  •  Open bases can be installed on wheels (optional accessory)

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Nutrifaster Commercial Juice Extractor

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ruby 2000 Mk II

"When your customers demand fresh juice on the spot the Ruby 2000 will work for you and your business day in, day out"

Simply the Original and the Best.

Often copied but never matched in Quality & Reliability since its introduction in 1985, the Nutrifaster Ruby 2000/2 Commercial Juice Extractor is the benchmark, and has remained the most dominant and wanted juicer on the market today.

Ruby 2000 Centrifugal Juice Extractor

With three decades of worldwide customer satisfaction, the Ruby 2000/2 Commercial Juice Extractor produces a continuous supply of fresh, rich, delicious juice from fruit and vegetables. In just a few seconds, this juice extractor is capable of producing pulp free juice from apples, celery, carrots, watermelons, honeydew melons, rock melons, cucumber, beetroot, oranges, lemons, grapefruit etc.

The Ruby 2000/2 Commercial Juice Extractor, given its ideal bench-space footprint and coupled with its consistent performance has made this essential piece of equipment the No.1 choice for Fresh Juice Bars anywhere.

Cleaning Instructions

CLEANING your Ruby 2000/2 Commercial Juice Extractor on a daily basis is 'imperative' as it will keep your equipment running at its optimal performance. Make sure to periodically check the sharpness of your Blade, as they can be re-sharpened at a minimal cost to you, ensuring better efficiency & yield.

Fruits and vegetables contain natural substances that will build up and stain your filter if left unclean, it is therefore important that you follow the daily cleaning instructions.

Ensure to always refer & follow the Cleaning Instructions


  •  No.1 Juice Extractor on the market
  •  Continuous juice production
  •  Produces up to 1.5 Litres in 30 seconds
  •  Centrifugal Juicer with Automatic Pulp Ejection
  •  Wide oval feeding hole: Ø 75mm
  •  Polished cast aluminium housing
  •  8 Different spout positions: (making the Ruby suitable for any location)
  •  Requires minimal bench space
  •  All parts in contact with the juice are made of S/Steel
  •  Easy to clean and dismantle
  •  Requires cleaning only once a day (ensure to follow daily cleaning requirements)
  •  Stainless steel bowl and filter
  •  Juicer basket and pulp retainer
  •  Easy to use and clean
  •  Quite fan cooled Motor
  •  Safety locking arm and Motor brake

Technical Specifications

  •  Motor Power: 1440 W / 2850 RPM
  •  Thermal Cutout Motor protection
  •  Voltage: 220-240v / 50Hz 6 AMPS
  •  Safety deactivation switch on lid
  •  Dimensions: 345W x 425D x 470H
  •  Net/Gross Weight: 26/30Kg

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Turbofan Convection Ovens

Posted by: Neil Willis |  Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Turbofan Convection Ovens

A new vision for Turbofan

 Power Enhanced Performance
 Choice Additional Ovens
 Versatility More Applications
 Convenience Digital Control Models
 Intuitive Touch Screen Control Models
 Intelligence Smart New Features
 Productivity Increased Tray Capacities
 Space Reduced Footprint Compact Designs
 Design Distinctive Modern Style

Turbofan Ovens

The best performing ideas in the Turbofan range have been redesigned, redeveloped and reborn as a durable new series of convection ovens designed for ease of use, increased application and future-proof durability. A meticulous study of the continued expansion of the bake-fresh daily and convenience product markets has been a big part of the design and production process for the new range.

That's why the new series now offers and expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints, repositioned control panels, side hinged and drop down doors and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.

The new Turbofan series offers:

  •  Space to spare – the reduced footprint of the 20 Series and the 30 Series models maintain their traditional market-leading compactness.
  •  2 speed bi-directional fan systems, which achieve better than ever even-bake results.
  •  A twin bi-directional reversing fan system (the E28D model).
  •  Redesigned high performance fan and fan motor.
  •  An expanded line of models and tray capacities to suit any application, with 2-5 tray capacities in half pan size ovens, 3-5 tray capacities in full size ovens.
  •  Portable cooking. Choose from the E22, E23, E27 or E31 and simply plug it in and go.
  •  Field reversible side-hinging doors on all 30 Series ovens (except E33) and P Series proofers / holding cabinets.
  •  Plug-in continuous oven door seals, for a perfect fit and easy clean.
  •  Safe-Touch vented oven doors with easy clean door glass.
  •  Digital control models delivering intuitive ease of use. These are standard in the E31D, E32D and G32D models.
  •  A new touch controller for the 30 Series, providing intuitive functionality and pre-programming.
  •  Market-leading tray spacing for greater product versatility.
  •  Halogen oven lamps for high quality lighting and merchandising.
  •  An oven light auto-off, for energy savings and extended lamp life.
  •  Moisture injection with manual and preset modes (the E32D, G32D, E33D and E33T models).
  •  Quick-select grill mode (E31D model).
  •  Vitreous enamel oven interiors.
  •  100% recyclable carton packaging.

Smart door

The intelligent design of the Turbofan 20 Series is epitomised by our door design, with all ovens having an unique easy clean door glass system. With a removable inner glass panel without tools when thorough cleaning is required, the new door design eliminates the need for traditional door window seal/gaskets. Our one-piece door handles are finished in scratch and wear resistant powder-coating and are always cool to touch.

Stay in touch

Safe-Touch vented oven doors feature low-emissivity heat reflective coated inner glass that limits heat absorption and the amount of heat being transferred to the outer surface of the glass panel. The oven also has a venting door design, which allows any heat to further dissipate as it approaches the second glass panel (which is separated from the first glass panel by a vented air gap). This provides a win-win approach – low heat loss inner door glass and safe-touch door surface temperatures.

The definitive Turbofan convection oven

We've raised the benchmark in performance once again. The new Turbofan convection oven bakes evenly on every single occasion. Our new high volume airflow performance is produced by bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and higher power fan motors. This approach enhances the evenness of cooking within the chamber and across the tray, baking evenly all day, everyday.

Vitreous enamel oven interiors

The Turbofan oven chamber has an impervious sealed vitreous enamel coating applied to both sides of the oven liner. This is extremely durable and enables cleaning to be quick and easy compared to stainless steel liners. The combination of the formulation of the coating and the firing process creates this superior finish, which is made to last.

Precision digital controls

The new 30 Series ovens now feature digital display, knob driven time and temperature controls providing full electronic precision for accuracy. The control knobs are central return, with also feature the industry-leading 20mm displays for both time and temperature making them easy to read.

It all stacks up

Turbofan E33D5/2C - Half Size Digital Electric Convection Oven Double Stacked With Castor Base Stand
Turbofan E33D5/2C - Half Size Digital Electric Convection Oven Double Stacked With Castor Base Stand

Turbofan E32D4/P12M - Full Size Digital Electric Convection on a 12 Tray Manual Electric Prover / Holding Cabinets
Turbofan E32D4/P12M - Full Size Digital Electric Convection on a 12 Tray Manual Electric Prover / Holding Cabinets

Turbofan E32D4/2 - Full Size Tray Digital Electric Convection Ovens Double Stacked
Turbofan E32D4/2 - Full Size Tray Digital Electric Convection Ovens Double Stacked

When things get busy sometimes an increase in capacity can be hampered by lack of options. The Turbofan range recognizes capacity increases are often required within the same footprint. That's why our units are stackable, meaning greatest freedom from this extra flexibility that ensures even the smallest space can delivery the best results.

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